Benson Hospital Company History Timeline

A stage line known as the Butterfield Trail plied its way across the new territory and a stage depot was erected in the late 1850's about one mile north of the present Benson.
However, it was subject to flooding conditions and in 1859 a strong bridge was built across it at the old fording place.
The First California Volunteers used this bridge on June 23, 1862, on their march to New Mexico.
The United States Army with its key outpost at Fort Bowie was at that time waging a grueling campaign against the Chiricahua Apaches and none of the settlements were safe from Indian attacks. For example, an agricultural community began by a party of Mormons at St David in 1877 was little more than a stone fort surrounded by 75 acres of wheat and barley.
Meanwhile, Ohnesorgen had started a stage line from Tucson to Tombstone he sold it in 1880.
The old stage station washed away in high floodwaters in 1883.
The Wells Fargo Station was established In Benson in 1885.
Agriculture and ranching were aided by the drilling in the 1890's.
Foodstuffs and supplies were also needed for the Territorial Reform School established in Benson in 1904.
In 1910 the Santa Fe Railroad built a line from Nogales to Tucson, making Tucson the northern terminus of the Sonoran Railroad.
In 1912, Doctor Saxe J. Froshaug built the first 19 bed hospital for 5000.
The new hospital opened on November 21, 1912.
The school occupied the buildings of the former Territorial Reform School, which had relocated at Fort Grant in 1914.
In 1924 Benson incorporated.
In 1926 this second largest explosive manufacturer in the United States began operations and employed around 200 men.
The dominance of ranching culture is best symbolized by the annual rodeo festival, which started in the early 1930's.
The Hospital Auxiliary organized in 1941, but not active was revived and assumed the task of raising the funds for the equipment and furnishings.
In 1946, the City and the County Directors made the decision to move forward and build a new 40 bed hospital.
On Tuesday, November 1, 1949 the first patients were moved from the old hospital into the beautiful new facility.
In 1971, a Million Dollar addition was added to the hospital.
In August 1971, plans for upgrading the 22 year old hospital became a reality when SCBH was approved for a federal grant of 245,500 from the Hill-Burton Foundation.
In 1973, a one million dollar addition to the hospital added a new lab, x-ray, emergency department, obstetrical rooms, operating and recovery rooms, plus a kitchen, supply rooms and air conditioner and generator.
Swift County-Benson Hospital celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2002.
Built in 2007, the new 6.1 million Surgery Center stands as a beautiful tribute to the generosity of the community, and the work of the SCBH Foundation and Auxiliary who collectively raised over 650,000 for the equipment in the Surgery Center.
The new Surgical Center was opened in 2008.
In June of 2012, the hospital broke ground on a 5.3 million clinic and hospital addition renovation.
The project was completed in the fall of 2013.
Over the next few months the organization quickly grew to 2016 women who paid annual dues of 0.50 each.
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