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Best Buy

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Richfield, MN



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Key People

Corie Barry (ceo)

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About Best Buy

Best Buy Co., Inc. is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. It was originally founded by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler in 1966 as an audio specialty store called Sound of Music.

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Best Buy Co., Inc. is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. It was originally founded by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler in 1966 as an audio specialty store called Sound of Music.

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What Is

Best Buy's Mission Statement

Our formula is simple: we 're a growth company focused on better solving the unmet needs of our customers-and we rely on our employees to solve those puzzles. Thanks for stopping.

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Do You Work At Best Buy?

What is it like to work at Best Buy


August 16, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The discount is excellent... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I have worked at 4 different locations and each one is vastly different from the next. At some, I felt like I was part of a family, at another, my GM gave away my position to another employee without asking and just moved me to another department with no notice... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The employee discount is really good and there are additional employee accommodations on certain products which offer deeper discounts... Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

Was a great working environment everyone treated each other like family.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Nothing really.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Discounts.. Show More


August 7, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great company they really care about their employees.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Sometimes working weekends and holidays can be rough.. Show More


July 22, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Good place to be if you want to be around electronics and have a relatively friendly team environment... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Very buddy-buddy. Managers at my Best Buy were very "do as I say, not as I do" and were not accountable for shrink and often would not respond to requests for them. This was a couple years ago, though... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

I always knew when limited release dates were and could prepare to be in line. Also USB and Ethernet cables are cheeeeeap... Show More


July 14, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The employee comradery​ is a real plus... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The management needed improvment.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The Discount.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

Benefits, Coworkers, Management.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Sometimes management can vary depending on location.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Discounts on anything.. Show More


June 19, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Great work life balance, great compensation.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Not as interested in promoting or moving people... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Flexible work arrangements... Show More


May 29, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Fun product, fun people.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Retail Hours. Working holidays... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

5 weeks vacation, employee discount... Show More


March 8, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Easy hours. Training for the sales floor... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Goal pushing for unexpected results... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Employee Discount.. Show More


February 18, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Good environment, knowledgable coworkers, team that drives success amongst peers. Great employee benefits... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The Repetitiveness of selling... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The employee discounts are incredible... Show More


July 19, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Best Buy is a decent job for college students who don't have experience waiting tables and don't want to work in a dangerous kitchen... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The managers at Best Buy are unaccommodating to student's who have busy schedules. I had a difficult time working my shifts around my hours... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

My favorite perk was the employee discount. It saved me a lot of money on screens and cases for my phone... Show More


July 17, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I worked front lanes, as a cashier, so it was a fairly easy job... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The store was dirty, I was the only person to check and throw out expired food although each person was supposed to each shift, lifting heavy drinks to bring to the front, mismanagement, trying to force me to do sales in areas I wasn't properly trained or knowledgable in.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Getting vouchers for Best Buy as a reward, helped me get $80 off a Nintendo 3DS.. Show More


June 7, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Working with the people were mostly fun. Game nights... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Some departments were a bit clique-y; Black Friday is terrible; Management played favorites all the time; losing company - couldn't adapt to the online shopping world and expectations... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Employee discounts.. Show More
June 21, 2017 on Reddit

How bad was Black Friday? What was your best and worst experience while working there?

Black Friday was not too bad. I was behind the mobile desk for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday activating phones. So i stayed busy but never got tired. I was just super happy to be working for them tbh. Which sounds corny but it's how i was. But my worst experience was when a customer came in with a Boost mobile phone and it was completely shattered. He looked like he worked construction. But he had Geek Squad protection on the phone. Recently after he purchased it the policy changed a little and the deductible to replace it went from 20 to 50$. It was a 150$ piece of hardware and he payed 20$ for the plan. But he got so infuriated that he almost fist fought my boss and threw is phone down and his friend had to drag him out while he was cussing and swinging.

What did your resume look like before employment? Did you need any prior work?

This was my first job, and my resume was decently laid out but sorta blank.

So, I am also a fellow blue shirt. I've been working with BestBuy Canada for about 10 months or so now. If you want to know about discounts and ***, I posted my own AMA a little while back, not sure if the US stores have the same discounts. Pretty sure they do. But, random question, do you find that customers will come into the store looking for something, can't find it, ask you to find it, and you can't, then you find it online, offer to order it for them, go through a whole bunch of bull *** then leave? Happens frequently at my store... Also link to my AMA:

Hey, most likely the same discounts but I'll send you a pm later! Nice to meet you and yes, especially being in PCHO. Then if you offer to order it they say no I'll just go get it from that store and you're like FUUUU.
March 19, 2017 on Reddit

Do they still make you get branded payments before you can get a blue shirt?

That was never the case. I've had friends who worked here way before me. You have to do register training, complete the trainings and have some experience on the floor.
March 19, 2017 on Reddit

hi! i recently made a large purchase at best buy. do you guys make commission? the employee who helped was so nice i hope he did

No we don't get commission, but you will get a survey in your email soon -- make sure to fill that out for him!

I don't know what an Apple master is; I assume it means you manage the Apple products. What's the employee discount like, if you have one?

Basically what you said, but I also am able to give support and I will soon have to do classes. It's an important role at the store because I over see the whole Apple shop which is very big in Best Buy.
March 18, 2017 on Reddit

Do you imagine customers being nekked?

The customers that come in to my store, no thank you.
March 18, 2017 on Reddit

Dumbest Customer to walk thru your doors?

I would have to say there has been lots of them in the 6 months I've been here, but one tops the cake. I had a customer come in to me the other day complaining to me because he tried to buy a computer and his card got declined three times. It wasn't even the Best Buy card. I told him to call the bank and hopefully they can fix it, so instead of calling he asks me 5 more questions like do you think they will fix it, why isn't it working, etc.. it just boggles my mind. Or, even worse is the people who complain and yell at us when their $150 computer they took up to the registers before talking to us no longer works, or the battery sucks.

How long did it take you to get your name tag? I've been waiting for mine for about 7 months now give or take, Also being someone working there right now I notice that certain people I work with take the job a little too seriously like over the top I want to be the best that no one ever was how did you ever have to deal with anyone like that?

> How long did it take you to get your name tag? It actually didn't take me too long. I got mine in about a month. You have to make sure it was actually ordered because sometimes thats why it takes so long. Never gonna get it if it wasn't ordered. > Also being someone working there right now I notice that certain people I work with take the job a little too seriously like over the top I want to be the best that no one ever was how did you ever have to deal with anyone like that? It depends, if they're trying to be the very best, like no one ever was, and trying to catch customers, call the police. If they're going too ham at work, but they arent really doing anything thats directly bothering you, then more power to them. If they're getting in your face with all their seriousness, tell them straight out that they're being douchebags. Thats what I did. But you always have to think about how your standing is with the managers.

How did you feel about selling the Best Buy protection plan? The managers heavily pushed that when I worked there a decade ago. I purchased a tablet there over Christmas, and felt like they weren't pushing the plan like I had to.

The protection plan was EXTREMELY useful in some cases. But for some other things it was stupid and a waste of time. For the most part, I didnt agree with it, and wouldn't sell it if I thought I was wasting your money. By "wouldnt sell it," I mean I would offer it, but I wouldnt actually try to convince you to buy it. Oh, and if you asked me if it was worth it, I would look around, and then say "LOLNOPE"
February 27, 2014 on Reddit

Do you ever want to move on beyond best buy?

Yes, I loved the people I worked with ( including the managers) but I wasn't a big fan of the company or the customers. But yea I did move on.
February 26, 2014 on Reddit

What is the coolest/nicest/meanest thing a customer or a coworker has done for you and was there an experience there you will never forget?

YES. My last day in the music department (because it was getting shut down) was also the day I was supposed to go to Disney World with my girlfriend at the time. Of course, as per usual, all the customers swarmed me 10 minutes before closing. I try my best to treat every customer politely even thought I was already running late and my girlfriend was waiting for me outside. I like to talk to my customer while I grab whatever item they are purchasing and get it down from wherever it is stocked. ANYWAY, I was telling my customer that I was going to Disney that day and how excited I was about my trip (I didnt include that my girlfriend had been waiting outside for about an hour and a half already). He listened politely as I got all his things together. At the conclusion of the sale, he thanked me and gave me his card while saying "here, it's a get out of jail free card" and wrote his cell phone number in the back. Turns out he was the town mayor. As if it wasn't enough, he caught me on my way out the door and told me "take your girlfriend out for dinner," and put money in my hand. It was a hundred dollar bill.

What are some of the stupidest questions customers have asked? What's the most expensive purchase you've seen?

> What are some of the stupidest questions customers have asked? I dont know where to begin with the first question... Here's a short list: * What kind of batteries does this TV need? * Does the TV come with a remote? * This item doesnt have a price, is it free? * *standing under a HUGE sign that says MP3s* Where can I find the MP3 section? >_> * Which one of these is made in the US? * Why are you charging so much for this? (as if I personally set the prices) * Can I use your discount? * Which of these laptops comes in color mode? * Does this screen do a 360? *breaks screen* Ill add more when I remember them. >What's the most expensive purchase you've seen? On a single item that would be the Samsung S9 TV, It sells for 40 thousand. Yes, I said it. Trade in your car for a TV. Here is is! [Samsung](;jsessionid=0835A5F16FD47BCE64044BC5A789A1AE.bbolsp-app01-111?id=1218944452594&skuId=8908129&st=8908129&cp=1&lp=1)
February 26, 2014 on Reddit

Best thing about working at Best Buy? Benefit wise. What are the perks?

The best thing about working at best buy was the discount. The discount is something like 5 percent above cost, which is amazing considering the MSRP on most accessories. For example, something like a TV mount is sold at about 90 dollars while the actual cost for Best Buy to have it was about 20 dollars. Now, if you want the TV to go with that mount, you have to know your way around the store. If you're friends with a manager, you can get an open item TV for well below cost. The thing about open item is that you can tell that some items were literally bought, taken home, opened, closed, and returned. Therefore, you can end up buying a pretty much brand new 1000 dollar TV for about 400 if you play your cards right.

So I recently started as a cashier and as we aren't the busiest during the times that I work, what are some tips you can give me to keep from going mad in that store? Also, what's one of the coolest things that's happened to you while working there?

Well, it all depends on how lax your managers are. As far as my store is concerned, they played favorites quite heavily. Get to be friends with your supervisor and managers. That way, you can spend your time texting or doing something else to kill time. Just remember to never get so sucked into whatever you're doing that you completely ignore a customer, that's just bad. It is a bit rough for cashiers since you always have to stay near your register and thus, can't wander the store.
February 26, 2014 on Reddit

What was your favorite part of the job?

Honestly, My favorite part of working there was when I worked in the Musical Instruments Department, I played guitar or piano all day and got payed for it.

How well do you guys know what you have in stock. I work at a publix which is only food but if you ask me if we have something in my section I can tell you off the top of my head if it is in the back. Well as long as I didn't just start a shift and didn't work the day before. I'm asking because when ever I ask an employee they seem to not know then ask their manager and they seem to give me like a uhhhh...noooo maybe Yea no.

We use an inventory system that allows us to easily look up a item by its SKU number. It automatically updates every hour as product is being sold in-store and online. Also, we're able to check every other BestBuy's inventory to check for the stock of an item. So, I'd like to say it's abut 98% accurate. Your employer must have some method of tracking inventory, and could just be abused opportunities in using it. But, such inventory tracking is a necessity for business so they can order the right product and quantity of each product. In the food industry it is important so you maximum food usage by avoiding spoilage. Many reasons, but just ask your manager for the documentation and if they tell you they don't have one well DAM! But offer to create on using a spreadsheet like excel and explain the benefits. Management prefer those who take action... IDK..
January 24, 2014 on Reddit

Why does Best Buy suck so much, and why do so many employees have such little knowledge on what they're selling?

This by far is going to be the easiest question I answer in my fatigued condition. It would be for the same reason as to why your asking me this question, the lack of reason. First, your asking a question that lacks any possible factual answers. As a result, accusing you of trying to instigate an emotional response from me is reasonable. However, your only accomplishment is highlighting your failure in selling yourself for the narcissistic type personality; likely due to the little knowledge you have for the art of manipulation. Second, your lack of understanding the importance of proper social behavior gives me reason to believe that you lack a healthy social life and that is why you resort to such measures to obtain attention. It's undeniable, we all post on Reddit to seek attention, but you do it also to antagonize. Third, take a moment to analyze all of this because it's more than just words, time. So, I'll end my rant by saying, "critiques will be quick to point out fault in others, but are quite hesitant to acknowledge their own." You suck, by all definitions.

Do the stores stock the same amounts of all items? Do you stock quite a bit of the items? What is the craziest situation you have seen on Black Friday? I will be embarking on a quest for goods this very evening at my local best buy, any tips?

No the stock counts vary depending upon the size of the store. Really makes more fiscal sense that way. There is a minimum amount of stock for the door buster ads like the Toshiba 40" and such but no maximum. Our store will have much more than others because we are one of the largest stores in the company. I would say we stock quite a lot. I work in the Home Theater department and we were probably getting at a minimum of 150 TV's a day, which I had the pleasure of moving around and finding places for. Craziest thing I have seen would have been last year. We have tickets that we give for the door-busters so that we won't have to worry about a rush. Customer came charging in from the front of the store to the back and just plowed into a group of people. Luckily we got him out of there and obviously apologized to everyone. We always have cops just in case waiting out side doing line/crowd control. Craziest thing is just fights. Always someone trying to ruin it for everyone else. Best tips I have is to make damn sure you have everything you want before you get in line. The checkouts though many will keep the line going. Don't expect us to price match other competitors we don't do that again until Tuesday, after cyber Monday. Be nice to the employees they are going to be working a minimum of 12 hours so take it easy. Now is the perfect time to start stocking up on any cables, cleaners, video games because they will be great. But the best thing honestly is to know what you are going there for it will save you time and energy because you won't really be in a window shopper setting. Good luck! Hope you get some awesome deals and can get in and out with relative ease.
October 8, 2011 on Reddit

Have you ever stolen anything?

I haven't, our loss prevention team and supervisor were insane about theft. They'd randomly review tapes and be annoying. Quite a few people were fired from my store for theft. One guy was incredibly stupid and would sell gift cards to customers without them realizing and pocket them. It'd be on a big sale where an extra $20 could be chalked up to tax without a second thought. He's in prison now because it was technically wire fraud.
October 8, 2011 on Reddit

Why'd you quit? Is there anything on the shelves that's worth buying at their price?

Quit because of scheduling conflicts. They recently changed their policies of what it means to be full time. Working 3/5 weekends (Friday pm, Saturday am/pm, and Sunday am/pm) then 2 opening shifts during the week, and 2 closing shifts. I go to school as well and couldn't work around that schedule and they refused to make an exception for me, so I found another job. As far as anything worth buying.... Not really. Just about anything in that store you can find cheaper online, and because of the last quarter postings being so awful, most stores are completely unwilling to budge of pricing. Sometimes you can get good deals on clearance/open box merchandise. That's about it haha

How qualified were most of the employees in your store? Both salespeople and Geek Squad agents, since I assume they have different qualifications.

From not at all to extremely, Best Buy requires you to be certified on their systems so everyone has some knowledge.
June 26, 2011 on Reddit

Oh...the BBY days. I worked there for around five years. I GO'd the store and worked in the Services department before BBY acquired Geek Squad. I was front and center for what would end up becoming the massive MSN class action lawsuit against BBY and I was instructed to intentionally rip off customers by management on a fairly regular basis. As far as the MRI CD goes that some people are least when I worked at the store, the MRI cd had no bios tweaking utilities built in. The MRI CD was initially a Geek Squad tool from when GS was just a fairly small independent company. Over the years, they had put together a handy CD of share/freeware utilities widely available on the internet. When BBY acquired them, a lot of the utilities didn't make it through BBY legal due to licensing agreements. By far the most useful utility on the CD was just a command line virus scanner. It really sped up the process of running virus scans on large hard drives because you didn't have to have the full OS running. The other big thing management made us use off the MRI CD was a system info tool that inventoried all the hardware in the system in case someone tried to say we swiped some RAM or something stupid like that. Interesting things to note... There is definitely a cultish aspect to BBY employees. If you want to become a lead or have to drink the Kool-Aid or at least fake talk that you've had the Kool-Aid. We had a sexual harassment/assault incident at our store between a manager and an hourly employee. Someone tipped off the anonymous HR hotline and by 530am the next morning, a corp jet landed at our small local airport, a team of suits set themselves up in the managers meeting room and proceeded to interrogate every single employee. At one point, our store had a GM that was letting employees come to work completely drunk off their ***. Apparently, he had done a few lines with these employees and were holding it over his head. These drunk employees would drop kick/punt laptop from one end of the warehouse to the other. Don't ever buy an open box item at BBY. It's a *** rip off. I can guarantee you that it's not nearly as thoroughly checked out as the sales associate will tell you. Most likely it was plugged in and if a light came on, it was deemed ok to sell.

My store wasn't awful, but it wasn't great. I bought open box plenty while I was there, if it didn't work for whatever reason I would bring it in and pay the difference for a new one. That was about it.

I'm starting at a new best buy on geek squad today, any pointers?

Make friends with other departments and help out when you can. Do you job well, not just sales, but everything .including cleaning the department. and you'll do fine.
June 26, 2011 on Reddit

Obvious throw away since I work there. I've honestly really enjoyed my time with Best Buy so far. Its the first retail job I've ever had, and all I've heard from friends are horror stories about retail. I do agree that its largely a manager thing, and I think I'm lucky to have a very strong/good manager and supervisor team. I think its been said, but most people don't try and shove stuff down your throat - and really the training we get (at least in computers) is almost the opposite: we explain our services, what offers we have, answer any questions, and let you decide. I've had several repeat customers come to me because they liked how I handled myself and took the time to explain it all. And yes, we have goals and all, but our management doesn't do any kind of fear mongering as long as its obvious we're trying (AKA explaining the services, at least offering. Pretty much doing our job).

So long as we were contacting customers they wouldn't even harass us on days when we didn't hit budget. I'm glad you work at a good store. I think I did too.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

What are salaries like at BB?

This depends on where you work. In the south east, most people make between 7.50 to 9 at entry. And customer service is where they start out paying the most - aside from geek squad. But it's very difficult to get hired directly into geek squad. You usually get a raise for going from part time to full time (like .50). And you'll get an annual raise as well that can be anywhere from nothing to a about fifty cents. Most supervisors I knew barely make between $13-15 (I was one for two years making $14 which was average for my store).
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

I am just about to apply at my local best buy, do you have any tips for the application that i should include?

be consistent on the personality test.. if you don't pass that *** you can't even be interviewed
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

IAMA former Best Buy employee as well. I've never felt so much guilt at a workplace. I was forced to rape peoples wallets on a daily basis and shove crap they didn't need down their throats to meet the stores goals and in order to keep off managers ***-lists. I hated how my store in particular ran.

I worked LP (read: door greeter) for store 518, so I didn't get stuck trying to sell anything to people that they didn't need. However, that didn't stop the managers from giving the "numbers" over the walkies every hour when they came through, and harassing all the salespeople who were a bit behind. Best Buy's whole non-commissioned sales thing pisses me off. I found it absolutely ridiculous that they'd expect people to get thousands of dollars in sales with no added incentive at $8/hr, but if those same people worked at the SEARS across the mall with commission (where I also worked for a time as a salesman), they'd have gotten paid much more with less hassle.

I worked for three months at a best buy. What incentive do I have to sell 100 TVs instead of 2? We aren't on commission. I hated how my supervisors were pressing me so much to meet our goals when I wouldnt see an extra dime.

So that they bother you less.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

I too am a former Best Buy employee. The only thing I will miss about that place is the ridiculous discounts we received on accessory products. I don't know if I can ever pay more than 2 or 3 dollars for any type of cable ever again.

I have employee numbers of friends of mine, when you walk into most best buys and just give them your numbers the cashiers in the front just assume that you are who you say you are and never check ID. I plan on using the discount for a while.

I worked at Best Buy from Oct 09 - Jan 2010. Worst experience of my adult life. Managers had it out for me (except for my Brother in Law who was one). Got written up for being 1 minute late during a blizzard...1 minute late before the store even opened mind you. Got yelled at for stocking my department and not selling even though I was tasked by my supervisor to stock. Got written up. Scheduled me every Saturday outside of my availability the entire time I was there, had to get it fixed every single week. Had several customers almost get violent on me. Had ZERO training and I was a Computer Sales Rep, my first job. No training, took me a while to adjust. I have lots of horror stories from the few months I was in that place, I'd tell one but I'd rather not remember being there to be honest. Horrible pay and they didn't even give me my bonus (only one in the entire store to not get it). At least the employee discount was good.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, I was always on good terms with everyone up to the TD guys. Sometimes things just don't work out.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

Worst customer Story ?

The liars were the worst. I understand that you want things to be taken care of, but if you lie to me, it will not help. Example. "All I did was shut the lid, and this just happened" Reality: Screen is shattered, corner is busted in, keys are missing. TL;DR If you lie to us, we know, and laugh at you.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

As a tech/sysadmin that eavesdrops in Best Buy, I've found that many (not all) Geek Squad reps know little more than how to run the MRI disc and be a salesman. Some I've talked to actually admit they are urged to do more floor sales than actual bench work. Your thoughts on that? Confirm/deny? Also... I like to sneak around and listen to a clueless salesperson jabber on about a product, and I'll sweep in like a white knight and set the customer straight. Have your co-workers experienced this much, or you for that matter? How do yall feel when someone pulls this move?

This is true for some, but there are people who know what they are doing. Unfortunately the people that don't are usually the more arrogant ones. I would cut people off if I think the customer was being misled, some associates hated me for it, but not only did the customer walk out informed, it saved me from listening to them yell at me when they came back with a product that didn't work as described.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

How much of a discount did you get on everything?

We pay cost+5% on most things. Some things Best Buy doesn't make money on, some things they make a lot on.

two questions, do we actually make 20 dollars in notional margin per upgrade check? And whats the best way to quit? I transferred to another stores mobile department (moved for schools) and I find myself taking taxis to work. Is there something in ego (like an adios form), do I leave a standard 2 week notice or go out guns blazing? also how was geek squad city?

*** no, that is how much you would make if the percentage you are supposed to have of them actually converted into post paid sales was made. Let them know, there's a form, they'll give it to you. You can just quit if you want by walking out and picking up your last paycheck, but I don't believe in burning bridges. Magical.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

Honestly, it's all terrible. You worked for a company/corporation that steals money from ignorant users. The prices and quality are *** horrid and there is no excuse for it. Sorry, but your experiences may bring a minute clarity to this money machine but it won't change how I feel about it. I've done free work for people just because geek squad took a *** on their computers. In my town at least, it's a $80 to $100 fee just for a diagnostic with geek squad that is ALWAYS wrong. I do it in under 5 minutes, accurately for free. Sorry I'm incredibly biased, own my computer repair business on the side and work as a network engineer.

with all due respect, as a former best buy employee its really hard to say that all of those who work there are demons. most of our customers were just so afraid of technology that they'd apply the whole price=quality perspective to everything... which is how so many people came in looking for macs as glorified netbooks or web surfers. i really hope you take it easy on the guys who work there who are just getting through school so they can be where youre at.

I have applied there numerous times just to have somewhat steady hours while in school. Not once have they ever called for an interview or anything. I know just as much or more as the next guy.

I used to work there for a good solid 6 years and I can tell you that they don't care about how much tech knowledge you possess, you don't even need to know what an iPod is! They care about how much sales experience you have. They have Job Fairs about twice a year. If you really want to work there, ask management when their next fair will be. Dress to impress.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

Who was your craziest customer? Also, ever find something bizarre/freaky on someone's computer in the course of repairs?

There is a long list of people that go from a 2 to about a 20 on the crazy scale in about a couple of seconds. *"WHAT!??? You won't return my laptop even though I broke it and it's missing pieces!??! I just bought it yesterday!!! It didn't have a battery when I bought it but I never mentioned that until now!!!"* I found someone who had thousands of alien conspiracy articles on his computer, he wasn't the most normal guy to walk up to the counter. Also found creepy deep web stuff on several people's computer, even before it appeared on Reddit.

I was an employee about six years ago and Geek Squad was still pretty young. I worked in the digital imaging dept which at the time was integrated with mobile. You really do an honest job of showing the ins and the outs of the store. Most people get this image that the workers are trying to "screw" you over as hard as possible when this isn't the case at all. The company is trying to screw the customer over, though this seems to have lightened up a bit in the last few years. If someone asked me for help or how to get something I would do my honest job to try as much as I could to make it happen. Usually we would get these soccer mom's who want absolutely ridiculous things done such as wanting a product that doesn't even exist. I have worked past closing hours quite a few times just to make sure a person is getting the sale they want. On occasion I would get people try to bargain with me as a sales person. I would continuously remind them that I was not on commission and really didn't have much control on the costs. Some of the more higher ranking employees could pull a few strings to lower costs, but this was a crap-shoot and it also depended on if the person they were working with was not an ***. My mom worked in appliances and could sometimes have the managers pull something like 10% if she was feeling willing. I had some really old guy walk out on me as a threat because I couldn't cut the price on something. I said I didn't care and went on with my shift. Store managers can adjust prices but they only do it once in a great while and usually on 2k+ sales. The biggest thing which you really get is the inside business practices and how poorly they treat their workers. Use of fear and punishment were very common for poor sale numbers. I used to get lectures all the time about getting Geek Squad service for a stupid Kodak camera. It drove me crazy. People always ask if the insurance is worth it or not on a product. My advice I always gave is this: The more you are spending the more you should seriously consider it. A lot of products that get regular use will break after two or three years. It is the manufacture's fault mostly. So if you are buying an Xbox, *** yes you buy the PSP/PRP and you laugh all the way home with a brand new one when the old one red rings. Anyways not a ton of this was really directed to you in particular but I just wanted to piggy back on if you don't mind, good AMA!

I did the blue shirt for 8 years and went through five GMs. I can tell you that the punishment for poor sales numbers is entirely a management thing. The best manager I ever had knew how to motivate people without fear mongering. The worst manager I ever had walked around with a PCR stuck on his clipboard and he'd be filling it out next to you WHILE you were doing a sale. Sales numbers NEVER did well for a store if the management team couldn't find a way to motivate people without making them scared about losing their jobs.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

Did you ever steal anything? Because ive always imagined it would be easy to slip with one box from storage or come in the back door at night.

The back door is so alarmed you can hear it for miles, but I never stole anything more than a pen. I did abuse my discount though. A lot. I guess you can consider that theft. They literally ask you to steal. They force you to learn about how to steal, in order to identify it. Then tell you that over 45% of BBY employees steal. Including corporate. And they're only ever caught if a fellow team member rats on them. I learned more on how to scam Best Buy as an employee than I ever would have from the outside.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

Did you frequently find porn on your customers' computers while servicing them?

Computers and phones. I don't service my customers often, though there have been some cute ones.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

I am sorry. As someone who's work there before as a computers lead and a tech. I am sorry. You say you worked for Best Buy and never been raped...that's not possible.

Physically at least. Mentally, daily.

Do they still show those training videos with the sock puppet dog?

As a current best buy employee, I can tell you yes, and at EVERY store wide meeting.
June 25, 2011 on Reddit

Best and worst?

Best I've seen is on several occasions going out of our way to assist customers, staying considerable time after the store is closed. Sometimes spending hours with individual customers. Recently returned an item for a customer that was clearly damaged by said customer and they would have had to pay $600+ to replace in order get out of a contract that would have lasted another two years that they would be stuck paying with no device/services. Didn't have to, but did. This is more common than you think. Worst? Seeing managers go out of their way to find ways fire people they don't want around. I saw bad examples of company policy towards things like warranties, though to be fair it was normally switched to ways that didn't screw over customers.. eventually. Absolute worst was managers taking said policy and working it to the letter in order to get out of replacing items, like say, phones. Prepaid phone warranties don't cover damage, if there was any noticeable scratches regardless if it could have been the cause or not, I had a manager that would deny the exchange. Same thing with missing items, most managers just take it out of the new package, I had a manager that would deny an exchange because they didn't want to get hit for it. I should say though, these managers were few and far between. The majority of managers worked with customers if they were being reasonable. My advice if something like that happens to you? Try a nearby store, tell them you came to them because of their service and you don't know why the other store acted the way they did. Act confused, not belligerently, and people will almost always go out of their way to help you, but this is more general retail knowledge.

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Average Length of Employment
Office Depot 2.6 years
Costco Wholesale 2.6 years
The Home Depot 2.5 years
Staples 2.4 years
Lowe's 2.3 years
J. C. Penney 2.3 years
Nordstrom 2.2 years

Best Buy

2.2 years
Walmart 2.1 years
Apple 2.0 years
Bed Bath & Beyond 2.0 years
Target 1.9 years
Dillard's 1.9 years
GameStop 1.9 years
Macy's 1.6 years
Kohl's 1.5 years
Toys R Us 1.4 years
Ross Stores 1.4 years
Dollar Tree 1.4 years
Dollar General 1.3 years
Top Employers Before Best Buy
Walmart 16.4%
Target 9.0%
McDonald's 8.2%
US Army 5.3%
RadioShack 4.4%
Lowe's 4.4%
Macy's 4.0%
GameStop 3.9%
U.S. Navy 2.9%
AT&T 2.9%
Toys R Us 2.8%
Kroger 2.6%
Top Employers After Best Buy
Walmart 10.0%
AT&T 9.2%
Target 6.8%
Lowe's 6.3%
Sprint 6.1%
Verizon 6.0%
Apple 4.9%
Comcast 4.6%
T-Mobile 4.2%
Staples 3.4%
Amazon 3.2%
US Army 3.2%
Macy's 2.9%
RadioShack 2.5%

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Full Sail University


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George Mason University


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Name Job Title Party Donation
Richard SchulzeExecutive $134,800Republican Party
Bradbury AndersonChief Executive Officer $67,600Republican Party
Hubert JolyPresident/Chief Executive Officer $56,400Democratic Party
Laura BishopVice President $20,160Democratic Party
Anne PerriTreasurer $14,250Republican Party
Keith NelsenAttorney General $7,800Republican Party
Suzan McGinnisBusiness Office Director $6,400Democratic Party
Paula PrahlSenior Vice President $5,800Democratic Party
Sohrab ShojanezhadTechnician $5,750Republican Party
Timothy PerriOwner $5,700Republican Party
Blake HanlonDirector $5,150Republican Party
Brian DunnChief Executive Officer $3,500Democratic Party
Mary ThomasAttorney $3,450Democratic Party
Julie OwenRetail Management $3,000Democratic Party
Nathaniel WhartonSales Manager $2,800Democratic Party
Maureen SchulzeChairperson $2,700Republican Party
Robert GreenManager $2,700Democratic Party
Huburt JolyChief Executive Officer $2,600Democratic Party
Justin HayesSales $2,300Democratic Party
Scott CrichtonHome Theater Installer $2,000Democratic Party
BEN AhrensLawyer $1,750Republican Party
William LockeGeneral Manager $1,506Democratic Party
Lisa CotterSenior Director $1,500Democratic Party
Allen LenzmeierChief Operating Officer $1,500Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
David DenoManagement $1,500Republican Party
Glen SwansonSenior Vice President $1,250Republican Party
Alexander HanlonManager $1,150Republican Party
Mark JansaMarketing $1,150Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Anee PerriSecretary $1,100Republican Party
Sharon SykoraProject Manager $1,020Republican Party
Jodie CristAttorney $1,000Democratic Party
Sharon McCollamExecutive Vice President $1,000Republican Party
Robert StephensChief Technology Officer $1,000Democratic Party
Michele AzarVice President $1,000Democratic Party
Dylan WorkmanSales Person $991Democratic Party
Luis SalcedoDistrict Manager $881Democratic Party
Brandy CardozoGeneral Manager $873Democratic Party
Jason MartinekManagement $700Democratic Party
Justin CourtneyManager $650Democratic Party
Mateen ALISenior Human Resources Manager $650Democratic Party
Will BarnhouseRetail $627Democratic Party
Ramon CamposDeputy Field Organizer $600Republican Party
Rebecca SiekmeierMarketing And Advertising Specialist $575Democratic Party
Brett BarneyRetail Electronics $515Democratic Party
Brian HoefflingGeek Squad Agent $502Democratic Party
Chad BushueTeam Lead/Manager $500Republican Party
Gary SteinDirector Of Operations And Finance $500Democratic Party
Pedram AfsharExecutive $500Democratic Party
Susan Bass RobertsSenior Director $500Democratic Party
Rashad NademSales $500Democratic Party
Arturo EarleEngineer $500Democratic Party
Jeff TannerPresident $500Republican Party
Anne PeriSecretary $500Republican Party
Daniel MelchiorSenior Director $500Democratic Party
Beth SorensonInformation Technology Manager $500Republican Party
JON DangerManager $500Republican Party
Millissa BeatonSales $495Democratic Party
Swathi DhomaMarketing Professional $477Democratic Party
Chase MitchellStudent $464Republican Party
Jonathan LaneSales at Best Buy and Student at UNC P $450Republican Party
David AlkemaSales $450Republican Party
Carl BishopHuman Resources Coordinator $412Democratic Party
Dale LightRetail $406Democratic Party
Mark FriesVice President $400Democratic Party
Mark BorgmannComputer Technician $399Democratic Party
Lori AdamsDirector $386Democratic Party
Sylvia WidbyComputer Sales Consultant $370Democratic Party
Gary KlonczSenior Infrastructure Architect $350Republican Party
Carolyn SolaresMarketing Director $350Democratic Party
Donna LohrmannFinance Manager $350Democratic Party
Richard MoserManager $317Democratic Party
Melinda McNeelyDirector $300Democratic Party
Paula GoodmanRetail $300Democratic Party
Wayne RossSales $268Democratic Party
Michael DavisComputer Technician $263Democratic Party
Patricia SandnessExecutive Producer $250Democratic Party
Kelly MarshallOutside Sales Representative $250Republican Party
Ryan SmithStudent $250Democratic Party
AMY VON WalterCommunications $250Democratic Party
Eric HalversonAttorney $250Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Martha PhelpsSenior Director $250Democratic Party
Michael EdwardsOwner $250Republican Party
Rosalind ChevreuilExecutive $250Democratic Party
Randolph CoreLaborer $250Republican Party
Susan NehringSenior Director $250Democratic Party
William LachanceFinance Director $250Democratic Party
Isaac LabauveTechnician $250Democratic Party
Jonathan TancerStudent $250Republican Party
Matthew HuntBusiness Developer $250Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Shaun ChesleyInformation Technology Technician $250Republican Party
Tom RumackManager $250Republican Party
ASA Jeppsson KlapprothGeek Squad Agent $250Democratic Party
Ryan FultonSenior Manager Of Marketing $250Democratic Party
John MichaelsenExecutive $250Republican Party
Chad PearsonTax Attorney $250Republican Party
Ryan GibsonSales $250Republican Party
Kayse Sondreal NeneMerchant $234Democratic Party
Carolyn JansenAccounting Associate $230Democratic Party
John SullivanAdvanced Repair Agent $229Democratic Party
Desiree JohnsonMerchandiser $224Democratic Party
BEN CuellarSales Person $215Republican Party
Thomas RennerCustomer Service Trainer $206Democratic Party
Mason BurchetteSales $201Republican Party
Daniel VlasakInformation Technology Technician $201Republican Party
Peter WolffTrainer $200Democratic Party
Wanda SigurdsonAttorney $200Democratic Party
Bruce DellInformation Technology Architect $200Democratic Party
Noreen SchertlerIn House Council $200Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party
Raymond FosterSales Associate $200Democratic Party
Joseph FritzRetail $200Democratic Party
F PerriSec/Treas $200Republican Party
Richard TrombleyCommercial Photography $194Democratic Party
Richard GariepyProject Manager $177Democratic Party
Lindsay EdwardsOmni Channel Growth $150Democratic Party
Debra MaggartOwner $150Republican Party
Robert YeagerTechnician $145Republican Party
Adrian CummingLead User Experience Designer $144Democratic Party
Todd WebsterSolutions Architect $137Democratic Party
Matthew GranmoeSoftware Developer $125Democratic Party
Drew KatsuleasSales Associate $123Democratic Party
Terese BacinskaiteSupport $118Democratic Party
Jacob DominiqueSales $117Democratic Party
Daryl HamiltonSales $107Democratic Party
John SchneiderStore Manager $100Democratic Party
Ryan ScottCashier $100Democratic Party
Manuel SalceStore Manager $100Democratic Party
Chase JewellSales Supervisor $95Democratic Party
JOE KatulakSales Consultant $81Democratic Party
Andrew HovelSenior Analyst $80Democratic Party
Samuel MeeksSales $77Democratic Party
Cory StewartSales Associate $72Democratic Party
Maddox PattSales Person $55Democratic Party
Kellie McDowellOperations Agent $55Democratic Party
April HussongCopywriter $51Democratic Party
Brett ScriverCustomer Service Representative $50Democratic Party
Jerman RamirezTechnician $50Democratic Party
Jennifer SimmonsProtective Officer $50Democratic Party
Richard IsraelGeek Squad Agent $50Democratic Party
IAN MartineauSales $42Democratic Party
Jesse LongStore Manager $40Democratic Party
Zachary WhaleyRetail Sales Supervisor $40Democratic Party
Erik DomnizkyGeek Squad Agent $31Democratic Party
Ruben FalconiComputer Repair Technician $27Democratic Party
Christina BusardoAdministrative Assistant $27Democratic Party
Darryl RabornSales Consultant $27Democratic Party
Richard LunaInformation Technology Technician $25Libertarian Party
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Best Buy Salaries

Operations Vice PresidentRichfield, MN $254,616
Senior DirectorRichfield, MN $207,000
Engineering DirectorRichfield, MN $178,705
Associate DirectorSeattle, WA $175,000
Senior Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA $165,000
Senior Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA $163,200
Web ArchitectRichfield, MN $159,579
Senior EngineerSeattle, WA $150,000
Engineering Technician LeadSeattle, WA $146,500
Senior LeaderRichfield, MN $145,550
Senior Engineering ManagerRichfield, MN $145,000
Senior Engineering ManagerRichfield, MN $145,000
Mobile Applications DeveloperSeattle, WA $145,000
Digital Systems EngineerSeattle, WA $145,000
Solutions ArchitectRichfield, MN $145,000
Senior Engineering ManagerRichfield, MN $142,000
Senior Information Technology ArchitectRichfield, MN $141,383
Web Software EngineerRichfield, MN $141,000
EngineerRichfield, MN $140,000
EngineerSeattle, WA $140,000
EngineerSeattle, WA $140,000
Technical Solutions ArchitectRichfield, MN $140,000
Senior Engineering ManagerRichfield, MN $140,000
Application Software DeveloperSeattle, WA $140,000
Associate DirectorRichfield, MN $140,000
Mobile APP DeveloperSeattle, WA $140,000
Senior ManagerRichfield, MN $140,000
EngineerSeattle, WA $140,000
Senior Solutions ArchitectRichfield, MN $139,380
Mobile APP DeveloperSeattle, WA $138,965
Senior Solutions ArchitectRichfield, MN $138,000
Engineering ManagerRichfield, MN $138,000
Senior Information Technology ArchitectRichfield, MN $136,000
Information Systems ManagerRichfield, MN $135,512
Information Systems ManagerRichfield, MN $135,512
Lead Software DeveloperRichfield, MN $135,000
Computer Systems AnalystRichfield, MN $135,000
Solutions ArchitectRichfield, MN $135,000
Senior Solutions ArchitectRichfield, MN $133,500
Systems DesignerRichfield, MN $132,600
Mobile APP DeveloperSeattle, WA $131,200
Digital Systems EngineerRichfield, MN $130,000
EngineerSeattle, WA $130,000
Digital Systems EngineerRichfield, MN $128,500
Solutions ArchitectRichfield, MN $128,000