Beverage Server Job Openings - 7 Jobs

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    Restaurant Server - FOH
    Barnes Noble

    Ashburn, VA

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    Restaurant Server - FOH
    Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc.

    Ashburn, VA

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    Oracle NetSuite Senior

    Ashburn, VA

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    Server, Host Hostess,
    Red Robin

    Ashburn, VA

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    VOCC Open Systems (Associate Technical Support Analyst)-First Level Server Support
    Visa Inc.

    Ashburn, VA

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    VOCC Open Systems (Associate Technical Support Analyst)-First Level Server Support

    Ashburn, VA

  • Estimated Salary


    VOCC Open Systems (Associate Technical Support Analyst)-First Level Server Support

    Ashburn, VA

Beverage Server Jobs



  • Performing for or Working Directly with the Public
  • Performing General Physical Activities
  • Getting Information
  • Selling or Influencing Others
  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Deal with People
  • Outdoors/walking/standing

What does a Beverage Server do at Penn National Gaming

* Responsible for fostering a fun environment
* Responsible for being a gracious host to all guests and co-workers
* Responsible for promoting a positive influence in the community and participating in company-sponsored events
* Provides personalized service and uses guest name
* Resolves service problems according to guidelines
* Serves as ambassador of goodwill while working and at customer and public relations functions; appears in publicity photos
* Promotes casino events and programs
* Provides fast (20 minute or less round time), friendly, professional beverage service to casino guests; carries full trays on every round
* Monitors guest consumption of alcohol and intervenes as needed according to guidelines
* Takes drink orders, communicates with bartender, assists in the preparation of drinks and presents drinks to guests
* Handles money according to procedure
* Works well with others, especially beverage servers, bartenders, barbacks, beverage supervisor, and slots supervisor
* Maintains clean and stocked workstation

What does a Beverage Server do at Caesars Entertainment

* Consistently demonstrates superior customer service skills to external and internal guests by displaying Spotlight on Success behaviors.
* Maintains upbeat, positive attitude, friendly and helpful demeanor, positive energy and enthusiasm from one interaction to the next.
* Utilizes smiles and frequent eye contact and friendly tone of voice to project warmth and friendliness.
* Creates an atmosphere of luck and celebrates customer wins.
* Is ready to serve and well informed of daily facility hours of operation, promotional programs and any other relevant valuable guest information; builds relationships by greeting guests with a warm, friendly verbal greeting.
* Anticipates needs of the guest and provides fast, flawless service.
* Executes all service programs to assure prioritization of service to very best guests.
* Checks for satisfaction and properly uses the Service Recovery process to resolve problems when they exist.
* Promotes Total Rewards programs and Total Rewards registration and membership.
* Provides a warm farewell and thanks guests for visiting.
* Promotes Harrah’s and always projects Harrah’s in a positive light to guests.
* Works in an assigned area such as a dining room or lounge and pleasantly takes drink orders from guests.
* Presents the drink order to the bartender and writes check properly while waiting for drinks to be made.
* Presents the drinks to the guest.
* Presents checks to the guest, accepts payment and gives change when necessary.
* Monitors guest consumption of alcohol and intervenes as needed according to guidelines and as outlined in PRIDE certification.
* Maintains clean station at all times.
* Position is located in a cigarette‑smoke environment

What does a Beverage Server do at Santa Ana Star Casino

* Maintains a direct line of communication with their immediate supervisor and surveillance for any related incidents regarding the establishment
* Primarily responsible for the protection of a particular area, including observation and reporting of unusual, dangerous or suspicious activities
* Responsible for maintaining a clean, safe and enjoyable environment
* Conducts such duties as report writing of internal, criminal or injury related matters, escorts of money and other important documentation, as required
* Patrols assigned work areas and assists customers and other departments, as needed
* Ensures all policies and procedures are preformed, as required
* Other duties as assigned or required

What does a Beverage Server do at Omni Hotels

* Knowledge of fine dining service.
* Must have full familiarity with menus.
* Must have full knowledge of beverage offerings.
* Station set-up and breakdown/side-work.
* To polish and clean the water glasses in his/her assigned station before opening hours.
* Perform any other duties as assigned by the restaurant manager.
* To have dollies’ underliners ready.
* To have artichoke fold napkins.
* Service to guests.
* Be pleasant, smile and greet all guests, using surnames when obtained.
* None
* Respond to any reasonable task as assigned by supervisor or manager.
* Assist in other departments as needed
* Attend monthly departmental meetings
* Computer and printer, typewriter, telephone, pen/pencil, photo-copying machine, file folders, filing cabinet, facsimile machine
* ENVIRONMENT: **Indoors, dimly lit, carpeted, climate controlled environment.
* Hard kitchen floors with occasional slippery or greasy areas.
* Handling hot china and silver.
* Outdoors, cement surfaces, with exposure to outdoor climate and elements

What does a Beverage Server do at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

* Duties include, but are not limited, to the following:_
* Responsible for garnishing all cocktails from the bar area.
* Maintains thorough menu and product knowledge.
* Provides prompt, exceptional, courteous, friendly service to guests and employees that differentiates us from the competition.
* Maintains beverage server pantry area; keeps it properly organized, stocked, cleaned, and functional.
* Greets guests at entry points, and assists with seating.
* Performs table-side beverage preparation as outlined by management.
* Has a complete understanding of all applicable laws and regulations concerning service of alcoholic beverages. (As dictated by the Banquet/Beverage Department).
* Clears tables and ensures the cleanliness and organization of all areas in a timely manner.
* Remains up-to-date on Hotel current events and the details of all food and beverage outlets.
* Maintains all health, safety and sanitation standards at all times.
* Follows proper cashiering and register transaction procedures.
* Utilizes sales techniques to up-sell and suggestively sell menu items, specials, and beverages.
* Maintains company-issue uniform in good condition and reports to work in authorized uniform as mandated by organization, including maintaining a clean and well-groomed appearance in compliance with departmental and company dress code standards.
* Maintains communication with management, including checking out at the end of shift.
* Performs related work as requested

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how to become a Beverage Server

Most waiter and waitress jobs are entry level, and workers learn through short-term on-the-job training. No formal education or previous work experience is required to enter the occupation.

Most states require workers who serve alcoholic beverages to be at least 18 years of age, but some states require servers to be older. Waiters and waitresses who serve alcohol must be familiar with state and local laws concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages.


No formal education is required to become a waiter or waitress.


Most waiters and waitresses learn their skills through short-term on-the-job-training, usually lasting a few weeks. Trainees typically work with an experienced waiter or waitress, who teaches them basic serving techniques.

Some full-service restaurants provide new employees with some form of classroom training that alternates with periods of on-the-job work experience. These training programs communicate the operating philosophy of the restaurant, help new servers establish a rapport with other staff, teach serving techniques, and instill a desire to work as a team. They also discuss customer service situations and the proper ways to handle unpleasant circumstances or unruly customers.

Training for waiters and waitresses in establishments that serve alcohol typically involves learning state and local laws concerning the sale of alcoholic beverages. Some states, counties, and cities mandate the training, which typically lasts a few hours and can be taken online or in-house.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Waiters and waitresses must listen carefully to customers’ specific requests, ask questions, and relay the information to the kitchen staff, so that orders are prepared to the customers’ satisfaction.

Customer-service skills. Waiters and waitresses spend most of their work time serving customers. They should be friendly and polite and be able to develop a rapport with customers.

Detail oriented. Waiters and waitresses must record customers’ orders accurately. They need be able to recall the details of each order and match the food or drink orders to the correct customers.

Interpersonal skills. Waiters and waitresses should be courteous, tactful, and attentive as they deal with customers in all circumstances to resolve any issues that arise.

Physical stamina. Waiters and waitresses spend hours on their feet carrying heavy trays, dishes, and drinks.

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Beverage Server Videos

Food and Beverage Server - emerit Training and Certification

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Server (fine dining), Career Video from

Top Skills for a Beverage Server

Know what it takes to get the job done


Top Beverage Server Skills

For beverage server jobs, , companies seek candidates with the following abilities:
  1. Professional Beverage Service
  2. Customer Service Skills
  3. Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Here’s how the most requested skills appear on resumes:
  • Provide fast, friendly, professional beverage service to casino guests.
  • Obtained customer service skills SKILLS Strong background in sales SharePoint Digital Advertising Marketing Communications Adobe Suite Organization
  • Served alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages to guests engaged in gaming activities at casino.
  • Maintained knowledge of liquors, beers, and non-alcoholic selections available on the casino floor.
  • Take and deliver drink orders to patrons while they game.

Up-Sell, Drink Orders, Micros, High Volume, Menu Items, Casino Guests, Casino Floor, POS, Customer Service Skills, Beverage Items, Ensure Customer Satisfaction, Professional Beverage Service, Serves, Special Events, Beverage Orders, Timely Fashion, External Guest Services, Casino Patrons, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Table Games

Top Beverage Server Employers

Find the best employers to advance your career

Top 10 Beverage Server Employers

Beverage Server positions seems to be very popular at Hollywood Casino where they currently get hired the most.

Beverage Server job seekers will have an easy time finding open jobs at these firms:
  1. Horseshoe Casino
  2. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  3. Thunder Valley Casino Resort
  4. Southland Park Gaming and Racing

At the end of the day, Beverage Server candidates can currently find jobs at 10 companies.

Hollywood Casino, Horseshoe Casino, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Thunder Valley Casino Resort, Southland Park Gaming and Racing, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Margaritaville Casino, Blue Chip Casino, Ameristar Casino, Harrah's Casino

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