Usually, boat drivers don't need a college education. The most common degree for boat drivers is bachelor's degree with 60% graduates, with only 16% boat driver graduates earning associate degree. Boat drivers who decided to graduate from college often finish Roger Williams University or Texas State University. Some good skills to have in this position include manual dexterity, mechanical skills and physical strength.

What Education Do You Need To Become a Boat Driver?

What degree do you need to be a Boat Driver?

The most common degree for boat drivers is bachelor's degree 60% of boat drivers earn that degree. A close second is associate degree with 16% and rounding it off is high school diploma with 15%.

  • Bachelors, 60%
  • Associate, 16%
  • High School Diploma, 15%
  • Masters, 4%
  • Other Degrees, 5%

What Should I Major in to Become a Boat Driver?

Most boat drivers, 14% to be exact, major in communication. Some other common majors for a boat driver include business and general studies majors.

Best Majors For Boat Drivers

3General Studies8.5%
4Criminal Justice6.8%

20 Best Online Courses for Boat Drivers

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Average Boat Driver Salary by Education Level

Boat drivers with a Bachelors degree earn more than those without, at $35,104 annually. With a Associate degree, boat drivers earn a median annual income of $30,228 compared to $29,181 for boat drivers with an High School Diploma degree.

Boat Driver Education LevelBoat Driver Salary
High School Diploma or Less$29,181
Bachelor's Degree$35,104
Some College/ Associate Degree$30,228