Questions About Boeing Culture

Who Owns Boeing?

Institutional Investors own Boeing with a stake of 55.16% of the company. Other top shareholders of the company include...

  • Timothy J. Keating

  • Leane G. Caret

  • Theodore Colbert

  • The Vanguard Group, Inc.

  • BlackRock Inc.

Boeing Company Values

Boeing has seven distinct company values:

  • Safety. Boeing places safety at the top of its values list. It is committed to the safety of its employees, as well as its customers. It likes to say that safety is always a prime factor in everything the company does.

  • Quality. Boeing has a strong commitment to the quality of their products and services. It makes sure that all products and services are of the highest standard and quality upon delivery to the customer. It also makes sure excellence is always the level the company shoots for.

  • Integrity. Boeing holds the standard of conducting all business with the utmost integrity, ethics, and transparency. It likes to state that it holds its employees, and the company as a whole, to the highest ethical standard.

  • Respect. Boeing places a strong emphasis on treating all of its employees and customers with respect and dignity. It values inclusion and diversity and is continually striving to grow in these areas.

  • Teamwork. Boeing values strong teamwork and collaboration among its employees and the various departments of the company. It encourages cooperation and strong communication between teams, departments, and all personnel.

  • Innovation. Boeing places a lot of value on innovation, as the company is always striving to be the leader in the respective industries it operates in. It also seeks to foster a working environment that encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to make great strides in the area of innovation.

  • Customer satisfaction. The company also places high value on overall customer satisfaction. It makes a point to have the goal of meeting or exceeding all customer expectations. Boeing claims that the success of its company is wholly dependent on the success of its customers.

Does Boeing Drug Test?

Yes, Boeing drug tests current employees, as well as those applying for employment with the company. These tests are designed to meet government requirements in terms of both frequency and type of testing.

Does Boeing Hire Felons?

Yes, Boeing hires felons for many of its positions. Certain criteria must be met for a convicted felon to obtain employment with Boeing, and some felonies, like murder, sex-related crimes, and assault, preclude a candidate from employment.

How Do You Answer, "Why Are You Interested In Working For Boeing"?

You answer, "Why are you interested in working for Boeing?" by focusing on both what the company has achieved within its industry, as well as the various programs and compensations offered to its employees.

How Do You Write A Cover Letter For A Job At Boeing?

To write a cover letter for a position at Boeing, you should focus on your relevant work skills and accomplishments. Boeing employs individuals in fields ranging from cybersecurity and business to manufacturing.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Boeing?

You have to be 18 years old to work at Boeing. While this is the minimum age requirement, most positions require work experience, degrees, or training beyond high school.

Individuals seeking full-time apprenticeships with Boeing are required to provide proof of high school graduation or the equivalent. Positions for which there is not an apprenticeship program typically require a bachelor's degree. This requirement raises the minimum age to roughly 20 to 24 years old.

What Benefits Does Boeing Offer?

Boeing offers an extensive benefits package for employees that ranges from financial compensation to providing various forms of counseling. Employees receive perks that address both their professional and personal lives.

What Is The Dress Code At Boeing?

The dress code at Boeing is based on the job that you are performing, and ranges from casual to business formal. With over 150,000 employees across many diverse job environments, Boeing bases requirements for attire around the responsibilities for each individual role.

What Is The Hiring Process At Boeing?

The hiring process at Boeing is thorough and includes an application, an assessment, and multiple interviews. It takes the average applicant between five weeks and three months to be hired and fully trained.

Questions About Boeing Jobs

How To Get An Internship At Boeing?

Gain a relevant education, visit career fairs, and network to get an internship at Boeing. Boeing can be extremely competitive, which is extremely important in aerospace engineering. This means you must ensure you are presenting your best work when trying to get an internship.