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    Average Salary For a Breeder

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Breeder is $39,381 per year or $19 per hour. The highest paying Breeder jobs have a salary over $72,000 per year while the lowest paying Breeder jobs pay $21,000 per year

    Average Breeder Salary
    $39,000 yearly
    $19 hourly
    Updated August 17, 2022
    10 %
    90 %

    1 Common Career Paths For a Breeder

    Machine Operator

    Machine operators are responsible for managing the machines assigned to them. They set up, install, operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and ensure quality output. Machine operators must know the inner workings of the machine such that they can easily address any problems that may arise. They must ensure that all components of the machine are working well. They perform maintenance routine checks to ensure that the machine is working at the most efficient capacity, is well-stocked with needed materials, and producing the best output. Machine operators are also responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of the machine.

    Illustrated Career Paths For a Breeder