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Buffalo Wild Wings Company Logo

Working At Buffalo Wild Wings

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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Jobs


Aw snap, no jobs found.

Buffalo Wild Wings Overview


Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure

Organization Type





Minneapolis, MN



Founded in




Key People

Scott Lowery (founders),
James Disbrow (founders),
Wayne Wessels (Manager)

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About Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is an American casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise in the United States, Canada, India, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam which specializes in Buffalo wings and sauces.

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Buffalo Wild Wings is an American casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise in the United States, Canada, India, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam which specializes in Buffalo wings and sauces.

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What Is

Buffalo Wild Wings's Mission Statement

To WOW people every day!

Is This Your Company?

Do You Work At Buffalo Wild Wings?

What is it like to work at Buffalo Wild Wings

What Do You Like About Working There?

I love socializing with the customers and team members... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Bad scheduling.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Close to home.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

The kitchen pay is decent.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Late nights. Like 3 AM late. Long shifts, some over 14 hours of standing with one or two little 5 minute breaks halfway through your shift. No meal times... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The paycheck I guess. I hate everything else... Show More


May 20, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Never worked there but everyone is really nice and that's what matters to me. I'm vegan.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Like I said, never worked there. I'm also vegan.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The people gave me a free salad. I'm vegan.. Show More


May 15, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Well I make a lot of money.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I work to hard font really enjoy my job.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Discounts on food.. Show More
August 15, 2017 on Reddit

Have you gone on a date with a customer?

Yes and no I guess? I don't ever give my number out at work or go on dates with guests. But one time I was working as a GEC and met a guy and after my shift we started and talked for a while.

Seems you really enjoy working at BWW, why? What about it makes you like it? I don't mean it in a rude or condescending way, honestly curious. I would never want to stay in a retail customer service type position. In fact, it makes me happy knowing my last foray into it (barring some crazy multi-discipline catastrophe) was a decade ago. I'm not above it, if I had to I would, but man did I hate any retail work.

Hey, I do really love working at BWW! Like any job it has it's ups and downs, but the ups for me really out weigh the downs. I've worked in a few other restaurants and I learned I LOVE working in the food industry. I love the fast paced shifts. I love that I meet new people and talk about so many cool things every day. I love that I don't have to pack a lunch for work or leave to get food . I love that serving has taught me to be able to stand up for myself, especially when I started serving alcohol. I could go on and on about the food industry. But what set bdubs apart for me was the family atmosphere. We literally use the word team everyday. The sporty atmosphere is much more fun and energetic than any other restaurant I've worked at. We have 96 tvs in my store! I love when a big sporting event is on and the whole restaurant jumps up and sings their teams fight song. Or people standing on their chairs getting so into the atmosphere we have created for them. I love that bdubs prioritizes community outreach. Anywhere there is a BWW, there is a form of outreach (like a sponsored team). We also do a lot of fundraising for the Boys and Girls Club of America and Special Olympics and many more.
August 27, 2016 on Reddit

I usually got to BWW 2-3 a week. I love it and usually just grab 10 hot since I have tried pretty much everything there. 2 questions. In my experience, the dining area is so much slower than the bar area. Is there a reason for that? (every single BWW I have been to in Utah is like this) As a regular I try to be as courteous as possible to everyone working there. Is there something that you guys dread from a customer or customers?

There is no correlation between bar and dining area speed wise, maybe just bad luck honestly, and yes we HATE people who are incredibly picky with wings. If it's too wet, not enough sauce, especially when you want people who get crispy wings. They are the absolute worst because if it's not crispy enough u have to remake the whole order and it just gets frustrating. Then they want wet and crispy which is literally impossible because the sauce makes them not crispy anymore

Are the waitresses there forced to flirt with customers?

I'm betting this guy also didn't work a service job ever. Waitstaff everywhere flirts always because it's money in the bank. You are not special

Not to say that your job is easy, especially on weekends or during sporting events, but would you consider BWW a good starting point for someone with little to no restaurant cooking experience?

Yes. It's very easy and requires little to no thought (besides the grill/southwest station) all you really need to know how to do is count to 20 and spin ur arm in a circle and drop stuff in a fryer and hit the color coded button for the item

Have you ever witnessed an employee spit in a customer's food due to the customer being drunk and/or rude?

Surprisingly no.. I have seen many people that truly deserved it.
November 24, 2015 on Reddit

How much nookie goes on between the employees?

I slept with a sever a greeter and made out with a manager. That might say something about what goes on... ;)
November 24, 2015 on Reddit

What's the most chicken wings ordered by a single customer?

our biggest in store order for one person was 110 hot wings for a single person. They finished the all in 30-40 minutes plus 3 beers. Biggest order over all was 6400 wings during a natural disaster in my home town that we made for media, police, EMS, and fire-fighters. I had a photo of everyone who stayed at work to do that order somewhere. doubt I will find it tho...
November 24, 2015 on Reddit

How often do cooks spit or ejaculate in the food they prepare for customers?

I have never seen anyone spit in the food...
November 24, 2015 on Reddit

Woah I work there too! Do you guys have a gec program? Because I'm a greeter/cashier/gec and I think the gec program is pointless.

I was a GEC for a few months. As far as I know it is a Canadian BWW program only. It was the easiest job in the whole place by far.
November 24, 2015 on Reddit

Did/could you provide less or more food depending on if you like a customer?

Most of the food was already pre-portioned in the morning so giving less food was never really a thing. I do however have a couple of instances where we may have tampered with food. At BWW we had a wing eating challenge. 10 wing in the hottest sauce. (sidenote, if this sauce would sit for too long it would begin to sepirate like salad dressing. it would separate into the red sauce base and the habanero extract) I was in the kitchen at the time and a server came back to let us know that a table of 5 guys had all ordered the challenge but one guy at the table was being an *** hole and bragging about how he would finish faster then the store record that was held by a professional eater. So we mixed the first 4 of the challenges normally. However for the *** holes plate we mixed the wings in the sauce but then drizzled some of the habanero extract on his wings and let the server know that plate was for him. A few minutes later we heard the server do the countdown for them to start and we waited. it only took about 30 seconds before we heard the guy get up and run to the bathroom whilst swearing the whole way. His friends thanked the server for making him look like a *** in front of a couple other girls in the bar he was aggressively hitting on.

How does the remote overtime system work? You know, the thing that gets the game to last longer if the customers want to stay out a little later? Seems kinda sketchy for the NFL to let you do that.

Always dodging the tough questions... Typical AMA.
July 23, 2015 on Reddit

Worst customer and why?

I had a guy come in once and he ordered a Manhattan double. Then another and another within about 30 minutes. My bartender told me he was going to cut him off because the guy was being a jerk in general. When he got cut off, he was angry and asked to pay his tab. The only thing is, he didn't have any form of payment (his only cards were ATM cards and wouldn't go through my credit card machine.) I informed him he would need to pay his $80 in some way or another, and he was very intoxicated and started to act belligerent. He tried to take a nap on the floor of the bar and told me to "call the cops" so that's what i did. When the police showed up, I found out this dude just drives around the town i work in and drinks himself into oblivion, and gets the cops called on him almost every night because he has no money to pay his tab. He was not super fun to deal with. Also had two dudes on a UFC who were so drunk they were falling asleep on the bar. We refused to serve them, and they tried to fight me and another manager before throwing up all over the floor and being escorted out of the building by the police.
July 23, 2015 on Reddit

During your 6 years of working with BWW, did you ever come across any problems work wise, or with other employees?

I had a kid break my car window when i first started because i didn't know the girl who's house i was at was his girlfriend. I think that was probably the biggest one.
July 23, 2015 on Reddit

Are your employees on minimum wage?and have you ever fired anyone?

I've fired a lot of people. Various reasons. It's the restaurant industry. And the employees are generally compensated based on their skill, and what they can bring to the table. A lot start off on minimum, but if they prove themselves, it's not hard to get a raise
July 23, 2015 on Reddit

How does this job affect your social life?

Well, I've made some really really good friends over the years. It helps that a lot of them work the same schedules that I do. When i was a cook there would be parties at my apartment after the shift every night. Now that I'm a manager (and a little older) it's usually just me a couple other people drinking a few beers once all is said and done. So i guess the answer is a positive one.
July 23, 2015 on Reddit

what's your salary?

not enough.

When u started as a line cook did you want to one day be manager? Also having being managed there, how does that effect how you manage your employees now?

It definitely wasn't what i wanted to do, in fact they asked me 3 times before I finally decided to take the position. As I was coming around the corner to being 23 with no college degree, it seemed like I needed to pad my qualifications for future jobs with something. It's definitely different being in a position of power, when 2 years ago I was the cook making fun of managers. I'm still learning the best methods of management, so i can get the most out of my employees, but that they also respect me.

I work with a two girls who were previously waitresses/hostesses at BWW, and they told me that it is the worst place to work. Maybe it was this particular BWW or is it a common agreement amongst waitresses/hostesses?

I feel like it could be pretty bad. One server told me about this old guy who likes coming in and making innuendos to the point they're uncomfortable. I think many, if not all, of them get hit on a lot. That being said, you can make a fair amount of money doing it. Many people bring in over $100 on the weekends in tips alone, plus the hourly they earn. Were they complaining about other staff/management or customers?

Buffalo Wild Wings Employees

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Hispanic or Latino


Black or African American





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Foreign Languages Spoken








































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Do you work at Buffalo Wild Wings?

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Buffalo Wild Wings Careers

Average Length of Employment
Red Lobster 2.3 years
TGI Friday's 2.3 years
Darden Restaurants 2.1 years
O'Charley's 2.1 years
Ruby Tuesday 2.1 years
Denny's 2.0 years
Panera Bread 1.9 years
Hooters 1.9 years
Applebee's 1.9 years
Red Robin 1.8 years
Texas Roadhouse 1.8 years
Logan's Roadhouse 1.8 years
Burger King 1.8 years
IHOP 1.7 years

Buffalo Wild Wings

1.5 years
Wingstop 1.2 years
Top Employers Before Buffalo Wild Wings
McDonald's 15.6%
Walmart 10.5%
Applebee's 9.5%
Subway 5.2%
Pizza Hut 4.5%
Wendy's 4.4%
Sonic 4.1%
Target 4.1%
Taco Bell 4.0%
IHOP 3.3%
Kohl's 2.9%
Red Robin 2.6%
Top Employers After Buffalo Wild Wings
Walmart 13.0%
Applebee's 10.0%
McDonald's 6.7%
Target 4.5%
Red Robin 4.3%
Amazon 4.2%
Chili's 3.9%
Subway 3.7%
Starbucks 3.3%
Pizza Hut 3.3%
IHOP 3.3%
Taco Bell 3.1%

Buffalo Wild Wings Employees Education


University of Phoenix


The Academy


Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana


Ohio State University


University of Cincinnati


University of Central Florida


Liberty University


Michigan State University


Arizona State University


Ohio University -


Columbus State Community College


Central Michigan University


Kent State University


Oklahoma State University


Kaplan University


Northern Virginia Community College


Western Illinois University


Grand Valley State University


Sinclair Community College


Ball State University

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Criminal Justice


General Studies




Medical Assisting Services


Culinary Arts


Health Care Administration














Liberal Arts




Hospitality Management


Graphic Design


Medical Technician

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Buffalo Wild Wings Employee Political Affiliation

Republican Party


Democratic Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
David LangefelsVice President $27,500Republican Party
Judy ShoulakExecutive Vice President $26,680Republican Party
Andrew BlockVice President Talent Management $26,500Republican Party
Mary TwinemChief Finance Officer $25,000Republican Party
Lee PattersonSenior Vice President $25,000Republican Party
James SchmidtChief Operating Officer $23,000Republican Party
Kathleen BenningExecutive Vice President $20,000Republican Party
Sally WoldPresident/Chief Executive Officer $15,000Republican Party
Emily DeckerGeneral Counsel $14,136Republican Party
Sally SmithExecutive $12,900Republican Party
Tom BerzinskiVice President $11,000Republican Party
John LaughnerDevelopment Vice President $7,500Republican Party
Michael KromerRisk Management Director $7,125Republican Party
Edward LynnFranchise Owner $6,150Republican Party
Willow TerryVice President $6,000Republican Party
Todd LahaiseOwner $5,000Republican Party
Brian CoanDirector Of Purchasing $4,800Republican Party
Andrew NelsonServer $4,450Democratic Party
Karen BirdVice President Of Information Technology $4,270Republican Party
BEN NelsenVice President $3,306Republican Party
Douglas CekanderFranchise Owner $3,300Republican Party
Brad OrschelSenior Attorney $3,290Republican Party
Mirna MehielServer $2,700Democratic Party
Brad FralichOperator $2,500Republican Party
Mark LutzVice President $2,500Republican Party
Mounir SawdaManaging Director $2,500Republican Party
Timothy EhlertUniversity Relations Director $1,928Republican Party
Heather PribylUniversity Relations Director $1,880Republican Party
Robert RuhlandMarketing Vice President $1,660Republican Party
Lynn EdwardExecutive $1,600Republican Party
Gerald Franklin JrOwner $1,250Republican Party
Robert CollinsDirector, Business Development And Strategy $1,102Republican Party
Isabella MehielWaitress $1,001Democratic Party
Julie LetnerVice President Talent Management $1,000Republican Party
Todd KronebuschOperations Vice President $1,000Republican Party
Kevin McCraddenPurchasing Manager $1,000Republican Party
Robert GanseRestaurant Owner $1,000Republican Party
Wray HutchinsonFranchisee $1,000Republican Party
Pat KatzPresident $1,000Republican Party
DAN QuandtInternal Audit Director $912Republican Party
Domenic BartoliniRegional Manager $905Democratic Party
Sherry PossInternal Audit Director $840Republican Party
Sarah YatchakLawyer $750Republican Party
Riley LynnRestaurant Manager $665Republican Party
Teressa SchlueterBusiness Consultant $560Republican Party
Robert SchamsDirector Of Operational Support $550Republican Party
Doug CekanderOwner $500Republican Party
Randall HowkConsultant $500Republican Party
Bill MalarkConsultant $500Republican Party
Christopher MinozaBusiness Owner $500Republican Party
John PriorRegional Manager $500Republican Party
Joy WolneyMember Service Director $500Republican Party
Troy AmarisOperations Vice President $475Republican Party
DAN MarkwellBartender $389Democratic Party
Heather LeifermanPublic Relations Director $250Republican Party
Monica DubyServer $250Democratic Party
Robert OlashukManager $250Republican Party
Christopher RamseyOperations Vice President $250Republican Party
Daniel SmithAccounting Director $250Republican Party
Joel SandKitchen Worker $205Democratic Party
Steven CavanaughServer $189Democratic Party
Clayton NorthcraftRestaurant Manager $158Democratic Party
Andrew LawrenceCashier $146Democratic Party
Maxwell BlendServer $74Democratic Party
Frank GiuffridaRegional Manager $70Republican Party
David HenryOperations Director $70Republican Party
Bradley DethmersSenior Consultant $60Republican Party
Nevada RomsdahlInformation Security Analyst $54Democratic Party
Samantha WilsonServer $50Democratic Party
Gregory BucciKitchen Manager $50Republican Party
Shiekh RanaManager $41Democratic Party
Jacob HodgesGuest Experience $40Democratic Party
Jane BinionSenior Finance Analyst $40Republican Party
Reed WolfingtonTraining Manager $25Republican Party
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Buffalo Wild Wings Awards

Other Awards
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Buffalo Wild Wings Stock Performance

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Net Income


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Buffalo Wild Wings Competitors

Competitors Jobs


Aw snap, no jobs found.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buffalo Wild Wings

When was Buffalo Wild Wings founded?

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1982.

How many Employees does Buffalo Wild Wings have?

Buffalo Wild Wings has 44,000 employees.

How much money does Buffalo Wild Wings make?

Buffalo Wild Wings generates $2.0B in revenue.

What industry is Buffalo Wild Wings in?

Buffalo Wild Wings is in the hotels, restaurants & leisure industry.

What is Buffalo Wild Wings's mission?

Buffalo Wild Wings's mission statement is "To WOW people every day!"

What type of company is Buffalo Wild Wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings is a public company.

Who are Buffalo Wild Wings's competitors?

Buffalo Wild Wings competitors include Famous Dave's of America, Buffalo Wings & Rings, Burger King, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Wingstop, Papa John's International, Applebee's, Panera Bread, TGI Friday's, Logan's Roadhouse, Darden Restaurants, Red Robin, Ruby Tuesday, Texas Roadhouse, O'Charley's, Denny's, Red Lobster, IHOP, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Hooters.

Who works at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Scott Lowery (founders),
James Disbrow (founders),
Wayne Wessels (Manager)

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You can find out what it is like to work at Buffalo Wild Wings, also known as BUFFALO WILD WINGS GRILL AND BAR, Buffalo Wild Wings, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, Buffalo Wild Wings Inc and Buffalo Wild Wings Inc..

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