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Guilford Technical Community College
Jamestown, NC
Instructor, Business Administration Human Resources
Skills:Doctoral, Department Meetings, Human Resources, Distance Learning, Student Activities, Oversight, Current Technology, Community Resources

9h agonew

$56,680 yearly est.

Winona State University
Winona, MN
Instructor for MIS 312 Business Computer Programming
Skills:Adjunct, Colleges, Course Content, Database, MIS, Emphasis

1d agonew

$47,821 yearly est.

Delgado Community College
New Orleans, LA
Adjunct Instructor, General Business
Skills:Credit Hours, Course Content

2d agonew

$76,031 yearly est.

Foothill-de Anza Community College District
Los Altos, CA
PT Business Law Instructor
Skills:Staff Development Activities, Colleges, Equivalency, Business Law Courses, Student Evaluations, Professional Development

3d agonew

$69,758 yearly est.

Foothill-de Anza Community College District
Los Altos, CA
PT English Instructor
Skills:Staff Development Activities, Colleges, Equivalency, Office Hours, Student Evaluations, Professional Development

3d agonew

$71,022 yearly est.

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Omaha, NE
Instructor - English (Multiple Vacancies)
Skills:Semester, Diversity, Non-Tenure

4d agonew

$61,656 yearly est.

Apex Learning
ALVS Part-Time Online English Instructor
Skills:Telephone Calls, Communication, Online Learning Environment, Practical Application

4d agonew

$57,215 yearly est.

South Carolina Job Board
Bamberg, SC
English Instructor
Skills:Educational Content, Communication, Instructional Materials, Student Recruitment, Delivery Methods

6d agonew

$37,643 yearly est.

Alfred State College
Alfred, NY
Adjunct for Business - On-Campus Position - Alfred State College
Skills:Police Department, Operations Management, Adjunct, CPA, Business Department, Ethics, Communication

6d agonew

$87,899 yearly est.

Johnson County Community College
Overland Park, KS
Non-Credit Instructor - English as a Second Language
Skills:Staff Development Activities, Grammar, Basic Computer, Conflict Resolution, Lesson Plans, Office Software, Non-Native Speakers, Classroom Management

6d agonew

$42,013 yearly est.

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Metropolitan State University of Denver
Denver, CO
English Affiliate/Part-Time Instructor
Skills:Diverse Backgrounds, Rhetoric, Program Assessment, Educational Needs, Faculty Position, Semester, Credit Hours, Professional Development

7d agonew

$61,147 yearly est.

Berkeley College
Woodland Park, NJ
Adjunct Instructor - Business Data Science
Skills:Learning Management System, Canvas, Python, Student Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

10d ago

$81,594 yearly est.

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Keiser University
Maitland, FL
English Instructor - Adjunct
Skills:Diverse Backgrounds, Diverse Group, Communication, Adult Learners, Student Body, Adjunct, Professional Communication, Course Plans

12d ago

$50,753 yearly est.

Des Moines Area Community College
Des Moines, IA
Adjunct Instructor, Business Academy
Skills:Semester, Human Relations

12d ago

$81,557 yearly est.

Pennsylvania State University
Media, PA
Part-time Instructor (non-tenure track) in English
Skills:Institutional Policies, Faculty Staff, Sexual Assault, Alumni, Flexibility, Crime Prevention, Course Scheduling, Fire Safety

12d ago

$66,276 yearly est.

Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY
Dual Credit Instructor - North Laurel - English 101, Spring 2021
Skills:High Schools

22d ago

$41,167 yearly est.

State of Georgia
Douglasville, GA
English Adjunct Instructor
Skills:Certifications, Lesson Plans, Distance Learning, Course Syllabi, Evaluates, Theory, Communication, Student Learning

25d ago

$51,164 yearly est.

Nashville State Community College
Nashville, TN
Adjunct Instructor - Business (Pool)
Skills:Learning Management System, Adjunct, Business Administration, Faculty Staff, Office Applications, Final Grades, Semester, Special Instructions

26d ago

$580 weekly

Sae Institute
Emeryville, CA
Entertainment Business Instructor
Skills:Event Management, Adjunct, Creative Arts, Business Program, Scholarship, Course Competencies, Diversity, Philosophy

26d ago

$97,187 yearly est.

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Panhandle State University
Goodwell, OK
Instructor, English
Skills:Human Resources, Semester, Literature, Composition Courses, Multicultural, Motor Vehicle

26d ago

$47,355 yearly est.

International Rescue Committee
San Diego, CA
Vocational English as Second Language (VESL) Instructor
Skills:Staff Development Activities, Language Classes, Administrative Tasks, Procedures, Lesson Plans, Job Training, Employability, Internet

26d ago

$61,400 yearly est.

University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY
Adjunct Instructor, English Language Institute
Skills:Adjunct, Blackboard, Language Training, Lesson Plans, Student Records, Departmental Meetings, Office Hours, Course Management

27d ago

$59,430 yearly est.

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Kirkwood Community College
Cedar Rapids, IA
Adjunct Instructor, English
Skills:Rhetoric, Certifications, Office Staff, Coursework, Timely Feedback, Course Syllabi, Adjunct, Final Grades

30d ago

$52,161 yearly est.

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Bethune-Cookman University
Daytona Beach, FL
Adjunct Instructor, College of Business and Entrepreneurship (applicant pool)
Skills:Adjunct, Online Teaching, Quality Matters, Business Administration

34d ago

$84,678 yearly est.

Platt College Los Angeles, LLC.
Anaheim, CA
English Instructor - Adjunct
Skills:Quality Instruction, Semester, Credit Hours, Course Objectives, Adult Learners

36d ago

$82,385 yearly est.

Keuka College
Keuka Park, NY
Adjunct Instructor of English
Skills:Institutional Policies, Computer Applications, Privacy, Adjunct, External Customers, Teamwork, Course Objectives, Plan Course Instruction

38d ago

$58,213 yearly est.

Louisiana Delta Community College
Monroe, LA
English Adjunct Instructor
Skills:Certifications, Contact Hours, Credit Hours, Communication, Customer Service, Community Members, Technical Courses, GED

38d ago

$38,770 yearly est.

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Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
Adjunct Instructor of English
Skills:Adjunct, Special Instructions, Credit Hours, Pay Grade, Office Hours, Human Resources, Student Learning

51d ago

$41,237 yearly est.

Texas A&M International University
Laredo, TX
Instructor of English
Skills:Composition Courses, International Business, Communication, Philosophy, Non-Tenure, Student Research, Semester, Credit Hours

60d+ ago

$57,261 yearly est.

Indian Hills Community College
Ottumwa, IA
Instructor, English & Communications
Skills:Cooperative Relationships, Counsel, Literature, Grade Reports, Public Speaking, Faculty Meetings, Oral Communication, Community Relations

60d+ ago

$52,241 yearly

Volunteers of America-Greater Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
English Instructor Part Time As Needed Upward Bound
Skills:Counsel, Summer Program, Skill Levels, Alumni, GPA, Lesson Plans, Language Arts, Internet

60d+ ago

$67,961 yearly est.

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Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
INTO CSU/English Instructor - Open Pool
Skills:English-Language, Diversity, Faculty Staff, Criminal History, Intercultural, Motor Vehicle, Adjunct, Special Instructions

60d+ ago

$46,000 yearly

Sc Department of Public Safety
Bamberg, SC
English Instructor
Skills:Communication, Instructional Materials, Procedures, Educational Content, Delivery Methods, Student Recruitment

60d+ ago

$37,301 yearly est.

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Ohio University
Athens, OH
Adjunct Instructor- College of Business (POOL)
Skills:Undergraduate Courses, Diversity, Human Resources, Non-Tenure, Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, Semester, Credit Hours

60d+ ago

$78,006 yearly est.

Niagara County Community College
Sanborn, NY
Part Time English Instructor
Skills:Rhetoric, Literature, Communication, Economic Development, Governance, Semester, Certifications, Community Education

60d+ ago

$54,610 yearly est.

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
SAT English Instructor- Spring 2020
Skills:Academic Support, Math

60d+ ago

$54,063 yearly est.

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Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA
International Business - Adjunct Instructor - Doing Business in Europe
Skills:International Business, Finance Department, Philosophy, Oral Communication, Adjunct, Semester, Credit Hours, Email

60d+ ago

$94,671 yearly est.

Columbia School of English
Portland, OR
English (ESL) Instructor
Skills:Active Participation, Program Development, Staff Meetings, Student Activities, ESL, Professional Development, Toefl

60d+ ago

$66,529 yearly est.

Daymar College
Columbus, OH
English Instructor
Skills:Small Groups, Lab Activities, Program Requirements, Customer Service, Professional Relationships, Company Policies, Powerpoint

60d+ ago

$40,186 yearly est.

UCSD Extension
San Diego, CA
Spanish/English Translation and Interpretation Instructor
Skills:Classes Online

60d+ ago

$65,797 yearly est.