Research Summary. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a business leader. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of business leader resumes they appeared on. For example, 9.4% of business leader resumes contained analytics as a skill. Let's find out what skills a business leader actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

  • The most common hard skill for a business leader is analytics. 9.4% business leaders have this skill on their resume.
  • The second most common hard skill for a business leader is project management appearing on 8.5% of resumes. The third most common is customer service on 6.7% of resumes.
  • Three common soft skills for a business leader are leadership skills, management skills and problem-solving skills.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a business leader. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of business leader resumes they appeared on. For example, 9.4% of business leader resumes contained analytics as a skill. Let's find out what skills a business leader actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Business Leader Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Analytics

Here's how analytics is used on business leader resumes:
  • Directed corporate-wide initiatives focused on transforming budgeting, forecasting and reporting activities, including development of operational and financial performance analytics.
  • Delivered meaningful fact-based guidance for visual analytics and data review to support decision making from patient safety and data review prospective.
  • Implemented end user Analytics and Reporting Portal improving access to data for business intelligence and reporting solutions.
  • Mentored upper-level managers and medical directors in optimal ways of using analytics for actionable insights.
  • Championed concept of Predicative Analytics to MasterCard Technology Executive Committee.

2. Project Management

Here's how project management is used on business leader resumes:
  • Energized and stretched team performance to lead several successful system implementations with strict adherence to project management methodology.
  • Directed strategic and tactical planning; conducted business and clinical analyses and project management initiatives.
  • Provided high-level and detailed program and project management oversight in partnership with third-party implementation vendor.
  • Compile required reports for delivery/presentation to all layers of project management as required.
  • Showcased talent for project management, handling numerous business critical initiatives.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

Here's how customer service is used on business leader resumes:
  • Directed management teams through LEAN process mapping activities to identify opportunities for increased efficiency, lower cost or improved customer service.
  • Gained alignment across organization leadership to help secure Executive Team approval for $8M Customer Service/Sales Support initiative.
  • Provided direction and leadership to drivers and internal associates for superior customer service.
  • Hold responsibility for customer service and operational management of seasonal dedicated account.
  • Provide professional and quality customer service to all customers and providers.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. Meta Jobs (22)
  2. Google Jobs (27)
  3. Accenture Jobs (56)
  4. Novartis Jobs (53)
  5. Microsoft Jobs (57)

4. Business Development

Business development is the ideas or initiatives that work to make business work better. Selling, advertising, product development, supply chain management, and vendor management are only a few of the divisions involved with it. There is still a lot of networking, negotiating, forming alliances, and trying to save money. The goals set for business development guide and coordinate with all of these various operations and sectors.

Here's how business development is used on business leader resumes:
  • Work with Merchandising Business Development Managers to document business processes for item management, pricing and promotion.
  • Designed and implemented business development strategies and managed proposal efforts.
  • Participate in business development as needed.
  • Served as a project member within cross-functional projects / global teams requiring in-depth market research as well as business development support.
  • Participated in business development activities; capture, written and orals to win the first 4 Task Orders.

5. Lean Six Sigma

Here's how lean six sigma is used on business leader resumes:
  • Redesigned implementation workflow using Lean Six Sigma principals
  • Led continuous improvement activities using Lean Six Sigma, KJ Method, Kaizan.
  • Lead process improvement projects utilizing Lean Six Sigma tools in a pharmaceutical distribution center.
  • Apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies/tools along with other improvement methodologies/tools.
  • Green Belt on Lean Six Sigma project focused on reducing the time spent on sales compensation process by sales participants.

6. Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is an ongoing process of improvement of products, services, and processes with the help of innovative ideas. It is an organized approach that helps an organization to find its weaknesses and improve them.

Here's how continuous improvement is used on business leader resumes:
  • Collaborated with plant managers and line leaders to introduce a continuous improvement mindset through strategic production process management.
  • Led continuous improvement process and project engineering departments targeting acceleration of revenue grown as well as capacity realization.
  • Promoted culture of continuous improvement and efficiency by implementing monthly training meetings for all associates.
  • Launched Business Excellence structure that significantly increased the continuous improvement acumen in the organization.
  • Spearhead the service level improvement initiatives, thereby ensuring continuous improvements.

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7. Business Process

A business process is a group of tasks that are performed by people working in a business to attain a worthy product and to present it to their customers. A business process can also be defined as performing several steps to achieve a certain goal set by a company. Business processes need to set purposeful goals and the outcome of that goal should be clear.

Here's how business process is used on business leader resumes:
  • Conceptualized, formulated, and established business process improvement through the acquisition of marine business previously held in Charleston SC.
  • Participate in prototyping, integration risk assessments, test script development, business process improvements and other key company initiatives.
  • Represented customer level requirements by developing comprehensive, cost efficient integration plans ICW Domain Managers and Business Process Managers.
  • Defended rationalization of existing business processes and functionality to lead application configuration efforts for American Greetings Supply Chain.
  • Deliver agile business process management and technical consulting and expertise to senior management in resolving complex business problems.

8. Business Plan

Here's how business plan is used on business leader resumes:
  • Achieved significant growth through training to develop business acumen, significantly improve business planning and execution and coaching skills.
  • Partnered with major customers to deliver mutually agreed upon business plans that regularly met category goals.
  • Created and consistently re-assessed business plans to maximize sales in an extremely clouded disease state arena.
  • Developed and monitored annual business plan with measurable goals and objectives emphasizing profit optimization.
  • Developed short and long-term business plans to include monthly/quarterly/annual financial/operational business reviews.

9. Process Improvement

Here's how process improvement is used on business leader resumes:
  • Increased Quality and Compliance training performance 40% by identifying opportunities for process improvement and streamlining communication across functional areas.
  • Identified and delivered on opportunities for significant process improvement, productivity, compliance, and standardization.
  • Earned the Citizens/RBS Achieving Excellence award which recognizes corporate innovations and process improvements by an individual.
  • Foster internal and external relationships that focus on seeking continuous quality and process improvements.
  • Experience in work process improvement processes and other integrated work systems/high performing organization methodology.

10. Business Operations

The operations that carry out the inner working of an organization are called business operations. From creating products, to marketing them, business operations play a vital role in every step.

Here's how business operations is used on business leader resumes:
  • Direct responsibility for all company retail and wholesale business operations and companies.
  • Hold authority to make decisions which balance business operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Specified secure, plant networks to integrate production into business operations.
  • Restructured business operations in light of corporate downsizing.
  • Completed Business Operations testing for development of Oracle.

11. HR

HR stands for human resources and is used to describe the set of people who work for a company or an organization. HR responsibilities revolve around updating employee records and carrying out management processes like planning, recruitment, evaluation, and selection processes. HR is a key contributor to any company or organization's growth as they are in charge of hiring the right employees, processing payrolls, conducting disciplinary actions, etc.

Here's how hr is used on business leader resumes:
  • Project resulted in a new HR operating model that delivered substantial efficiency gains and effectiveness improvements.
  • Managed variety of initiatives associated with leading team responsible for executing cyclical processes and supporting new work intake for HR.
  • Co-led HR Client Satisfaction / Work Environment Survey (WES) team and captured SCE manager feedback about HR products/services.
  • Worked with executive management to transition HR administrative functions from the corporate office to regional offices during the Divisions start-up.
  • Led Marketing and HR function operating model redesign activities for a Fortune 50 Consumer, Media and Technology client.

12. Customer Satisfaction

Here's how customer satisfaction is used on business leader resumes:
  • Utilized lean initiatives, in a high-mix/low- volume manufacturing facility to improve quality, enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced operational expenses.
  • Developed and implemented best practices and models, with an emphasis on improving customer satisfaction and financial profitability.
  • Reorganized team into a new delivery model to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Work towards achieving high customer satisfaction through quality of services provided.
  • Completed floor replenishment to guarantee availability and promote customer satisfaction.

13. Data Analysis

Here's how data analysis is used on business leader resumes:
  • Performed deep historical data analysis to determine environmental patterns relationship to complaints occurrence.
  • Performed Custom calculations and Advanced Data Analysis for the reports.
  • Develop Student Satisfaction Surveys and Data Analysis Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Survey within JCC Campus
  • Performed detailed data analysis to identify possible improvements in the system functionalities and processing.
  • Designed programmatic materials (1-pagers, FAQ sheets, website presence, data analysis decks, briefingdocuments, etc.)

14. Dashboards

The dashboard is a data management tool used for business intelligence. Dashboards, store, organize and display the scattered data in one system providing easy access to information whenever required. The data is displayed using advanced data visualization techniques, allowing users to understand the intricate patterns in their data. Dashboards make it easier to draw parallels between different data metrics and help in the identification of data trends.

Here's how dashboards is used on business leader resumes:
  • Created visually compelling reports and dashboards and modified existing canned reports to serve business users requirements.
  • Created high visible QlikView dashboards for Asset Based Loans, Securities Based Lending, Stock Loans data and portfolio tracking systems.
  • Leveraged SAS and other statistical tools to improve efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of capacity forecasts, reports, and dashboards.
  • Developed Tableau visualizations which include preparing Dashboards using calculations, parameters, calculated fields, groups, sets and hierarchies.
  • Developed several complex solutions and reports using Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Explorer, Dashboards, and Universes.

15. Client Facing

Here's how client facing is used on business leader resumes:
  • Partnered with operational leadership to monitor ongoing performance including participating in all client facing meetings.
  • Involved a lot of traveling and client facing functions Annual turnover ~ 2 M+
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The eight most common skills based on Business Leader resumes in 2023.

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Business Leader Skills

List Of Skills To Add To Your Business Leader Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant business leader Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Business Process
  • Business Plan
  • Process Improvement
  • Business Operations
  • HR
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Data Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Client Facing
  • Strategic Direction
  • Macro
  • Business Management
  • BI
  • Product Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Sigma
  • Visualization
  • User Acceptance
  • ISO
  • ROI
  • CRM
  • Performance Metrics
  • Direct Reports
  • Digital Marketing
  • KPI
  • Business Cases
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Cycle Management
  • Logistics
  • SLA
  • Java
  • Revenue Growth
  • Employee Engagement
  • Business Analysis
  • QA
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • PMO
  • Executive Management
  • ERP

Real Examples Of Business Leader Resumes That Use These Skills

Most Important Business Leader Skills According To Experts

What Skills Stand Out On Business Leader Resumes?

Andreas Udbye Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University Of Puget Sound

In my main fields of expertise, supply chain management, and international business, it never hurts to point to accomplishments, successes, projects completed and targets achieved. My general experience, however, is that resumes must contain information on your hard and technical skills just to make it through the first cut and get the interview, and then your softer skills and personality can be brought to life during the actual interview. Most hiring managers tend to hire or recommend people based on whether they like their attitudes and see a good fit. In interview situations, it is often productive to bring up hobbies and activities that you are passionate about if you get a chance.

What Hard/technical Skills Are Most Important For Business Leaders?

Andreas Udbye Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University Of Puget Sound

Job listings in supply chain management will typically list more technical skills than what can realistically be possessed by one person (SQL, Python, ERP, project management, etc.), but at a minimum, an applicant needs strong spreadsheet skills and at least some exposure to database management.

What Soft Skills Should All Business Leaders Possess?

Andreas Udbye Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University Of Puget Sound

Collaboration and teamwork skills are crucial, as well as the ability to focus and meet deadlines. Although it is nice to mention that you are a good multi-tasker, most people are these days, and employers seem to like people who can stay the course and complete tasks on time and with high quality. Tenacity and accuracy are other attractive attributes.

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Online Courses For Business Leaders

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a business leader is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since business leaders benefit from having skills like analytics, project management, and customer service, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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1. Business Process Mapping


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2. Operations Management A-Z: Business Processes and Systems


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3. Introduction to Business Process Modeling


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4. Business Analytics Complete Course


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5. Business Analysis: Developing Irresistible Business Cases


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6. Lean BPM - Lean Business Process Management Change Skills


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8. Business Strategy Development: The Art of Differentiation


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9. Introduction to Business Analytics 2022


How to Build a Profitable and Winning Company Using Business Analytics...

10. HR as a Strategic Business Partner


Better understand your value and role as a strategic business partner...

11. Business Plan: Outlines, Templates & Case Study


Learn Business Planning & Lean Thinking to develop a Complete Business Plan...

12. How To Write A Business Plan And A Winning Business Model


Business plan template & business plan examples: Create a top business model & business plan for your business ideas...

13. The Complete Business Process Management (BPM) Master Class


10000+ enrollments Learn the Business Process Management methods used by the world's most successful organizations...

14. Business Analyst: Software Testing Processes & Techniques


Reduce project bugs with repeatable testing processes. Learn to create test cases, scenarios, track defects, & more!...

15. Introduction to Business Analytics


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16. MBA -The Business fundamentals + 30 hrs of business concepts


+ 30 hrs, This MBA course is designed to enhance your Business knowledge & learn the foundation concepts of businesses...

17. Business Process Modelling with UML Activity Diagrams & BPMN


Become an expert in Modelling Business Processes with Business Analysis Techniques and UML Activity Diagrams & BPMN...

18. SQL - MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


SQL that will get you hired SQL for Business Analysis, Marketing, and Data Management...

19. Plan the Project as a Business Analyst


Increase your value as a Business Analyst by learning how to plan projects successfully without a Project Manager...

20. BPMN 2.0 Business Process Modelling for Business Analysts


Become a BPMN 2.0 Expert in 1 day. With this practical hands-on course you will learn proper Business Process Modelling...

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