Caldwell Manufacturing Company History Timeline


Founded in 1888 by Allen Boucher and William Caldwell, Caldwell Hardware supplied clock spring counterbalances for window construction throughout Northeast America.

Spring Balances Since 1888!


1948: Developed first spiral balance product called Spirex.


1955: Opened plant in Jackson, MS to supply the new aluminum window market.


In 1973 Caldwell embarked on a joint venture with an English window manufacturer to supply products to the UK and European markets.

1973: Embarked on a joint venture with an English window manufacturer to supply products to the UK and European markets.


1985: Built and opened current corporate headquarters in Rochester, NY.


1991: Launched ULTRA-LIFT® balances, Caldwell’s first hybrid balance designed to balance large and heavy windows.


2005: Relocated operations to new facilities in Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, TX. Opened a distribution facility in Alachua, FL.


2009: Launched APEX™ the new Standard for Sideload Applications

2009: Launched the ECO-CARRIER™ product line: an ecologically friendly system of balancing a heavy sash


2010: Began the production of ROLLER-TILT Cartridges—an innovative LEAN solution for our customers attempting to streamline their production processes.


2012: The acquisition of ADVANTAGE™ Manufacturing (now a Division of Caldwell Mfg Co N.A. LLC) allowed Caldwell to expand and become a leading member of the global Heavy Duty Friction Hinge Market.


2013: Caldwell Celebrates 125 years of innovation and excellence in the Fenestration Industry


2014 saw the acquisition of leading international friction hinge manufacturer Cotswold Architectural Products.

2014: Embarked on a second joint venture in the UK. The addition of Cotswold Architectural Products allowed Caldwell to grow further into the global Friction Hinge Market.

2014: The acquisition of Doors In Motion (now a Division of Caldwell Mfg Co N.A. LLC): a Tempe, AZ based automation system and door fabrication specialist.

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Rochester, NY
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