Century Aluminum Company History Timeline


Century Aluminum was formed in 1995.

Since the formation of Century in 1995, Ravenswood has moved away from the beverage can aluminum sheet business, as well as the value-added aluminum plate business, to concentrate on the production of primary aluminum.

The Ravenswood plant was the main asset of Century when the holding company was formed in 1995 to assume certain aluminum assets of Glencore International AG, a move which helped to distance Ravenswood from the stigma of one of the nation's most notorious whitecollar criminals, Marc Rich.

In 1995 Ravenswood became the first North American aluminum plate producer to be certified by Boeing Commercial Airplane Group for plate up to 8.5 inches thick.

1995: Ravenswood becomes part of Century Aluminum spinoff.


Century went public with an initial public offering in March 1996 and continues to be publicly traded on NASDAQ today.

Century became publicly listed on NASDAQ in 1996.


The company then bolstered its business externally in 1998 by acquiring Alcoa's Vernon, California, cast plate operations.


1999: Ravenswood fabricating plants are sold.

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Chicago, IL
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