Chartwells K12 main competitors are Unidine, CulinArt israel, and Cater To You Food Service.

Competitor Summary. See how Chartwells K12 compares to its main competitors:

  • Compass Group USA has the most employees (548,143).
  • Employees at Unidine earn more than most of the competitors, with an average yearly salary of $39,372.
  • The oldest company is Valley Services, Inc., founded in 1960.
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Chartwells K12 vs competitors

Chartwells K12 salaries vs Competitors

Among Chartwells K12 competitors, employees at Unidine earn the most with an average yearly salary of $39,372.

Compare Chartwells K12 Salaries VS Competitors

CompanyAverage SalaryHourly SalarySalary Score
Chartwells K12
Valley Services, Inc.
CulinArt israel
Culinary Services Group
SAGE Dining Services
The Nutrition Group

Compare Chartwells K12 Job Title Salaries VS Competitors

CompanyHighest SalaryHourly Salary
Chartwells K12
Aladdin Food Mgmt
Taher, Inc. Professional Food Service Management
The Nutrition Group
Compass Group USA
Cater To You Food Service
Trinity Services Group
SAGE Dining Services
Culinary Services Group
Eurest Dining Services
CulinArt israel
Valley Services, Inc.
American Food & Vending
The Original Hot Dog Shop
Canteen Services
SLA Management
Quest Food Management Services
Roaring Fork Restaurant Group

Chartwells K12 Jobs

Chartwells K12 demographics vs competitors

Compare Gender At Chartwells K12 Vs Competitors

Job TitleMaleFemale
The Nutrition Group33%67%
Compass Group USA47%53%
Chartwells K12--

Compare Race At Chartwells K12 Vs Competitors

CompanyWhiteHispanic or LatinoBlack or African AmericanAsianUnknownDiversity Score

Chartwells K12 And Similar Companies CEOs

Perry Rynders

Perry Rynders is a Chief Executive Officer at A'viands. He has worked as President at A'viands and President/Controller at Best Inc. Perry studied at St John's University.

Craig Tiggleman
Canteen Services

Craig Tiggleman is a CEO at Canteen Services Inc and Board member at ThinkWise and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has worked as CEO & co-founder at and Board Member at West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology (WMCAT). Craig studied at Miami University between 1985 and 1989.

Gary Green holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for Compass Group North America and is a member of the executive board of the parent company, Compass Group PLC. Prior to his appointment as CEO in 1999, Gary held the position of chief financial officer for the North American Division. He was a key member of the Compass Group team that led the buyout of Canteen Corporation from Flagstar in 1994.

Hamutal Yitzhak
The Nutrition Group

Richard Schenkel

Richard Schenkel is a Founder, President and CEO at Unidine and President/CEO/Founder at Unidine Cor and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended University of Wisconsin-Madison between 1974 and 1977.

Ms. Beth Kranda
Valley Services, Inc.

Ms. Beth Kranda is a Chief Executive Officer at Valley Services Inc and is based in United States.

Joseph Pacifico
CulinArt israel

Joseph Pacifico is a Chairman/CEO/Founder at CULINART INC. He works or has worked as MEMBER at Society for Foodservice Management.

Brian Albertson
SLA Management