A city carrier assistant or mail carrier assistant delivers and receives mail from businesses and residents in an assigned area. As a city carrier assistant, it is your job to receive and organize mail into an effective system for easy delivery. You will also be required to assist customers along your delivery route with their postal needs and you must work professionally with other employees and sometimes perform clerical duties. In cases where you need to track certain parcels, you will need to use a portable scanner to monitor and deliver certain pieces of mail.

A city carrier assistant must be capable of working well with others and must be independent. You must have strong communication and endurance skills and must be reliable to make deliveries on time. You need just a high school diploma to get a job as a city carrier assistant. If you meet these requirements, you will earn $72,254 on average every year or $35 every hour

What Does a City Carrier Assistant Do

When it comes to the most important skills required to be a city carrier assistant, we found that a lot of resumes listed 13.9% of city carrier assistants included mail delivery, while 11.5% of resumes included customer service, and 10.3% of resumes included place packages. Hard skills like these are helpful to have when it comes to performing essential job responsibilities.

How To Become a City Carrier Assistant

If you're interested in becoming a city carrier assistant, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We've determined that 34.6% of city carrier assistants have a bachelor's degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 3.2% of city carrier assistants have master's degrees. Even though some city carrier assistants have a college degree, it's possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

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Average Salary for a City Carrier Assistant

City Carrier Assistants in America make an average salary of $40,196 per year or $19 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $78,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $20,000 per year.
Average City Carrier Assistant Salary
$40,196 Yearly
$19.32 hourly

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Roles and Types of City Carrier Assistant

There are several types of city carrier assistant, including:



The job of a carrier depends on the organization or industry where they are working. A carrier working in the logistics industry is responsible for the delivery of goods in an efficient and timely manner. They travel to different areas to pick-up or deliver packages, coordinate with logistics managers, handle documentation, and communicate with clients for updates and others.

A carrier must be customer-focused, making sure that they meet the needs and instructions of the client. They should also be organized and solution oriented. They should be able to devise last-minute plans when problems arise. In addition, they should be a good team player, a people person, and accountable.

Some carriers have a college degree, but this is not necessary. A person who is a high school degree holder or GED holder can apply for the position, too. Some, if not most, employers look at the skills of the applicant. The average salary of a carrier is $70,577, and if they start as a driver, they can become technicians or account mangers someday.

  • Average Salary: $37,242
  • Degree: High School Diploma

Key Carrier


Key carriers are responsible for handling the keys to the store. Their duties may include handling operational procedures, providing customer service, and keeping the entry area clean and organized. Also, they may benefit from having good management skills.

Candidates can apply for this job with a high school or college degree. However, they may need to have scheduling flexibility, the right level of physical fitness, and supervisory skills.

As a key carrier, with an hourly income of $15.85, they can earn a total of $32,972 per year. However, this figure can vary significantly depending upon the organizational setting, store, or qualification.
  • Average Salary: $32,262
  • Degree: High School Diploma

Postal Carrier


Postal Carriers deliver packages, parcels, letters, and certified mail to homes and business owners using mail trucks or on foot. They provide mail-in different forms to rural areas,' town,' and cities' businesses and homes. These professionals follow a specific route to collect mail or deliver mail to their owners. Postal Carriers mostly perform their duties by vehicle, or on foot, or by combining these two. Furthermore, these professionals sell various products, such as money orders and stamps, mostly in rural areas.
  • Average Salary: $36,502
  • Degree: Bachelor's Degree

States With The Most City Carrier Assistant Jobs

Number Of City Carrier Assistant Jobs By State

RankStateNumber of JobsAverage Salary
6New York155$49,726
11North Carolina115$37,858
12New Jersey113$48,639
23South Carolina72$37,341
37New Mexico26$43,280
38New Hampshire21$46,646
39South Dakota20$42,940
40Rhode Island20$44,628
45North Dakota9$50,360
46West Virginia9$45,353

City Carrier Assistant Education

City Carrier Assistant Majors

22.7 %

City Carrier Assistant Degrees


34.6 %

High School Diploma

24.6 %


24.0 %

Top Skills For a City Carrier Assistant

The skills section on your resume can be almost as important as the experience section, so you want it to be an accurate portrayal of what you can do. Luckily, we've found all of the skills you'll need so even if you don't have these skills yet, you know what you need to work on. Out of all the resumes we looked through, 13.9% of city carrier assistants listed mail delivery on their resume, but soft skills such as customer-service skills and physical strength are important as well.

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City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume
City Carrier Assistant Resume

City Carrier Assistant Demographics

City Carrier Assistant Gender Distribution


After extensive research and analysis, Zippia's data science team found that:

  • Among city carrier assistants, 47.9% of them are women, while 52.1% are men.

  • The most common race/ethnicity among city carrier assistants is White, which makes up 59.6% of all city carrier assistants.

  • The most common foreign language among city carrier assistants is Spanish at 63.2%.

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Top City Carrier Assistant Employers

Most Common Employers For City Carrier Assistant

RankCompanyAverage SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
2China Construction America$65,225$31.3631
3DC International School$57,210$27.501
4Shirley Ryan AbilityLab$50,783$24.411
5United Service Technologies$46,223$22.2224
8Ocala StarBanner$39,162$18.831
9Community Access Unlimited$39,085$18.792
10West Valley City$37,965$18.251