Updated February 6, 2023

Average Clinical Social Worker Salary


$30.32 hourly

Entry level Salary
$42,000 yearly

How much does a Clinical Social Worker make?

Clinical social workers make $63,056 per year on average, or $30.32 per hour, in the United States. Clinical social workers on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $42,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $92,000.

Location impacts how much a clinical social worker can expect to make. Clinical social workers make the most in California, New Hampshire, Oregon, Alaska, and New Jersey.

Highest Paying States For Clinical Social Workers

Throughout the U.S., the average salary for a clinical social worker is roughly $63,056 per year, which boils down to $30.32 per hour. Interestingly enough, clinical social workers have the highest salaries in Santa Rosa, CA at about $90,357 per year. For those who are just starting out, the average entry-level salary in Santa Rosa, CA is $64,000. Additionally, clinical social workers make more than the average salary in Washington, DC, Eugene, OR, New Haven, CT, Toms River, NJ, and Vancouver, WA. On a more broad level, clinical social worker salaries are highest in California, New Hampshire, Oregon, Alaska, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Washington. On the contrary, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas offer the lowest clinical social worker salaries.
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Average Salary:

Clinical Social Worker average salary by State

RankStateAvg. SalaryHourly RateJob Count
5New Hampshire$81,306$39.09379
8New Jersey$77,573$37.291,741
9District of Columbia$83,373$40.08368
10Rhode Island$69,735$33.53294
12West Virginia$63,117$30.34429
14New Mexico$63,245$30.41595
21New York$64,150$30.843,342
24North Dakota$63,286$30.43188
27South Dakota$55,083$26.48328
37North Carolina$50,472$24.272,448
39South Carolina$48,471$23.301,169

Highest Paying Cities For Clinical Social Workers

RankCityAvg. SalaryHourly RateJob Count
1Santa Rosa, CA$90,357$43.442
2Washington, DC$83,409$40.1013
3Eugene, OR$81,195$39.0413
4New Haven, CT$77,341$37.185
5Toms River, NJ$77,235$37.135
6Vancouver, WA$74,533$35.838
7Philadelphia, PA$71,650$34.4515
8Richmond, IN$71,408$34.331
9Burlington, VT$69,953$33.632
10Las Vegas, NV$65,483$31.482
11Worcester, MA$64,938$31.2222
12Syracuse, NY$64,713$31.119
13Baltimore, MD$64,481$31.0042
14Chicago, IL$61,875$29.7526
15Salt Lake City, UT$60,742$29.2019

Here Are The Five Most In Demand Cities Right Now:

  1. Santa Rosa, CA
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Eugene, OR
  4. New Haven, CT
  5. Toms River, NJ

Clinical Social Worker Salary by Years of Experience

The salary for a clinical social worker can vary depending on the years of experience that a person has, from entry level to senior level. An accountant with 0-2 years of experience earns an average salary of $45,961, a mid-career professional with 3-6 years of experience makes $63,056 a year on average, and a senior level accountant with 7-12 years of experience enjoys an average annual salary of $92,925. Data on how experience level affects total compensation is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as part of their National Compensation Survey, which is based on factors such as knowledge, complexity, contacts, and environment.

Clinical Social Worker Salary By Experience Level

Experience LevelAvg. SalaryHourly Rate
Entry Level$46,000$22.10
Mid Level$69,800$33.57
Senior Level$92,900$44.68

Clinical Social Workers Salary Details

Average Clinical Social Worker Salary Graph
Average Clinical Social Worker Salary Graph, Trends, and Summary

What is a Clinical Social Worker's Salary?

PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$92,000$7,667$44
75th Percentile$77,000$6,417$37
25th Percentile$51,000$4,250$25
10th Percentile$42,000$3,500$20

Highest Paying Types of Clinical Social Workers

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
Family Therapist$50,774$4,231$24.41106,982
Addictions Counselor$47,226$3,936$22.7079,459
Primary Therapist$59,826$4,985$28.7685,127
Marriage And Family Therapist$57,856$4,821$27.82114,361
Mental Health Consultant$51,006$4,251$24.52127,233
Mental Health Clinician$54,359$4,530$26.1391,347

Which Companies Pay Clinical Social Workers The Most?

The highest paying companies for clinical social workers are Tucson Electric Power and CVS Health according to our most recent salary estimates. In addition, companies like Favorite Healthcare Staffing and Oculus report highly competitive wages for clinical social workers.

How Much Do Clinical Social Workers Make In Different Industries?

Here are some examples of how much a clinical social worker salaries can based on different industries:

  1. The education industry pays clinical social workers an average salary of $62,929

  2. The professional industry pay $62,101

  3. The lowest paying industry for clinical social workers is the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical social workers in this industry earn an average salary of $47,910

Highest Paying Industries For Clinical Social Workers

RankIndustryAverage SalaryHourly Rate
3Health Care$60,599$29.13

High Paying Clinical Social Worker Jobs

Clinical Social Worker Pay Trends

Average Clinical Social Worker Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

    Clinical Social Worker Salary By Year

    YearAvg. SalaryHourly Rate% Change

    Recently Added Clinical Social Worker Salaries

    CompanyJobLocationDate AddedSalary
    Aspen MedicalLicensed Clinical Social WorkerBoerne, TX11/29/2022$83,897
    Aspen MedicalLicensed Clinical Social WorkerElk Grove Village, IL11/29/2022$83,897
    Aspen MedicalLicensed Clinical Social WorkerSpring Valley, NV11/29/2022$83,897
    Aspen MedicalLicensed Clinical Social WorkerNew York, NY11/29/2022$83,897
    Path Behavioral HealthcareLPC, Lcsw, LmftLake Charles, LA11/29/2022$83,480
    Evidence Based AssociatesClinical Social WorkerNew York, NY11/29/2022$58,000
    Omni Therapeutics, Inc.School Social Worker-Lsw/LcswHomewood, IL11/28/2022$73,045
    Florida Department of TransportationLicensed Clinical Social Worker (Lcsw)Orlando, FL11/28/2022$57,527
    CCI Health & Wellness ServicesBehavioral Health Therapist-Lcsw, Lcsw-C, Lmsw, Lcpc, Lgpc, or LPTakoma Park, MD11/28/2022$65,000
    State of MichiganClinical Social Worker 9-P11Kalamazoo, MI11/28/2022$50,693

    Clinical Social Worker Salaries FAQs

    What State Pays Clinical Social Workers The Most?

    California pays Clinical Social Workers the most in the United States, with an average salary of $83,803 per year, or $40.29 per hour.

    How Do I Know If I'm Being Paid Fairly As A Clinical Social Worker?

    You know if you are being paid fairly as a Clinical Social Worker if your pay is close to the average pay for the state you live in. For example, if you live in District of Columbia you should be paid close to $83,373 per year.

    What Is The Highest-paid Social Worker?

    The highest-paid social worker usually works in child and family social work. These social workers specialize in helping children and families who need housing, childcare, or financial support during difficult times.

    Where Do Lcsws Make The Most Money?

    LCSW's make the most money in California, as it's the highest paying state in the industry. According to the BLS, the social work industry overall is expected to grow 11% by 2028, which is classified as much faster than average.

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