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    Average Salary For a Closer

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Closer is $29,291 per year or $14 per hour. The highest paying Closer jobs have a salary over $40,000 per year while the lowest paying Closer jobs pay $20,000 per year

    Updated February 2, 2023
    Average Closer Salary
    $29,291 yearly
    $14 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For a Closer

    Loan Processor

    A loan processor is responsible for assisting customers with their loan requests, ensuring their eligibility, and choosing the best loan options for their needs. Loan processors carefully review loan application documents and prepare loan proposals for underwriting, analyzing the applicant's financial status and credit scores, processing repayment plans, and adhering to banking and financial regulations. A loan processor must have excellent knowledge of the banking industry and processes to provide the best loan services for the customers efficiently and accurately.

    Loan Closer

    A loan closer is primarily in charge of handling and closing loan documentation, ensuring accuracy and smooth transactions. A loan closer's responsibilities revolve around liaising with clients to guarantee that they adhere to every term in the contract, preparing necessary reports and documents, monitoring payment progress, and ensuring that they have a deep understanding of the obligations under the contract. Furthermore, it is essential to maintain records of all transactions and assist clients, all while implementing the company's policies and regulations.


    Specialists are employees who are responsible for specific tasks or activities in the department they are assigned to. The actions or tasks they work on are related to their educational background or work experiences. They are usually highly skilled in specializations related to the work they are assigned to. Specialists are also highly trained on the competencies that are required of their specialty. As such, they are focused on the skills and competencies that are needed to enhance their experience in their specific field further.


    Cooks are responsible for preparing meals for guests or employers. They must be knowledgeable about the different recipes and ingredients needed. They are also responsible for managing the inventory and ensuring that the pantry is well-stocked. They prepare meals from scratch, cutting ingredients, measuring them, and following recipes. Cooks should be creative, especially when ingredients are lacking, and they must find alternatives that will not compromise the food taste. They should be precise, imaginative, and patient. Cooks should also have good time management skills and decision-making skills.

    Loan Officer

    Loan officers are responsible for assisting borrowers on the best type of loans to avail and guiding the clients throughout the application process. A loan officer must be highly knowledgeable about different lending products, payment plans, loan regulations, and essential files for fast loan approval. Loan officers also act as the first point of contact, conducting an initial screening of the customers, process loan contracts and appropriate documentation, update account records, and respond to customer's inquiries. A loan officer also has the right to reject loan applicants who do not meet loan qualifications.

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