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Working At Comcast

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Comcast Jobs


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Comcast Overview


Diversified Telecommunication Services

Organization Type





Philadelphia, PA



Founded in




Key People

Michael Cook (Director),
Neil Smit (Executive Officer),
Arthur Block (Executive Officer),
Michael Angelakis (Executive Officer),
Ralph Roberts (Director),
Gerald Hassell (Director),
Judith Rodin (Director),
Sheldon Bonovitz (Director),
Kenneth Bacon (Director),
Johnathan Rodgers (Director),
Brian Roberts (Executive Officer, Director),
Larry Salva (Executive Officer),
Eduardo Mestre (Director),
Joseph Collins (Director),
Jeffrey Honickman (Director),
David Cohen (Executive Officer),
Stephen Burke (Executive Officer)

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About Comcast

Comcast Corporation is an American telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Comcast Corporation is an American telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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What Is

Comcast's Mission Statement

To reinvent how we interact with our customers and deliver an exceptional experience in every way.

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Do You Work At Comcast?

What is it like to work at Comcast


October 19, 2019 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Growth opportunities.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Not up to date with wfh policies.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Retirement benefits health care benefits.. Show More


September 13, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The flexible work schedule is great for time to work and time to spend with your family... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Management is anal and micro manages everything all the time. Terrible under such circumstances.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Pay benefits and PTO.. Show More


August 29, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

The only thing I liked about working at Comcast is it paid well.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I quit because I was frustrated over management's concern about call times instead of solving problems. I had a safety issue that kept me on the phone well over 20 minutes. The customer was rightly irate as I was the seventh person she'd spoken with/had been passed on to. After the call, a supervisor counseled me about the call. I was told that I shouldn't have spent so much time on the phone, that I should have wrapped up the call and kept my call time more in line.that she could have called back and spoken to someone else. She had been about ready to cancel over the issue and I saved her as a hear that from a supervisor was disappointing... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Free cable.. Show More


August 23, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I like the interpersonal relationships and that my job has me working with diverse populations. I like that it is not the same thing every day and there are always new projects.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Management sucks. There is no strategic plan in place. We are disorganized. My boss gives no direction and there is no forward mobility in my line of work.. Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Time off and vacation days granted.. Show More


August 19, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

Amazing opportunities, inspirational leaders. Great benefits... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

The parking lot goes not offer picnic tables in the grass area. It is also under construction and the anticipation is killing me to see the new changes. I need an update. I know its gonna be awesome... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

All the heavily discounted services I get to come home and enjoy. Bonuses every 3 months. Free family 4-pack once a year to Universal Studios. I could go on... Show More


July 13, 2018 on Zippia

What Do You Like About Working There?

I like the hours. I never have to show to work on time... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

I do not like everyone yelling at me constantly all day... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Free Cable TV.. Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

Pretty much everything, the pay is great the benefits are top notch. You feel like you are a part of something. It has its frustrating moments but great place to work.. Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

There isn't much to not like. It can be stressful at times. You feel like you are part of a team. It has some stress but every job does but thats really it... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

The pay is obviously a major upside. Along with the discounted cable and medical coverage... Show More

What Do You Like About Working There?

Compensation was great and flexibility with your schedule... Show More

What DON'T You Like About Working There?

Management was not as supportive and it hinder sales associates from hitting their sales goals. Ultimately, many sales associates was let go because sales goals weren't met... Show More

What Are Your Favorite Benefits/Perks?

Great benefits, competitive commission, matched 401k.. Show More

Sounds like you're not employed by Comcast directly? Why do the "business partners" suck so much ***? Probably 95% of problems come from an outsourcer from what I've seen. A seemingly lack if common sense, reading comprehension, don't know what service the company even provides, can't even put in the most basic of work orders, far too eager to please the customer they harass other departments that don't even have anything do do with what they are trying to accomplish, or just say what the customer wants to hear just to get them off the phone even if it's a lie, etc.

You're right I don't work for Comcast directly, Comcast outsources their call center (I get paid around 2.5 dollars per hour since I'm in Mexico while I'd be getting paid way more in the US so it makes sense that Comcast outsources their call center service), I think most of the time customers want things we can't accomplish, like a specific package or things like that but in my department (which is retention of loyalty or sikutions whatever you wanna call it) if you piss us off we'd rather cancel your whole acc than help you out

Do you as an employee always have the power to lower a customer price or wave a fee?

Yes but its something we cant abuse as it is something that could lead up to disciplinary action. But keep in mind if your on a promo theres typically nothing cheaper.

My experience with Comcast was awful. Nothing against you, OP, of course, but why is their customer service so abysmally awful?

To be honest, if you have a poor attitude they are going to give you a poor attitude. Everyone is usually pissed about the costs - it gets very repetitive...
September 8, 2014 on Reddit

I work for U-Verse technical support and we always get the "I'm switching to Comcast!" or "This never happened with Comcast!" comments. Did you get a lot of those except about us? :P

It was typically just straight disconnects or leaving for the local DSL company. I feel that the majority of Comcast regions are not shared with U-Verse.
August 19, 2014 on Reddit

What was an average day like? Also how many hours did you work a day and how many a week?

You'd show up to your cubicle. Make sure nothing game-breaking has changed by checking a few resources then you'd put your headset on after opening the 10 or so required windows and applications and start taking calls. You have to take notes on every call while looking up everything and such. If the queue more than 10 people long, you are immediately getting a phone call after the last customer hung up. It doesn't ring so you have the option to answer it. It just makes a *BOOP* noise and bam your talking. You are expected to finish all of your notes during the call so you don't ever have any follow up type of stuff. You'd rarely ever get any follow up work to do. You'd get 2 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. You were also allowed so much free time to not be on the phones, for bathroom breaks and stuff. If you went over more than 5 minutes a day it negatively affected your commission. I personally worked 4, 10 hour days a week. There was typically optional overtime on Saturdays and we were always closed on Sundays.
August 19, 2014 on Reddit

are you *** sorry?

The only time I ever had a bad experience with a customer due to my own fault was when I was new. I was told to try a different tactic that I wasn't normally used to. I typically didn't like lying and always gave the best package available. On this particular phone call I gave him a package that was the same as he had but $10 less a month. He said he knew there was something better and I said well let me look. I just waited for like 30 seconds then gave him the next best one. He said I lied to him from the get go and asked to be transferred to another rep. I regret doing that to this day.

Did you listen to [Ryan Block's recorded retention call]( What are your thoughts on it and the [leaked memo from the COO]( I'm currently not in a Comcast area, but if I ever move, whether or not Comcast services my destination will be a big factor.

I just listened to this and read that article. A few things. The rep did a lot of things wrong from compared to what you are trained. I'm not sure if the call actually started from the beginning or not but it was a lot of wrong. Our jobs rely heavily on the fact that we need to save customers. Being civil and by fact finding you can typically understand why the customer would like to leave. Half the time they don't want to leave, but will unless X is done. I think this rep has a bit of a personality issue. He seems to not be able to let go of the fact that he NEEDS this information on why the customer is disconnecting. I would call this "snapping" at a customer. All the stress of being complained to has eventually just gotten to him. I never experienced anyone personally do this when I was working, we'd usually just talk about the bad calls to each other to keep it from getting to us. People might take the section of the Memo that states: The agent on this call did a lot of what we trained him and paid him and thousands of other Retention agents to do, Probably got taken the wrong way. The rep did try to save the customer by fact finding and giving solid reasons, what he did wrong was never let go. We are told to try 1-3 times depending on the tone of the customer. It isn't worth the time to try and save someone who doesn't want to be saved. It isn't like we were told to dodge questions in training and constantly ask the same question over and over.
August 19, 2014 on Reddit

What is the biggest perk of working there?

Depends on where you are coming from. The benefits: matching 401k, insurance, paid tuition (if you qualify) OH and you get ALL services for basically $20 a month. ($300 value or some such). TV show producers will stop in and give us free stuff every month or two. Sometimes its just a cookie with some neat logo printed on the frosting. Sometimes it is a collectible of some sort.

How does the commission incentive sway the rest of the workers?

The commission broke down into a few categories. Revenue Generating Units - This is how many monthly charge items you added to the account. If a customer disconnects Internet and Phone, you lost 2 RGU's. If they added HBO, you gained 1 RGU. Monthly Bill % - If the monthly bill goes down to below 80% of what they are currently paying, example: Was 100$/month now it is $79. Then you would get hurt typically. This number averaged out to every customer you helped. 80% was $X.xx and anything more than 80% was bonus. Surveys - You had to have good surveys or you'd be in trouble. Hold Time - How long you put people on hold, on average. All of these things had a way of impacting your commission. When you are first starting out, you don't get commission. You get paid whatever the average hourly rate is with commission. At the time I was hired that was $18.57/hr. After 90 days, that gets taken away and you now rely on commission. So if you get an older employee, they will be swayed a lot easier than someone who is new.

how did they decide which callers would be forwarded to you? Or did customers call your deparment directly?

If you selected the prompt saying you would like to Disconnect or Downgrade your service you would get transferred into our First Come, First Serve Que. I was told that higher paying customers would get priority of the more "experienced" workers, but I never saw any proof of this.
August 19, 2014 on Reddit

Why did you choose to work for comcast and were they a good company to work for?

I chose to work for Comcast because it was good money and I figured I could be that guy you talked to that actually gave you a good experience. Which I always was proud when I got a lot of complements and customers wanting to talk to my supervisor for positive reasons. As for the company as a whole, they give very good benefits after 90 days. We're talking full coverage for $50 a month. The training session was about a month long, and it was great! The trainers are specifically hired to do that, train. There was a lot of awesome things to do while on break and what not. We had a huge cafeteria with food and snacks from Television Producers like HBO and stuff. We also had an area to run, table tennis and other activities. I never once had a complaint about working there, other than being yelled at by customers constantly.
August 19, 2014 on Reddit

What was the biggest complaint you received?

The biggest complaint I ever received was when a Tech was actually at the house screaming at the customer. (I could hear the tech in the background.) I eventually talked to the tech, who then screamed at me on the phone. Unfortunately Comcast has not hired Technicians for the past 6 years in my market. The majority of them are non-screened contract workers. I was able to keep the customer by telling the tech to leave immediately or I would call the cops on him. I spoke with his Supervisor and he was fired immediately. The supervisor went out to the house to resolve the issue.

Employee benefits?

You recieved the highest triple play package for just under the price of one line of service. Buuuut you couldnt be delinquent more than a set amount of times or they would eliminate that benefit.

How do Comcast reps deal with belligerent customers? Is there a protocol (ie. rep hangs up)? Have there ever been times where the customer insists that he/she is right, when he/she really isn't?

You have to take their behavior and try to come to a head and solution. There were individuals that were definitely wrong and felt they were right. I would do my best to explain it in different ways and even offer to wait for them to grab a calculator, pen, and paper to go step by step. Sometimes even then they wouldn't get it. By that point they would request a supervisor and I would have to hang on the line with them until a supervisor was available (I would never let them sit and fester I would check in on them and be honest about the hold time) or if a sup was not available I would organize a call back and offer to have them leave a message as well to vent. We always had to let our supervisor know what they were getting themselves into. That was done either via chat, email, or direct contact.
July 17, 2014 on Reddit

Have you ever had sex with a customer? Or had one come onto you?

There were many that came on to me (haha not literally). But I think they just liked to put people in awkward situations that they are in control the creepy guy on the bus that has to sit next to you because there is only 2 seats left and asks you if you want to sit on his lap or makes remarks about how great you'd look in lace....and then later asks for dental floss after being declined. And I mean my fiance uses Comcast so I guess that counts? And if that counts in that case, then yes I've been came on literally too lol.
July 17, 2014 on Reddit

What was the worst/best part of your job?

Worst: Having to be berated by a large quantity of customers for previous experiences when I always tried my best to change or correct the situation. Sometimes it was never enough. Best: Getting the opportunity to change someone's day, week, or sometimes month. It felt really good to know I benefited someone. There were some instances where someone tried for months to understand a situation and no one took the time to explain properly or in a different way because they were worried about their handle time. Or finding out that hey, the customer was right all those months back and deserve a $150 credit. Or helping out a kiddo get his XBOX up and running. Sometimes people would call on holidays or after the passing of a relative and had no one to talk to. Sometimes I couldn't lower the bill but could lend an ear and some comforting words and offer free HBO and Starz so they could have some movies to throw on for free. I would create a calender on my computer and remove those freebies for them so they didn't have to call back in and I would follow up with them just to see how they were doing and let them know I followed through on my promise.

Have you ever worked in the customer cancellation (aka retention) department? What do you think about the now famous recorded phone call?

I worked in both the customer care department and billing department. I worked directly with retention and none of them were as asinine as that ~~gent~~. Most of them we're pretty awesome and actually try to help so they can a) save you and b) get off of the phone as quickly as possible to have the best handle time. Their job is to swindle you not aggravate you to wits end.

Honestly, in terms of service, things have been pretty positive with Comcast for me. I consistently get a speed over what I'm paying for, and rarely have outages (in a suburban area). My problems have historically been quality of customer service. I feel like it's a crap shoot if you call in with the simplest question. Either the person on the other end completely has no idea what you're talking about or what to do about it, or can't fix it. I feel like every time I engage with Comcast I have to utilize their executive service to get the simplest of tasks completed. From your impression, was Comcast self-aware of how bad their customer service was in general?

Most representatives are aware of it and are just as frustrated. I think when they attempted to centralize their call centers they were trying to eliminate misinformation spread across so many different regions. Now they are just making up for the skills that were lost when the majority of employees decided not to relocate for the business. I hope it starts to change soon.

How do the employees deal with Comcast's abysmal public image? Were there workplace discussions over it? Did you ever get *** from friends/family/strangers for working there?

Surprisingly no one gave me *** for working there. We were just encouraged to deliver excellent customer service to the best of our ability and were assured the customer complaints that were escalated above our reach we're heard. That was pretty much the extent of that aspect.
July 17, 2014 on Reddit

How do the customers treat you?

Some people are respectful and others don't quite have a sunny disposition towards Comcast or life in general. Those folks definitely verbally express that haha. Sometimes you are their makeshift counselor for the day.

Did they provide any benefit of their service to their employees like free or reduced price Internet that's more reliable? If so, how was that service or was it no different? If no different then what benefits are there as it sounds like a stressful environment to work at with little compensation.

Employees receive the highest triple play bundle at less than the cost of one line of service. Same exact service however. The sales department is where you can make the most $ but that is also the most aggressive department.

*** Comcast. Also what was the weirdest thing to happen to you while working for comcast?

Definitely some of the calls from schizophrenics. Some of those calls where waaaay out there. Or people just nonchalantly poopin and flushing. I did sell internet to a guy that was spending easily $2500 in porn pay per views each month. He didn't know porn was free on the internet. It blew my mind. I felt like I gave him wings.

Did you honestly think Comcast is the best in the business, or were you just working there for money? Dumb question, I know, I'm just curious. EDIT: past tense

Yes, and the free service was nice. I will admit it also felt good that I was upfront and honest and did what I could to help. Some customers went through the ringer and I wanted to help end that cycle. I like solving problems and feeling accomplished. My prior job was a dreaded 3am to 11am shift and I couldn't take it anymore. From there I got stuck in the adult circle of life. Paycheck to paycheck, bill to bill, holy hell where did the time go haha
July 16, 2014 on Reddit

How do they treat their employees? Is it just is they dump on or everyone?

The sales managers and supervisors are really the only ones that are very blunt and pushy. The monthly metrics you must meet or beat are what stress you out. Plus, if a customer wants to cuss you out or degrade you, you DO NOT have the authority to state something like "sir/ma'am if you continue your abusive language I will have to disconnect this call" like any other call center. You have to take it. Your average calls per hour are very closely monitored. So it's hurry up, nut up, and shut up, and close the deal. The customer satisfaction surveys are also scored against you. Most customers are pissed off at Comcast not the rep. But sadly the rep takes the heat because the customer scored all zeros on the survey at the end of the call. I always rate my surveys fairly when I take them at the end of calls now no matter what call center or company I spoke with for that very reason.
July 16, 2014 on Reddit

Are retention agents' salaries dependent on their ability to retain customers that are attempting to cancel?

Well, you get commission for tacking items on and persuading costumers to enter into a contract. They play the game of promotional discounts - 6 to 12 month step up if non contracted and 12 to 24 months if contracted. A large chunk of those customers are calling because their non contracted promotions are going to expire. Most people are suckered in for a $15 to $25 reduction.....for the first year. Then all of your freebies expire and the second year contract is only $5 to $10 cheaper or in most cases right where you were prior to needing the adjustment. Buuuuut now it has an ETF attached. The more bundles you make, the more contracts signed, the more freebies attached, more money in your pocket. There is a very strict metrics system that can make you sweat towards the end of the month. A lot of people don't want a contract so reps use those freebies for persuasion. Most people forget about those freebies and call back screaming that they weren't removed 4 months later. Then they receive the "Too bad we bill a month in advance for that reason. So you can make adjustments".

Comcast Employees

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Comcast Careers

Average Length of Employment
HP 5.0 years
Verizon 4.8 years
AT&T 4.8 years
First Data 4.0 years
Cisco Systems 3.9 years
CenturyLink 3.5 years
Dell 3.5 years
Time Warner 3.5 years
State Farm 3.2 years


3.2 years
Xerox 3.0 years
Spectrum 2.9 years
Best Buy 2.2 years
EchoStar 2.1 years
NBCUniversal 2.1 years
ACS 2.0 years
Macy's 1.6 years
Top Employers Before Comcast
AT&T 13.5%
Verizon 10.9%
Walmart 10.0%
US Army 6.3%
Best Buy 5.9%
Sprint 5.7%
McDonald's 4.6%
U.S. Navy 3.6%
Convergys 3.6%
Target 3.5%
T-Mobile 3.2%
EchoStar 3.0%
Macy's 2.9%
FedEx 2.4%
Top Employers After Comcast
AT&T 12.9%
Verizon 12.1%
Walmart 6.8%
Xerox 5.0%
Spectrum 4.4%
Sprint 4.4%
T-Mobile 3.9%
ADT 3.4%
Amazon 3.4%
EchoStar 3.2%
Best Buy 2.8%
Convergys 2.7%

Comcast Employees Education


University of Phoenix


Temple University


Strayer University


Jackson State University


Drexel University


Pennsylvania State University


American InterContinental University


Hinds Community College


Ashford University


Kaplan University


University of Maryland - University College


Southern New Hampshire University


Miami Dade College


Georgia State University


Florida State College at Jacksonville


Wayne State University


Georgia Perimeter College


Broward College


Community College of Philadelphia


Tennessee State University

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Electrical Engineering


General Studies


Health Care Administration


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Comcast Employee Political Affiliation

Democratic Party


Republican Party




Libertarian Party


Employee Political Donations

Name Job Title Party Donation
David CohenExecutive Vice President $409,125Democratic Party
Melissa MaxfieldSenior Vice President $140,350Democratic Party
Michael AngelakisVice Chairperson $133,300Republican Party
Kyle McSlarrowExecutive $105,400Republican Party
Kathryn ZachemSenior Vice President $99,250Democratic Party
Brian RobertsExecutive $95,500Democratic Party
Alfred BarbourExecutive $82,800Republican Party
Edward SniderChairperson $68,500Republican Party
Neil SmitPresident/Chief Executive Officer $65,600Republican Party
Charisse LillieVice President Of Communication $60,720Democratic Party
Ralph RobertsCommittee Chairperson $59,400Democratic Party
Arthur BlockSenior Vice President $55,900Democratic Party
Johnnie GilesVice President $53,650Democratic Party
Kevin CaseyGeneral Manager $51,600Republican Party
Suzanne RobertsExecutive $48,800Democratic Party
Lawrence SalvaFinance Executive $48,150Republican Party
David WatsonOperations $48,000Republican Party
Jeffrey HonickmanDirector $45,500Democratic Party
Aileen RobertsExecutive $43,500Democratic Party
Joseph WAZ JrExecutive $43,450Democratic Party
John AlchinExecutive Vice President $42,450Democratic Party
Gretchen BurkeExecutive $40,800Democratic Party
Jeff HonickmanExecutive $40,800Democratic Party
Jeffrey ShellPresident $40,750Democratic Party
Samuel LancasterVice President $38,550Republican Party
Robert RyanVice President $37,525Democratic Party
Robert VictorExecutive $35,925Democratic Party
David ScottPresident $32,182Republican Party
Ernest PighiniController $31,498Republican Party
Charles ThurstonPresident $30,700Democratic Party
Mark CoblitzSenior Advisor $30,500Democratic Party
Neil Smit JrExecutive $29,400Republican Party
William ConnorsDivision President $29,200Republican Party
John SchanzSenior Executive $27,650Republican Party
Sheldon BonovitzExecutive Vice President $27,500Democratic Party
Henry OsterAdvertising $27,465Democratic Party
Stephen BurkePresident $27,400Democratic Party
Lindsey DickinsonLobbyist $26,575Republican Party
Peter KiriacoulacosExecutive Vice President $25,250Democratic Party
William StrahanExecutive Vice President $23,645Democratic Party
John GibbsVice President $23,590Republican Party
Lynn CharytanAttorney $23,250Democratic Party
Alan RamaleyChief Technology Officer $23,080Democratic Party
Marc RockfordLegal Assistant $22,500Democratic Party
Thomas DonnellyAttorney $21,200Republican Party
Joseph TrahernExecutive Director $20,400Democratic Party
Lawrence SmithExecutive $20,000Republican Party
Robert PickVice President, Corporate Development $18,800Republican Party
Steven FeingoldSenior Vice President $18,500Democratic Party
Joseph WAZSenior Advisor $17,950Democratic Party
Richard LangSenior Vice President $17,600Republican Party
David BreidingerBusiness Executive $16,957Republican Party
Karen BuchholzCorporate Executive $16,200Republican Party
Kristine DankenbrinkSenior Vice President $15,550Republican Party
Daniel HerscoviciVice President, Strategy $15,200Democratic Party
Susan GonzalesDirector Of Public Affairs $14,250Democratic Party
Charlie ThurstonPresident $14,000Democratic Party
William StemperBusiness Services Vice President $13,500Republican Party
Earle JonesSenior Director $13,000Democratic Party
Andrew BaerSenior Vice President $13,000Democratic Party
Julian BrodskyCo-Founder $13,000Democratic Party
Stephen BurchPresident $12,500Democratic Party
AMY BanseHead of Funds $12,350Democratic Party
Filemon LopezSenior Vice President $12,200Republican Party
David JulianoExecutive Vice President Of Sales $12,000Republican Party
Maria AriasVice President $11,850Democratic Party
Edward HarbertPresident/Chief Executive Officer $11,750Democratic Party
Steven DolcemaschioChief Operating Officer $11,000Democratic Party
Mark MuehlTechnology $11,000Republican Party
Michael BradyReg. Affairs $10,750Republican Party
Fred ShabelVice Chairperson $10,700Democratic Party
A MaxfieldVice President $10,650Democratic Party
Peter FilonFederal GVT. Affairs $10,500Democratic Party
Thomas NathanAttorney $10,500Democratic Party
Steven HolmesVice President $10,500Democratic Party
Ramesh SepehrradVice President $10,000Democratic Party
Juan OteroGovernment Relations $9,950Democratic Party
Tom KarinshakSenior Vice President $9,700Republican Party
Rhonda CohenExecutive $9,600Democratic Party
Philip WeinbergExecutive Vice President $9,500Democratic Party
AMY SmithRegion Leader $9,500Republican Party
John OlanderSenior Vice President $9,000Republican Party
Meredith BakerSenior Vice President $8,500Republican Party
Thomas CoughlinSenior Vice President $8,500Republican Party
David DonSenior Director $8,450Democratic Party
Kevin MacLellanChairperson $8,200Democratic Party
Raymond CelonaSenior Vice President, Engineering $8,000Republican Party
SAM SchwartzManagement $8,000Democratic Party
Dave ScottPresident/Chief Executive Officer $7,950Republican Party
Timothy NesterTelecommunications $7,500Democratic Party
Bret PerkinsVice President $7,500Democratic Party
Patrick HareSenior Vice President $7,500Republican Party
Timothy CollinsSenior Vice President $7,500Republican Party
Marlene DoonerSenior Vice President $7,500Democratic Party
Sena FitzmauriceCommunications $7,200Democratic Party
Steven CroneySenior Vice President $7,000Republican Party
Jeffrey OssowskiFinance Executive $7,000Republican Party
Warren SchlichtingExecutive $7,000Republican Party
Rebecca ArbogastSenior Vice President $6,800Democratic Party
John WaddellSenior Vice President $6,500Democratic Party
Steve DolcemaschioChief Operating Officer $6,500Democratic Party
Ingrid NelsonRegional Vice President $6,200Democratic Party
Mary McManusAttorney $6,200Democratic Party
Christopher KennedyEngineer $6,100Republican Party
James DinnocenzoExecutive $6,000Republican Party
Joseph McGinleyVice President $6,000Republican Party
Gregory HornSenior Vice President $6,000Democratic Party
William DordelmanSenior Vice President $6,000Republican Party
James LewisVice President $6,000Democratic Party
Charles HerrinSenior Vice President $6,000Republican Party
Anthony WernerChief Technology Officer $6,000Democratic Party
Rodolphe BriocheSenior Director $5,750Democratic Party
Darcy RudnayCCO $5,750Democratic Party
Thomas WilliamsResort Manager $5,700Republican Party
Jeffrey SeidenfadenSales Vice President $5,500Democratic Party
Sharon DesmondFinance $5,500Republican Party
Tony WernerVice President-Products $5,500Republican Party
BEN RosenPresident $5,500Democratic Party
Nicole AndersonSenior Director $5,500Democratic Party
Karmen BrownDirector Of Public Affairs $5,400Democratic Party
Marc SirotaIntelligence $5,250Democratic Party
Timothy GageSenior Vice President $5,200Republican Party
Lauren HartEntertainer $5,200Democratic Party
Dave WatsonExecutive Director Of Operations $5,100Democratic Party
Mark NobleVice President $5,000Democratic Party
Samuel SchwartzExecutive $5,000Democratic Party
Victoria ClarkeCommunications $5,000Democratic Party
Steve BurkePresident $5,000Republican Party
Tricia McGuireSales $4,900Republican Party
Janet TurpenExecutive $4,750Democratic Party
Joseph HigginsDirector Of Public Affairs $4,700Democratic Party
James Mitchell JrPromoter $4,680Republican Party
James FinneganVice President, Strategy $4,500Republican Party
Eric SchaeferExecutive $4,500Republican Party
Celestine WatersSenior Vice President $4,500Democratic Party
Leonard GattiCertified Public Accountant $4,500Republican Party
Bryan HauptfuhrerSenior Director $4,500Republican Party
Richard SmotkinSenior Vice President $4,500Republican Party
Scott BinderManager $4,500Democratic Party
Eugene ShatlockSales $4,500Republican Party
Mark HessSenior Vice President $4,500Democratic Party
Eugene Shatlock JrSenior Vice President $4,500Republican Party
William HaaseFinance $4,500Republican Party
Neal TilesPresident $4,500Democratic Party
Eric GraySenior Vice President $4,500Democratic Party
Joseph DonnellyChief Finance Officer $4,500Democratic Party
Thomas KarinshakSenior Vice President $4,500Republican Party
Leonard RozekExecutive $4,500Republican Party
Fareed AhmedExecutive $4,500Democratic Party
Neil BakerExecutive Vice President $4,500Democratic Party
Bradley DustoBusiness Manager $4,500Democratic Party
Ed GallagherExecutive $4,450Republican Party
Jack SegalPublic Relations $4,310Democratic Party
Michael ParkerRsvp $4,250Democratic Party
Leann TalbotExecutive $4,250Democratic Party
Susan IsraelAttorney $4,100Democratic Party
James ColtharpPolicy Advisor $4,016Republican Party
Neil ShankVice President $4,000Democratic Party
Theresa HennesySenior Vice President $4,000Republican Party
Steven BouchardMarketing $4,000Democratic Party
John Ridall JrAdvisor $4,000Republican Party
Ken CarrigExecutive $4,000Democratic Party
Richard Montgomery JrAdvertising Sales $4,000Republican Party
LEO MunozSenior Director $3,750Democratic Party
Stephen ThomasExecutive $3,700Democratic Party
Beth BachaVice President Of Communication $3,500Republican Party
Rodrigo LopezRegional Vice President $3,500Republican Party
Alexandra ShapiroMarketer $3,500Democratic Party
David CassaroSales Vice President $3,500Republican Party
Marcien JenckesManager $3,500Democratic Party
Garrett SmithVice President $3,500Republican Party
Ronald HartzSenior Vice President $3,500Republican Party
DAN SinagogaAdvertising Sales $3,250Republican Party
John CrowleyRsvp $3,250Republican Party
Mark FoxSales/Marketing $3,250Republican Party
Ashley McGeeLobbyist $3,000Republican Party
Susan WanteVice President $3,000Republican Party
Larry WilliamsonOperations $3,000Republican Party
Rick AttanasioDivision Vice President $3,000Republican Party
Mary McLaughlinGeneral Manager $3,000Republican Party
Decopeland GastonSenior Vice President $3,000Republican Party
Mitch RoseSenior Vice President $3,000Republican Party
Scott AlcottChief Information Officer $3,000Republican Party
Patrick OhareSenior Vice President $3,000Republican Party
Martin MarcinczykManagement $3,000Republican Party
Julie LaineAttorney $3,000Republican Party
Jennifer WagnerSenior Vice President $3,000Republican Party
Peter LuukkoPresident & Chief Operating Officer $3,000Republican Party
Kimberly WoodworthRVP $3,000Republican Party
Chris KennedyEngineer $3,000Republican Party
Jennifer Yohe WagnerSenior Vice President $2,750Republican Party
Russell ChandlerChief Finance Officer $2,750Republican Party
Melanie PennaHuman Resources Vice President $2,700Republican Party
Robert OmbergGovernment Affairs Researcher $2,700Republican Party
Page ThompsonExecutive $2,700Republican Party
Kornelis Smit JrPresident/Chief Executive Officer $2,600Republican Party
James GableExecutive Director $2,600Republican Party
Barbara HagenManagement $2,500Republican Party
Lindsay DickinsonGovernment Relations $2,500Republican Party
Paul NavinOperations $2,500Republican Party
Gary WaterfieldVice President $500Other
E HorneVice President $500Other
Christopher MurvinLegal $500Other
Lawrence JohnsonTechnical Support Specialist $274Libertarian Party
Benjamin StrunkEngineering $250Libertarian Party
Ryan ClintonExecutive $250Independent
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Comcast Salaries

Senior Vice PresidentPhiladelphia, PA $189,571
Director Of Software DevelopmentPhiladelphia, PA $188,344
Vice President, Business OperationsPhiladelphia, PA $188,344
Director Of Software DevelopmentPhiladelphia, PA $188,344
Director Of Software DevelopmentPhiladelphia, PA $188,344
Executive DirectorPhiladelphia, PA $185,578
PrincipalSan Francisco, CA $165,610
Software Development EngineerSunnyvale, CA $155,147
Data ScientistSunnyvale, CA $155,106
Software Development EngineerSunnyvale, CA $155,106
Principal EngineerSunnyvale, CA $155,106
Principal Software EngineerNew York, NY $153,952
Senior Engineering ManagerNew York, NY $153,952
Manager, Asset ManagementPhiladelphia, PA $150,656
Operations DirectorPhiladelphia, PA $150,656
PrincipalSan Francisco, CA $149,261
Manager Network EngineeringSunnyvale, CA $148,803
Software Engineer LeadNew York, NY $144,518
Senior Software EngineerNew York, NY $138,861
Software EngineerNew York, NY $138,861
Devops EngineerNew York, NY $138,861
Software Development EngineerNew York, NY $138,861
EngineerNew York, NY $138,861
Software Development EngineerAustin, TX $137,600
Software Development EngineerSunnyvale, CA $137,600
Devops EngineerSunnyvale, CA $134,625
Product Development EngineerMount Laurel, NJ $133,848
Development Engineer/Engineering ManagerWest Chester, PA $131,834
Development Engineer/Engineering ManagerPhiladelphia, PA $131,834
Senior Engineering ManagerPhiladelphia, PA $131,834
Development Engineer/Engineering ManagerPhiladelphia, PA $131,834
Senior Engineering ManagerMount Laurel, NJ $131,834
Development Engineer/Engineering ManagerWest Chester, PA $131,834
Senior Operations ManagerPhiladelphia, PA $131,834
Software Development EngineerSunnyvale, CA