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Average Salary For a Command Sergeant Major

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Command Sergeant Major is $90,013 per year or $43 per hour. The highest paying Command Sergeant Major jobs have a salary over $111,000 per year while the lowest paying Command Sergeant Major jobs pay $72,000 per year

Average Command Sergeant Major Salary
$90,000 yearly
$43 hourly
Updated November 28, 2021
10 %
90 %

4 Common Career Paths For a Command Sergeant Major


A Sergeant is responsible for supervising a group of five or more Soldiers. Sergeants must oversee their daily activities, ensuring they are in proper disposition and are living under the conditions that adhere to the laws and regulations and training them according to the standards of the military. Furthermore, it is a Sergeant's responsibility to serve the public and report to the higher-ups, instill discipline to oneself, and serve as a role model to lower-ranked soldiers.

Non-Commissioned Officer

A non-commissioned officer (NCO) is responsible for maintaining peace and order during military operations and training. Non-commissioned officers' duties include leading soldiers' training for military operations, responding to the soldiers' concerns that involve their physical and mental well-being, and utilizing military equipment and tools properly while following strict regulatory procedures. An NCO is in charge of leading unit activities, performing corrective actions as needed, and coordinating closely with the troop members. A non-commissioned officer must display excellent leadership and critical-thinking skills to guide the military troop efficiently.


Instructors are responsible for imparting knowledge to students. They are well-versed in different topics related to their area of teaching. They prepare lessons, create presentation materials and other collaterals, and present these to the students. They manage the classroom and ensure that students are attentive. Instructors are also responsible for creating ways to check the students' knowledge retention through schoolwork and examinations. They also evaluate their teaching style as well to further improve their skills for the next batch of students. Instructors should be patient, creative, and well-versed in classroom management.

Security Officer

A security officer is responsible for maintaining the peace and safety of everyone by regularly patrolling and monitoring surveillance equipment within the assigned premises. Security officers' duties also include reporting suspicious behaviors, restricting trespassers and unauthorized personnel from entering the establishment, providing incident reports for policy violations, and adhering to the standard protocols and legal requirements set by the management. Security offers must also have excellent decision-making and critical-thinking skills and extensive knowledge of emergency drills in case any unfortunate circumstances arise.

Illustrated Career Paths For a Command Sergeant Major