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  • Deputy II - Commissioner of the Revenue

    Then come work for the City of Hampton, a vibrant waterfront community, celebrating and embracing 400 years of history and innovation, creating an even more dynamic future!
    $92k-132k yearly est.3d ago

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Average Salary For a Commissioner

Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Commissioner is $93,603 per year or $45 per hour. The highest paying Commissioner jobs have a salary over $158,000 per year while the lowest paying Commissioner jobs pay $55,000 per year

Updated March 17, 2023
Average Commissioner Salary
$113,921 yearly
$45 hourly

5 Common Career Paths For a Commissioner

Vice President

Vice presidents are usually considered the second-in-command in the organization, depending on the organization structure. They take over when the president is unavailable to fulfill duties. They may also represent the organization in external events and other official functions. They are important members of the boardroom, and their opinions are usually sought after as well. Vice presidents are usually poised to follow the president's footsteps in the organization, especially if the president is nearing retirement. They also make urgent and crucial decisions when the president is not available to do so. Vice presidents must have strong business acumen, decision-making skills, and professionalism.

Executive Director

Executive directors are top management employees who usually function as a chief executive officer. This role is usually seen in non-profit organizations. Executive directors provide strategic direction to the organization, and they ensure that the organization's goals are actualized. They provide guidance to the employees and ensure that the employees have the organization's advocacies at the center of every project or program. They oversee the policies of the organization and create strategies that will bring the organization's programs forward. Executive directors are also responsible for making crucial decisions for the betterment of the organization.

Board Of Directors Member

A board of directors member's role is to represent a particular area or personnel within or outside an organization. They are primarily responsible for attending meetings, understanding concerns and giving a vote, crafting policies that would benefit the company and assets they represent, and then implementing them upon other members' approval. Furthermore, they have the power to make corporate decisions revolving around the workforce and financial matters, all in adherence to a business or organization's vision, mission, and policies.

Program Director

Program directors are employees who oversee all aspects of a specific program in the company. They usually work in nonprofit organizations or are assigned to a department doing corporate social responsibility activities. Program directors ensure that the program is in line with the company's goals. They also ensure that the resources assigned to the program are properly managed and that all finances are accounted for. They create strategies to ensure the success of the program and communicate these to everyone involved. They lead the implementation and evaluation of the program.

President/Chief Executive Officer

Considered as the highest authority in a company, a president/chief executive officer is in charge of leading the company by implementing corporate decisions and shaping the organization to its fullest extent. They must craft strategic plans and guidelines, enforce policies and standards, direct the vision and mission, and address the public as the head of the company. Furthermore, a president/chief executive officer must maintain an active line of communication at all times as they must report to a board of directors and coordinate with other company employees.

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