Updated August 18, 2021
Average Communications Specialist Salary
$45,000 yearly
$21.82 hourly

Entry level Salary
$30,000 yearly
10 %
90 %
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PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly Rate
90th Percentile$67,000$5,583$32
75th Percentile$56,000$4,667$27
25th Percentile$36,000$3,000$17
10th Percentile$30,000$2,500$14

Average Communications Specialist Salary By State

The darker areas on the map show where communications specialists earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

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Average Salary:

Communications Specialist average salary by State

StateAvg. salaryHourly rateJob Count
District of Columbia$59,075$28.40327
New Hampshire$54,506$26.20156
New Jersey$52,339$25.16612
New Mexico$47,259$22.72151
New York$50,100$24.091,458
North Carolina$46,486$22.35860
North Dakota$44,812$21.54114
Rhode Island$42,709$20.53121
South Carolina$33,167$15.95286
South Dakota$43,308$20.82122
West Virginia$50,196$24.13129

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Highest Paying Cities For Communications Specialist

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CityAvg. salaryHourly rate
Washington, DC$59,063$28.40
Seattle, WA$55,502$26.68
Arlington, VA$54,093$26.01
San Francisco, CA$52,173$25.08
Jersey City, NJ$52,001$25.00
Baltimore, MD$51,468$24.74

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How much does a Communications Specialist make?

The average Communications Specialist salary is $45,387 per year, or $21.82 per hour, in the United States. People on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $30,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $67,000. As most things go, location can be critical. Connecticut, Nevada, Washington, New Hampshire, and Virginia provide the highest Communications Specialist salaries.

Average Communications Specialist Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

    YearAvg. salaryHourly rate% Change

    How Much Do Communications Specialists Make In Different Industries?

    The salary for a Communications Specialist can vary depending on what industry the job is in. The highest salaries for Communications Specialists tend to be found in Manufacturing, Telecommunication, and Technology companies. In fact, Communications Specialists can make a yearly salary of $58,733 while working for Manufacturing companies.
    RankIndustryAverage Communications Specialist SalaryCommunications Specialist Salary Range
    4Health Care

    High Paying Communications Specialist Jobs

    Average JOB Salary by Field


    Avg. salary: $45,475

    Public Relations Supervisors are responsible for implementing the media and public relations strategy of an organization. Their duties include developing public relations campaigns, organize public relations events, assist in emergency response planning, updating documentation, monitoring media, improve management of press office, and manage media databases. They are responsible for assisting with journalistic content writing, refine internal processes, and track public relations activity performance. They help prepare reports as well as undertake competitor and market research.
    5,827 Publicist Jobs
    Supervisor Of Communications

    Avg. salary: $57,035

    The communications supervisor handles all internal and external communications of the company. This supervisor focuses on ensuring all communications are disseminated efficiently throughout the company. The communications supervisor also works on maintaining the image of the company through press releases, correspondence with customers, attractive quotations and witty lines for advertising, and many more. Through the communications supervisor, the company develops its voice to the public and establishes its face in the market.
    14,833 Supervisor Of Communications Jobs
    Community Relations Coordinator

    Avg. salary: $42,239

    A public relations coordinator or community relations coordinator is a professional who is responsible for promoting or creating a public image for individuals, groups, or organizations. Since businesses are major contributors to communities and fundraisers, public relations coordinators are required to handle donations requests and build a marketing platform for the company. They must work with advertising representatives and other members of the media team to help promote the image of the company to the community. Community relations coordinators are also required to handle charity events such as blood drives or hold a corporate carnivals to benefit cancer research.
    58,785 Community Relations Coordinator Jobs
    Communications Internship

    Avg. salary: $37,390

    When it comes to a communications internship, the tasks will vary depending on the organization or industry involved. However, one of the primary responsibilities is to observe proper etiquette in dealing with people and other situations. There will also be the need to accomplish administrative tasks such as producing paperwork and other documentation forms, maintaining records in a database, designing presentations, and coordinating with other team members. Furthermore, it is also important to develop various ideas that will help in multiple projects involving public relations.
    89,477 Communications Internship Jobs
    Communications Consultant

    Avg. salary: $64,966

    Communications consultants are responsible for preparing media releases, whether through print, video, or email. They perform varied tasks that may include working on complete projects such as media analysis and branding, creating strategies to reinforced communication among clients and employees, and providing guidance and recommendations to a company's public relations team. Communications consultants may also conduct training on best practices for other employees. Some employers prefer someone with a bachelor's degree in communications, public relations or journalism, previous work experience in a related field, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    41,372 Communications Consultant Jobs
    Communications Manager

    Avg. salary: $71,158

    A communications manager is responsible for overseeing a company or organization's public relations by devising various strategies and finding new opportunities. They must craft and produce marketing materials such as campaigns, advertisements, newsletters, social media engagements, and press releases to shape and improve a brand or company. Furthermore, a communications manager must accomplish administrative tasks such as preparing reports and necessary documentation, reaching out to advertisers, leading communication letters, and coordinating with marketing personnel from other departments.
    23,279 Communications Manager Jobs
    Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryHourly RateJob Openings
    Supervisor Of Communications$57,035$4,753$27.4214,833
    Community Relations Coordinator$42,239$3,520$20.3158,785
    Communications Internship$37,390$3,116$17.9889,477
    Communications Consultant$64,966$5,414$31.2341,372
    Communications Manager$71,159$5,930$34.2123,279
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    Communications Specialist Salaries By Years Of Experience

    The salary for a Communications Specialist can vary depending on the years of experience that a person has, from entry level to senior level. Data on how experience level affects total compensation is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as part of their National Compensation Survey, which is based on factors such as knowledge, complexity, contacts, and environment.

    Which Companies Pay Communications Specialists The Most?

    If you want to get paid the most as a Communications Specialist, being employed by a company such as McKinsey & Company or Chevron would be a smart choice, as they are the highest paying companies in this field. Additionally, companies like C G I and HP also report highly competitive salaries for Communications Specialists.

    How would you rate the starting salaries for Communications Specialists, as well as the prospects for salary advancement?

    Peter Bicak Ph.D.

    Professor of Communication, Rockhurst University

    I would rate them as competitive. Business Communication, if truly comprehensive, has substantial depth and breadth of opportunities. Interdisciplinary BC majors should have significant writing opportunities, including for social media, traditional media, and journalism. The most prominent options are likely to fall in marketing, public relations, advertising, sales, and management due to the students' experience with basic business units such as accounting, economics, data science, and management. Internal and external organizational communication will always be a part of our corporate, civic, political, and economic lives-one still has to "get the word out" in ways appropriate to the organization for whom he or she works.

    Thus, these technologies will be the key instruments for doing so, and there will be a place for business (organizational) communicators. While the major is not designed to be immersive in business instruction, it provides insights that give a graduate a leg up. So, advancement is substantial. For example, a major who enters the advertising and marketing field as an account manager likely has opportunities in the areas (e.g., working on an account in pharmaceuticals leads to other options not just in PR or advertising, but within the pharmaceutical field itself) in which that account exists, given their experience.
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    Recently Added Communications Specialist Salaries

    CompanyJobLocationDate AddedSalary
    Cdc FoundationMichigan Communications OfficerBowne, MI12/31/2021$65,000
    Cdc FoundationCommunications Officer (Workforce Initiative Team)Ponce, PR12/31/2021$65,000
    Cdc FoundationCommunication Specialist-LAS Vegas, NV (Workforce Initiative Team)Nevada12/31/2021$65,000
    University of ColoradoCommunication ProfessionalDenver, CO12/30/2021$46,000
    State of North CarolinaInformation & Communication Specialist I--Temporary SolutionsRaleigh, NC12/28/2021$46,874
    State of North CarolinaCommunications OfficerRaleigh, NC12/28/2021$39,611
    Palantir TechnologiesCommunications Specialist-CommericalDenver, CO12/28/2021$75,000
    Western Washington UniversityBFA Communications SpecialistBellingham, WA12/28/2021$55,524
    Johns Hopkins UniversityProgram & Communications SpecialistBaltimore, MD12/25/2021$62,850
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.Research and Communications SpecialistNew York, NY12/25/2021$60,000

    Average Communications Specialist Salary by Demographic

    Communications Specialist Gender Pay Gap

    Male Income
    Female Income
    Median Communications Specialist Income by Race
    Asian Communications Specialists have the highest average salary compared to other ethnicities. Black or African American Communications Specialists have the lowest average salary at $43,549.
    Black or African American
    Hispanic or Latino
    Black or African American$43,549
    Hispanic or Latino$44,152
    Average Communications Specialist Salary by Education Level
    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree
    Bachelor's Degree$44,588
    Master's Degree$49,467

    Communications Specialist Salaries FAQs

    How much do internal communications specialists make?

    Internal communications specialists around $50,000 a year. However, this number typically describes more entry-level communications specialists. Experienced communications specialists typically make around $65,000 annually.

    A communications specialist manages a company's internal and external communications. This means that they can be valuable employees if they do their job well. The best way to ensure a higher salary as a communications specialist is to demonstrate career engagement and demonstrated success.

    Ways to do this are to take on extra responsibilities, such as coordinating informal employee events and seeking out areas of growth for business communications in the company.

    The best way to increase earning potential as a communications specialist is to quickly achieve demonstrated results and leadership skills and move into higher-level positions. The communications specialist position is a stepping stone to management and other senior-level positions.

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    What does a communication specialist make?

    What a communications specialist makes depends on their experience level, but the average salary is around $50,000 a year. Entry-level communications specialists will make closer to $40,000 annually, while experienced communications specialists make upwards of $65,000 a year.

    The best way to make a lot of money within this career is to leverage networking and continuing education opportunities to upskill. A person with additional skills can demonstrate more value to the company, which typically translates to higher salaries.

    Since communications specialists often have end-of-year bonuses, this can be a great way to increase earning potential. Top-performing communications specialists can earn a bonus on top of their annual salary of about $10,000, though a more typical range is $3,000 to $6,000.

    Finally, the communications specialist position is a stepping stone to senior-level and management positions. The best way to increase your career earning potential is to move through this position into higher-level positions as quickly as possible.

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    What is the average salary of a specialist?

    The average salary of a specialist is $56,162 a year or $15.97 an hour. However, the range in salary can vary significantly, starting as low as $14 an hour to as high as $24 an hour. Factors such as location and the company can impact earning potential.

    Highest Paying Cities In The United States For Specialists:

    • Phoenix, AZ - $65,450 per year ($18.29 an hour)

    • Dallas, TX - $59,969 per year ($16.75 an hour)

    • Austin, TX - $57,319 per year ($16.02 an hour)

    • Charlotte, NC - $57,037 per year ($15.93 an hour)

    • New York, NY - $54,789 per year ($15.15 an hour)

    Top Companies for Specialists In The United States:

    • MarketStar - $70,166 per year ($19.60 an hour)

    • U.S. Air Force - $68,201 per year ($19.05 an hour)

    • Concentrix - $66,902 per year ($18.69 an hour)

    • Security Industry Specialists, Inc. - $65,158 per year ($18.20 an hour)

    • BNY Mellon - $64,771 per year ( $18.20 an hour)

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    What is the role of a communications specialist?

    The role of a communications specialist is to communicate critical information or to create or maintain a stylized company image. These professionals typically work in the offices of advertising or PR firms, educational administrations, government agencies, or any large company.

    A communications specialist ensures that the public has accurate and timely information about an organization's goals, activities, and recent developments. They also need to build and maintain a positive relationship between an organization and its surrounding public and investors.

    To manage an organization's reputation, they will interact with the media, issue press releases, hold press conferences, avoid conflicts and handle any negative issues.

    Communications Specialists manage all internal and external communications of the business. Internally, this includes job descriptions, memos, and managerial notes.

    Externally, this includes marketing materials, press releases, online content, and so on. The communications specialists also coordinate marketing and media events, press conferences, and information employee meetings while at the same time managing online content and answering any questions others may have.

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