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These Are America's Most Conservative Companies

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How Zippia Determined The Most Conservative And Liberal Companies In America

Unlike some other websites, we rely on data over opinion when it comes to understanding companies. So when we decided to take a look at which companies in the US were the most conservative and liberal, we took a data-centric approach.

Specifically, we dug into the donations to political parties and PACs by employees of the 250,000 biggest public and private companies in America.

Of those 250,000 companies, we limited the analysis to companies with at least 150 donors to stop small, politically active companies from overwhelming the results.

To identify how liberal or conservative a company may be, we obtained data from the Federal Election Committee. They provide detailed donation data for individuals from 2007 onwards -- around 32,000,000 political donation records.

We then matched donors to the companies where they reported they worked. We considered a donor to be a unique combination of:

Next, we had to deal with (1) donations to candidates and (2) donations to PACs for determining if the donor gave to a conservative or liberal cause.

1. Donations To A Candidate:

These were easy. We used the candidate's party to determine if it is was given to a Republican, Democrat, or other.

2. Donations To PACs:

These were a bit trickier since a majority of PACs give to both liberal and conservative candidates. We ultimately only included donations to PACs that gave >60% of their funds to a candidates of a certain political affiliation.

Put differently, the PAC had to have a super-majority of its funds go to a specific political party.

Finally, we divided the number of total conservative or liberal donors by the total number of donors at a company. For example, the most conservative company, Murray Energy, had 198 conservative donors and 2 liberal donors.

198 / (198+2) = 99% Conservative