Research Summary. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a construction inspector. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of construction inspector resumes they appeared on. For example, 8.6% of construction inspector resumes contained asphalt as a skill. Let's find out what skills a construction inspector actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

  • The most common hard skill for a construction inspector is asphalt. 8.6% construction inspectors have this skill on their resume.
  • The second most common hard skill for a construction inspector is aci appearing on 7.9% of resumes. The third most common is construction inspection on 7.7% of resumes.
  • Three common soft skills for a construction inspector are communication skills, craft experience and detail oriented.

American Concrete Institute (ACI) is an institution known for its consensus-based standards, educational, technical, and training programs, certification programs, and adept individuals involved in construction in choosing quality materials to pursue the best use of concrete. ACI publishes more than 400 standards that can be used in the manufacturing, maintenance of concrete in different usage. These standards also determine systems or methods for inspection, test, and building code requirements. With ACI, the standards ensure the product reliability, adoption of new uses, and improved up keeping.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a construction inspector. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of construction inspector resumes they appeared on. For example, 8.6% of construction inspector resumes contained asphalt as a skill. Let's find out what skills a construction inspector actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Construction Inspector Skills For Your Resume And Career

1. Asphalt

Here's how asphalt is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Performed density tests on compacted soil and asphalt paving to determine if materials complied with construction specification requirements.
  • Performed asphalt pavement inspections, including density testing.
  • Conducted density thickness measurements during asphalt paving operations.
  • Conducted Nuclear Density Testing of Consolidated Asphalt.
  • Inspect placing of asphalt and being responsible for making payment based on theoretical quantity allowing a major highway to get reconstructed.

2. ACI

Here's how aci is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Performed all required ACI test, ensured all construction and materials are per specifications and plans.
  • Skilled in ACI Codes, AutoCAD, NICET, OSHA Certified, and Construction.
  • monitored concrete placement as per the ACI requirements.
  • concrete, paving, drainage ACI certification, Concrete Field Testing Technician- Grade I
  • Test concrete in accordance with the above criteria and ACI.

3. Construction Inspection

Here's how construction inspection is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Manage County Roadway Resurfacing Program including assisting with Bid Documents and Analysis and conducting Roadway Construction Inspections.
  • Provided construction inspection & administration for construction of Highway Preventative Maintenance Contract on eight Monroe County highways.
  • Gathered requirements and provided construction inspection services to ensure Contractors adhered to project specifications.
  • Completed daily construction inspection reports and maintained a daily diary of activities.
  • Performed work related actions ranging from independent construction inspections to concrete testing.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. Parsons Jobs (65)
  2. Hill International Jobs (16)
  3. AECOM Jobs (31)
  4. HDR Jobs (33)
  5. Stantec Jobs (14)

4. Construction Projects

Here's how construction projects is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Monitor municipal construction projects as a representative authority of a town to ensure infrastructure improvements are completed to design specifications.
  • Performed continuous inspections and surveillance of military construction operations, and maintenance, and host nation funded construction projects.
  • Inspect construction activities pertaining to the reclamation of abandoned mine sites including associated water line construction projects.
  • Prepare reports and documents on progress, while preparing engineer's estimates on proposed engineering/construction projects.
  • Inspected and approved procedures and materials necessary to execute construction projects for several companies.

5. Construction Management

Here's how construction management is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Performed construction management and inspection services for rehabilitation and upgrading of existing taxiways at Trenton-Mercer Airport in New Jersey.
  • Preformed construction management duties for several Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Wisconsin Department Transportation Departments projects.
  • Carried out contractor and project monitoring for state civil engineering and construction management agency.
  • Performed environmental and construction management inspection duties on ten county-funded construction sites.
  • Worked as the Construction Management for Charlotte Area Transit Systems South Corridor Light Rail Transit System construction project.

6. Traffic Control

Here's how traffic control is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Conducted traffic control safety reviews and assisted contractor and other inspectors with contract disputes and specification interpretation.
  • Maintained inspection on traffic control plans and storm water pollution and prevention plans and reported any deficiencies to the General Contractor.
  • Inspected and measured traffic markings placement as well as temporary traffic control devices for night shift truck haul for roadway embankment.
  • Managed Traffic Control Plans and submitted proper documentation for traffic control officers and Union Pacific Railroad Inspectors to TxDOT.
  • Administered state route road projects including paving, milling, pipe and drainage, and traffic control.

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7. Field Testing

Here's how field testing is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Worked independently to complete field testing and construction materials testing.
  • Performed service, repair, and calibration of laboratory and field testing equipment on a timely basis.
  • Supervised and performed inspections, witnessed field testing performed by testing firms, and accepted field testing.
  • Conducted field testing on concrete, performing tests for temperature and slump, prepared test cylinders.
  • Monitored concrete field testing(slump, air content, unit weight and temperature).


Here's how osha is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Regulated OSHA Safety requirements and submitted weekly reports, conducted field investigations in response to questions and complaints.
  • Note All NY State projects are regulated by NYDOT, OSHA and, EPA and enforced by site inspector
  • Performed safety and quality control inspections based on designed drawings< DOB and OSHA rules and requirements.
  • Check work perform as per plan and specification of project and Safety compliance following OSHA Manual
  • Attended Eleven Certifications classes on current OSHA issues and on QA documentation and daily reports.

9. Inspection Reports

Here's how inspection reports is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • File computer generated daily inspection reports, review monthly pay requisition and written correspondence to contractor.
  • Completed daily field inspection and prepared daily inspection report of construction activity.
  • Initiated and finalized inspection reports.
  • Prepared inspection reports for tests (Slump Test, Air Content Test, Unit weight Test, Temperature) and sampling.
  • Take field measurements and perform calculations# Prepare relevant inspection reports# Make sure appropriate materials and construction processes are being followed

Construction Inspector Jobs

10. Rehabilitation

Here's how rehabilitation is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Worked as a construction inspector on federal project for street rehabilitation damaged during Hurricane Katrina.
  • Assisted project engineer with construction monitoring and inspection on multiple bridge rehabilitation projects.
  • Supervised on bridge rehabilitation and installation of high mast lighting.
  • Monitored contractors performing rehabilitation work of bridges and highways.
  • Oversee sewer lines inspection and pipeline rehabilitation projects.

11. Construction Sites

Here's how construction sites is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Inspected and monitor construction sites to ensure adherence to safety standards, construction specifications.
  • Conduct inspections of construction sites and materials and develop report documentation of findings.
  • Inspected construction sites and materials ensuring procedures conform to specifications and acceptable workmanship.
  • Reviewed Construction Sites at work completion for Environmental Aftercare Procedures compliance.
  • Conducted periodic monitoring and inspections of construction sites to ensure compliance.

12. Highway Construction

Here's how highway construction is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Performed inspections of bridge and highway construction using detailed specifications.
  • Inspect, monitor, and report on all phases of highway construction.
  • Provided inspection services for road and highway construction.
  • Monitored contractors work on large highway construction jobs.
  • Estabablished a successful training in all phases of highway construction.

13. Construction Materials

Here's how construction materials is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Supervised construction work to ensure compliance with architectural and structural drawings and inspected construction materials to verify conformance to project specifications.
  • Perform Departmental field tests of construction materials and submit material samples to the Office of Materials and Research for laboratory testing.
  • Inspected construction materials and sites for uniformity with code s in order to maintain a safe and compliant work environment.
  • Performed routine field and laboratory tests of bituminous and concrete mixtures, cement, aggregate and other construction materials.
  • Maintain project records including correspondence, daily reports, supervise all testing of construction materials required by design engineer.

14. Shop Drawings

Here's how shop drawings is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Interpret and understand contract plans, proposal, standard specifications, manufacturers shop drawings and all other contract documents.
  • Read Specification book and studied Shop Drawings to understand how steel repairs would be made.
  • Monitor of Shop Drawings, As-Built, Plan CES, and other documentations.
  • Checked and inspected on -going construction based on approved shop drawings and specification.
  • Review request for information, shop drawing and other construction related documents.

15. Safety Regulations

Here's how safety regulations is used on construction inspector resumes:
  • Assured contractors' conformance to plans, specifications and applicable safety regulations.
  • Reviewed plans, site layouts, and construction methods to ensure compliance to requirements and safety regulations
  • Enforced labor compliance and safety regulations, and assisted with maintaining office records and files.
  • Analyze and resolve field construction problems and monitor compliance to safety regulations.
  • Implemented and enforced all safety protocols and OSHAsafety regulations.
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List Of Skills To Add To Your Construction Inspector Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant construction inspector Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Asphalt
  • ACI
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Projects
  • Construction Management
  • Traffic Control
  • Field Testing
  • OSHA
  • Inspection Reports
  • Rehabilitation
  • Construction Sites
  • Highway Construction
  • Construction Materials
  • Shop Drawings
  • Safety Regulations
  • Safety Standards
  • PennDOT
  • Construction Methods
  • Roadway Construction
  • Transportation Construction
  • Structural Steel
  • Project Documentation
  • Nuclear Gauge
  • Plumbing
  • Contract Specifications
  • Inspection Services
  • Caltrans
  • Traffic Signals
  • Site Inspections
  • Pump Stations
  • TxDOT
  • HVAC
  • Building Codes
  • Cost Estimates
  • Geotechnical
  • Retaining Walls
  • VDOT
  • Contractor Compliance
  • HMA
  • Fall Protection
  • Erosion Control
  • Test Results
  • NYC
  • Project Specifications
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Excavations
  • As-Built Drawings

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Online Courses For Construction Inspectors

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a construction inspector is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since construction inspectors benefit from having skills like asphalt, aci, and construction inspection, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

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1. Construction Project Management


Construction Project Management introduces learners to Project Initiation and Planning. Columbia University professor, Ibrahim Odeh, along with industry experts join together to provide a comprehensive overview of the construction industry. There are 10 modules that allow learners to become knowledgeable of construction management within the dynamic construction industry. Professor Odeh teaches learners about the fundamentals of the Project Development Cycle while guest lecturers discuss Lean...

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2. Construction Management


The Construction Management specialization is curated for professionals in the construction and civil engineering industry looking to advance their careers. Through this specialization, students will gain comprehensive industry knowledge along with the latest trends and development within the industry. This 5-course specialization will cover the major facets of construction management including project initiation and planning, scheduling techniques and procedures, cost estimating and control,...

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3. Construction Finance


This course expands the knowledge of a construction project manager to include an understanding of economics and the mathematics of money, an essential component of every construction project. Topics covered include the time value of money, the definition and calculation of the types of interest rates, and the importance of Cash Flow Diagrams. The course covers these topics in three sections. The first section focuses on the foundation of building the mathematics of money, often referred to as...

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4. Construction Scheduling


This course focuses on learning how to develop and manage a schedule. The first module provides an overview of the Construction Scheduling course. The second module introduces bar or Gantt charts and how they are used as scheduling tools. During the third module, learners will create activity precedence diagrams, also referred to as activity on node diagrams, which graphically represent the construction activities in a project and their relationships. The fourth module provides an overview of...

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5. Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control


This course introduces the types of cost estimation from the conceptual design phase through the more detailed design phase of a construction project. In addition, the course highlights the importance of controlling costs and how to monitor project cash flow. Learners will work on a break-even analysis of construction tasks in a project. The course begins with Professor Odeh providing an overview of what will be covered. Next, learners explore the stages of design in a construction project...

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6. Mastering Construction/Project Management


Mastering Construction-Project Management in less than 10 Hours...

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7. Construction Claims Management


This Master Course will provide you with a professional claims management system for all your construction projects...

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8. The Complete Guide to Construction Management


The Most Essential Course for EVERY Construction Project!...

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9. Construction Methodology Basics in Civil Engineering


Learn New home construction & Building construction along with Home Repair & Plumbing With Video Photo Step By Step...

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10. Construction Contracts and Law (CB 514)


This course provides; A detailed insight into the construction contracts management, as well as the essential characteristics of Biding and its different phases. Principles and basics of construction contracting - Types of construction contracts - contracts documents - project delivery systems - introduction to building and construction law - Legal aspects associated with construction projects - claims...

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11. Contracts Management in Construction Projects


Contracts Management, Contract Administration, FIDIC, Bank Guarantees, Contracts, Letter Drafting, Quantity Surveying...

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12. Construction Site Electrical System Design


Learn how to design a safe, flexible and durable electrical system for any construction site...

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13. Construction Claims - Master Foundation Course


The perfect course for any construction professional looking to gain a firm understanding of construction claims...

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14. Time Impact Analysis (SCL/ AACE): Primavera (Construction)


Construction Delay Analysis Based On The SCL Protocol & AACE 29R-03 (Includes Primavera P6 V17 Software Installation)...

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15. Microsoft Excel for Construction Management


Learn to use Excel as a construction professional, start at the basics all the way to advanced formulas and visuals...

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16. Construct 2 - From Beginner to Advanced - Ultimate Course!


Programmers and non programmers welcome. This is the editor to make anything you dream of. Apps, Ads & Games...

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17. Sustainable Construction Management

edX (Global)

Can building structures be sustainable? This course aims to answer that question. It covers sustainable construction management project elements from conception to completion. We discuss the important contributions facility managers and property managers make to sustainable construction projects by acting as the owner’s representatives. And we show how the construction contract and project delivery method greatly influences how the project will be performed sustainably. Sustainable...

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18. The Industry and Profession in Construction Management

edX (Global)

The industry and profession in construction management is big business. The construction industry will continue to play a key role in society. Opportunities in construction management are endless. The course covers some of the following topics: Characteristics that define the construction industry. Four major sectors of construction management projects. Current trends within the construction industry and role in society. Skills to lead construction, specifically the Owner, Designer, and...

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19. Field Operations and Administrative Tools in Construction Management

edX (Global)

There are many costs associated with construction projects. Some costs are not directly associated with the construction itself but are important to quantify because they can be a significant factor in whether or not the project goes forward. In this course we Illustrate how an estimate evolves over the life of the project. Some topics covered include: Design. Differentiate the different estimate types used in small and large projects during planning and design. Scheduling. In project...

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20. Project Delivery Methods and Contracts in Construction Management

edX (Global)

In this course we will review the owner’s primary goal in choosing a project delivery method to ensure that the planned project will meet the project goals and objectives, fit within the culture of their organization, and at the same time allow the project to be delivered on time, within budget, and achieve good quality. We will review the primary project delivery method arrangements with their advantages and disadvantages, and cover the three major types of contracts. It is the owner’s...

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