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Research Summary. We analyzed 509 consultant/marketing director resumes to determine which ones land the most jobs. Below you'll find examples of resumes that can help you get an interview (and a job offer) from companies like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay. Here are the key facts about consultant/marketing director resumes to help you get the job:

  • The average consultant/marketing director resume is 681 words long
  • The average consultant/marketing director resume is 1.5 pages long based on 450 words per page.
  • Project management is the most common skill found on a consultant/marketing director resume. It appears on 16.8% of resumes.
After learning about how to write a professional consultant/marketing director resume, you can make sure your resume checks all the boxes with our resume builder.


Consultant/Marketing Director Resume Example

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Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume
Consultant/Marketing Director Resume

Consultant/Marketing Director Resume Format And Sections


1. Add Contact Information To Your Consultant/marketing Director Resume

Your name should be the biggest text on the page and be at or near the top of the document.

Your address doesn't need to include your street name or house number - listing your city and state works just fine.

Your email address should be professional, but not your current work email address. It's not a good look to use your work email for personal projects (job-searching).

Your social media can be included if you have a fully-fledged LinkedIn page or another social media page that showcases your relevant skill set.

Consultant/Marketing Director Resume Contact Information Example #1

Jane Moore

Montgomery, AL 36043| 333-111-2222 |

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2. Add Your Relevant Education To The Resume

Your resume's education section should include:

  • The name of your school
  • The date you graduated (Month, Year or Year are both appropriate)
  • The name of your degree
If you graduated more than 15 years ago, you should consider dropping your graduation date to avoid age discrimination.

Optional subsections for your education section include:

  • Academic awards (Dean's List, Latin honors, etc. )
  • GPA (if you're a recent graduate and your GPA was 3.5+)
  • Extra certifications
  • Academic projects (thesis, dissertation, etc.)

Other tips to consider when writing your education section include:

  • If you're a recent graduate, you might opt to place your education section above your experience section
  • The more work experience you get, the shorter your education section should be
  • List your education in reverse chronological order, with your most recent and high-ranking degrees first
  • If you haven't graduated yet, you can include "Expected graduation date" to the entry for that school

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Consultant/Marketing Director Resume Relevant Education Example #1

Master's Degree In Business 2002 - 2003

Liberty University Lynchburg, VA

Consultant/Marketing Director Resume Relevant Education Example #2

Bachelor's Degree In Business 2003 - 2006

Central State University Wilberforce, OH


3. Next, Create A Consultant/Marketing Director Skills Section On Your Resume

Your resume's skills section should include the most important keywords from the job description, as long as you actually have those skills. If you haven't started your job search yet, you can look over resumes to get an idea of what skills are the most important.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume's skills section:

  • Include 6-12 skills, in bullet point form
  • List mostly hard skills; soft skills are hard to test
  • Emphasize the skills that are most important for the job
Hard skills are generally more important to hiring managers because they relate to on-the-job knowledge and specific experience with a certain technology or process.

Soft skills are also valuable, as they're highly transferable and make you a great person to work alongside, but they're impossible to prove on a resume.

Example Of Consultant/Marketing Director Skills For Resume

  • Business Development Skills

    Business development is the ideas or initiatives that work to make business work better. Selling, advertising, product development, supply chain management, and vendor management are only a few of the divisions involved with it. There is still a lot of networking, negotiating, forming alliances, and trying to save money. The goals set for business development guide and coordinate with all of these various operations and sectors.
  • Healthcare Skills

    Healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of a person's health by the diagnosis and treatment of a person's injury, illness, or any other disease. Healthcare is a basic necessity of human life and is the responsibility of the country's government to ensure that each person gets healthcare. Providing healthcare is the job of certified health professionals that includes doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other physicians. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, dentistry, therapy, and health training all come under healthcare. Healthcare plays a vital role in the country's economy and its development.
  • Customer Relationships Skills

    Customer relationships are the interactions and efforts made by a company to improve its customer service. Customer relationships cover not just all of the essential roles performed by customer support, but also the initiatives made before and after the interaction with a customer.
  • Business Process Skills

    A business process is a group of tasks that are performed by people working in a business to attain a worthy product and to present it to their customers. A business process can also be defined as performing several steps to achieve a certain goal set by a company. Business processes need to set purposeful goals and the outcome of that goal should be clear.
  • ERP Skills

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is computer software used by major corporations and organizations for conducting their management and accounting tasks efficiently. ERP systems bind different business processes with each other allowing smoother flow of data between them resulting in swift project assessment and completion.
  • HR Skills

    HR stands for human resources and is used to describe the set of people who work for a company or an organization. HR responsibilities revolve around updating employee records and carrying out management processes like planning, recruitment, evaluation, and selection processes. HR is a key contributor to any company or organization's growth as they are in charge of hiring the right employees, processing payrolls, conducting disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Risk Management Skills

    Risk management is the method of recognizing, evaluating, and managing risks to an organization's resources and profits. Financial insecurity, regulatory liability, strategic management mistakes, incidents, and natural hazards are just some of the challenges or dangers that could arise. For digitalized businesses, IT security vulnerabilities and data-related threats, as well as risk management techniques to mitigate them, have become top priorities.

Top Skills for a Consultant/Marketing Director

  • Project Management, 16.8%
  • Business Development, 14.7%
  • Healthcare, 11.5%
  • ROI, 7.0%
  • Other Skills, 50.0%
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4. List Your Consultant/marketing Director Experience

The most important part of any resume is the experience section. Recruiters and hiring managers expect to see your experience listed in reverse chronological order, meaning that you should begin with your most recent experience and then work backwards.

Don't just list your job duties below each job entry. Instead, make sure most of your bullet points discuss impressive achievements from your past positions. Whenever you can, use numbers to contextualize your accomplishments for the hiring manager reading your resume.

It's okay if you can't include exact percentages or dollar figures. There's a big difference even between saying "Managed a team of engineers" and "Managed a team of 6 engineers over a 9-month project."

Most importantly, make sure that the experience you include is relevant to the job you're applying for. Use the job description to ensure that each bullet point on your resume is appropriate and helpful.

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Work History Example # 1
International Sales Manager
  • Led evaluation of business models, target market and technology for investments; gained $400m in Commerce-One ROI.
  • Hosted, Cloud and Managed Services: HP Enterprise Security Software Proof of Concept Projects & Managed Services.
  • Managed a global sales network across the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Middle East.
  • Developed and managed strategic alliances for a SaaS e-discovery company for legal and financial services markets.
  • Created delivery materials and led consulting sessions with C-Level stakeholder teams.
Work History Example # 2
Marketing Director
  • Coordinated internal resources to develop and execute online and email communication of the offers targeted to different customer segments.
  • Created ThankYou Rewards first promotional strategy in social media: Facebook and Twitter communications promoting unique rewards and experiences.
  • Led cross-functional team projects to ensure Managers and Executives had timely and accurate web analytics reporting.
  • Expedited speed-to-market and decreased redundancies by building reporting process that tracked and monitored projects across eight internal marketing managers.
  • Managed project that reduced costs through elimination of repetitive communications which were replaced with electronic messaging.
Work History Example # 3
Manager Of International Marketing
  • Provided quarterly vendor results and ROI.
  • Planned and executed all merchandising for desktop and workstation products in Small and Medium Business online sales channel.
  • Led high-profile sales presentations on progress and future strategy for Customer for Life Executive initiative to C-level executive.
  • Centralized CRM and marcom warehouse in Malaysia, enabling better marcom efficiency/scaling and accuracy across online vehicles and direct mail.
  • Absorbed team reporting and reporting trainings for, Tableau and the Marketing Spend Control Tool (MaSCoT).
Work History Example # 4
Marketing Operations Director
  • Launched the Office 365 cloud services product line successfully in 38 countries.
  • Led Cloud track at 2010 WPC, representing over 22 sessions and content in an additional 25 sessions and keynotes.
  • Directed $35 million media advertising program focused primarily on broadcast TV & radio and online vehicles.
  • Helped drive and innovate some of the first cloud computing messaging and positioning and thought leadership content at Microsoft.
  • Established free certification program for Student Partners who created applications for Windows 8.

5. Highlight Your Consultant/Marketing Director Certifications On Resume

Certifications can be a powerful tool to show employers that you know your stuff. If you have any of these certifications, make sure to put them on your consultant/marketing director resume:

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP)
  2. Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)
  3. Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)


6. Finally, Add a Consultant/Marketing Director Resume Summary Or Objective Statement

A resume summary statement is a 1-3 sentence spiel at the top of your resume that quickly summarizes who you are and what you have to offer. In this section, include your job title, years of experience (if it's 3+), and an impressive accomplishment, if you have space for it.

Remember to address skills and experiences that are emphasized in the job description.

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Common Consultant/Marketing Director Resume Skills

  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Healthcare
  • ROI
  • Customer Relationships
  • Business Process
  • Pre Sales
  • ERP
  • Digital Transformation
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Cash Flow
  • HR
  • Risk Management
  • Payroll
  • C-Level
  • Client Relationships
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Professional Services
  • Proposal Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Executive Management
  • Service Delivery
  • Process Improvement
  • Financial Statements
  • Cycle Management
  • Product Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • RFP
  • Market Research
  • Sales Presentations
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Service Offerings
  • SEO
  • Infrastructure
  • PeopleSoft
  • Client Management
  • Sigma
  • KPIs
  • Channel Marketing
  • Facebook
  • IP
  • Strategic Plan
  • Real Estate
  • Strategic Direction
  • Press Releases

Consultant/Marketing Director Jobs