Consultant/Team Lead

Consultant/Team Lead Salary

Average Yearly Salary
Min 10%
Median 50%
Max 90%
Best Paying Company
Northern Trust
Highest Paying City
San Francisco, CA
Highest Paying State
District of Columbia
Average Experience Level
2.5 years
How much does a consultant/team lead make?
The national average salary for a Consultant/Team Lead in the U.S. is $101,563 annually or $48.83 hourly. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $77,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $133,000. Employers that have the highest concentration of job opportunities for Consultants/Team Lead are Finance companies and Health Care companies. District of Columbia, New Jersey, Virginia, California, and Maryland are some of the states with the best Consultant/Team Lead salaries in the US. The typical employment for a Consultant/Team Lead is 2.5 years.
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Average Consultant/Team Lead Salary By Company

Consultants/Team Lead report their job security as good. Just as in every field, some employers pay higher wages than others. The most abundant employment opportunities for Consultants/Team Lead are in Finance companies and Health Care companies. The two companies that report the highest salaries for Consultants/Team Lead are Northern Trust and BlackBerry. Also, companies like CyberCoders and Regions Financial pay their Consultants/Team Lead very well.

Average Consultant/Team Lead Salary By Location

Consultants/Team Lead in the United States of America make on average $101,563 a year or $48.83 per hour. The top city when it comes to Consultant/Team Lead salaries is San Francisco, CA at $117,114 per year. The average entry-level salary in San Francisco, CA is $76,000. The top 5 states with the highest reported Consultant/Team Lead salaries are District of Columbia, New Jersey, Virginia, California, and Maryland. Wyoming, South Dakota, Mississippi, Vermont, and North Dakota have the lowest reported salaries for Consultants/Team Lead.
RankCityAverage Salary
San Francisco, CA
Jersey City, NJ
New York, NY
Duluth, GA
Dallas, TX

Average Consultant/Team Lead Pay By Industry

The type of industry that a Consultant/Team Lead works in can influence their earning potential. Our analysis shows that Manufacturing companies, Professional companies, and Finance companies pay higher-than-average wages for Consultants/Team Lead. Salaries for Consultants/Team Lead in Manufacturing companies average $106,484 annually, while Professional companies and Finance companies pay $103,588 and $101,818, respectively. At $95,694, the average salary for Consultants/Team Lead in the Utilities industry is lower than other industries.
RankIndustryAverage Salary

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