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Corban s history stretches back to 1935 when it began as a small Bible institute in Phoenix, Arizona.
At a meeting in April 1946, a motion was made for purchase of the property of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Oakland, California, for the sum of 37,500.
An offer was made, and by the fall of 1956 classes began on the El Cerrito, California campus for 103 students.
In 1957-58, with enrollment at 128, the largest department continued to be missions, while the second largest was the pastoral department.
On July 15, 1969, administrators used 5,000 from the President s Club as a down payment for the new 100-acre campus in Salem, Oregon.
In 2001, Beth Bartosik became the first Fulbright Scholar in school history.
Corban received a 2.1 million donation in 2001 for a new performing arts center and chapel, the largest donation ever for the school.
In 2004, United States News and World Report ranked the school as the eighth best in the western United States for comprehensive colleges, and ninth the following year.
Later in 2005 the college opened Davidson Hall, a residence hall, and had their largest incoming class to that point with 207 freshman and an overall enrollment of 860.
As of 2009, the college had an endowment of about 3 million.
In honor of the institution's 75th anniversary, the school became Corban University on May 1, 2010.
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