Updated September 9, 2022

Average Country Fresh Salary In Zephyrhills, FL


$30,366 yearly

Entry level Salary
$16,000 yearly

How Much Does Country Fresh Pay In Zephyrhills, FL?

Country Fresh pays $15 per hour or $30,366 per year on average in Zephyrhills, FL. Salaries at Country Fresh range from an average of $16,000 to $56,000 a year.

Highest Paying Country Fresh Jobs In Zephyrhills, FL

Country Fresh’s highest-paying job in Zephyrhills, FL is Operator And Truck Driver, with an average salary of $163,830. In second place is Driver/Owner Operator, which makes $145,974 annually in Zephyrhills, FL.

Highest Paying Jobs At Country Fresh In Zephyrhills, FL

RankJob TitleAvarage Country Fresh SalaryHourly Pay
1Operator And Truck Driver$163,830$79
2Driver/Owner Operator$145,974$70
3Chief Finance Officer$138,446$67
4Supply Chain Director$112,340$54
5Regional Sales Director$92,734$45
6Director, Customer Relations$92,527$44
7Information Technology Operations Manager$89,947$43
8Information Technology Manager$89,811$43
9Lead Test Technician$89,290$43
10Key Account Manager$73,355$35

Country Fresh Salaries In Zephyrhills, FL By Department

Salaries By Department At Country Fresh In Zephyrhills, FL

RankDepartmentAvarage Country Fresh SalaryHourly Pay
3Supply Chain$44,207$21
8Research & Development$30,665$15
10Customer Service$29,315$14

Highest-Paying Country Fresh Competitors In Zephyrhills, FL

The company that stands out for having the highest pay in Zephyrhills, FL is Rich Products, which pays its workers an average salary of $163,830 Bama Companies is the company that pays the least, paying an average salary of $31,158 in Zephyrhills, FL.
RankCompany NameAvarage Pay in Zephyrhills, FLHourly Pay
1Rich Products$43,654$21
2Nissin International Transport U.S.A.$38,045$18
3S&D Coffee & Tea$37,753$18
4Marley Spoon$37,239$18
5Gourmet Foods International$36,241$17
6Suisan Company, Ltd.$34,997$17
7Sylvest Farms Inc.$34,387$17
8Gold Medal Bakery$34,333$17
9Nickles Bakery$33,180$16
10Bama Companies$31,158$15

Frequently asked questions about Country Fresh Pay In Zephyrhills, FL

What Is The Starting Pay At Country Fresh In Zephyrhills?

The starting pay at Country Fresh in Zephyrhills is around $16,000 per year, or $8 per hour.

How Much Does Country Fresh Pay Hourly In Zephyrhills?

Country Fresh pays $15 hourly in Zephyrhills, which is 15% below the national average.

How Much Does Country Fresh Pay Operator And Truck Drivers In Zephyrhills?

Country Fresh pays operator and truck drivers in Zephyrhills around $79 per hour, or $163,830 per year.

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