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A crew foreman coordinates the daily activities in a construction site to ensure that operations adhere to deadlines, budgets, and quality standards. They serve as the point of contact for supervisors, clients, and construction workers. They are also in charge of managing construction schedules, conducting assessments and evaluations, hiring staff, training staff, monitoring supplies, and ordering materials. Additionally, they must enforce safety regulations.

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Crew Foreman Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real crew foreman resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Manage construction of sheet metal installation and HVAC systems of commercial facilities including construction of storefronts and mechanical rooms.
  • Earn CDL license and operate machinery to assist in building the barns and sheds.
  • Tear down walls, ceilings, stairs, and move trash piles/recycling into designated areas using a bobcat.
  • Mitigate all potential subcontractor change orders and back-charges that may affect project profitability and document them to the extent require.
  • Run loader, bobcat, use trencher, do site grading, read landscape blueprints, assist with landscape irrigation installation.
  • Conduct inspections and review project specifications to ensure subcontractor compliance.
  • Implement methods to improve communications and assess the best use of communication technology to include selection of appropriate method for presenting information
  • Install all sensors, detectors, and PLC, which are all new equipment.
  • Help design & develop new PLC program and alarms for HMI screens, delays and timers & differential pressure measurements.
  • Carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, VCT.
  • Concrete formwork using Simon form system and gang form system.
  • Apply knowledge of rough carpentry, framing, concrete formwork and concrete placement.
  • Coordinate building of concrete footings and anchor bolts for refinery processing components.
  • Adhere to NEC, IBC, and local code.
  • Handle public relations with different homeowners in the Portland and Vancouver metro area.

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