Curriculum Director Salary

Average Yearly Salary
Updated May 19, 2020
Min 10%
Median 50%
Max 90%
Best Paying Company
CFA Institute
Highest Paying City
Fremont, CA
Highest Paying State
Average Experience Level
3.0 years
How much does a curriculum director make?
The national average salary for a Curriculum Director in the United States is $55,947 per year or $26.9 per hour. Those in the bottom 10 percent make under $37,000 a year, and the top 10 percent make over $83,000. Most Curriculum Director jobs are in Education companies and Non Profits companies. States with the highest Curriculum Director salaries include California, Nevada, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. The typical employment for a Curriculum Director is 3.0 years.
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Average Curriculum Director Salary By Location

Curriculum Directors in the United States of America make on average $55,947 a year or $26.9 per hour. Working in Fremont, CA as a Curriculum Director will pay you the highest wages at around $88,447 per year. Even an entry-level Curriculum Director makes $50,000 per year in Fremont, CA. California, Nevada, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York are the states with the highest payscale for Curriculum Directors. Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, and North Carolina have the lowest reported salaries for Curriculum Directors.

Map of Curriculum Director Salaries

The darker areas on the map show where Curriculum Directors earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

Average Salary:

Average Curriculum Director Salary By Company

Curriculum Director jobs offer good job security, but the wages reported in some industries are higher than others. The most abundant employment opportunities for Curriculum Directors are in Education companies and Non Profits companies. The two companies that report the highest salaries for Curriculum Directors are CFA Institute and Discover Financial Services. Companies like Baptist Health South Florida and Vancouver Public Schools also report very competitive wages for Curriculum Directors.

Average Curriculum Director Pay By Industry

Wages for Curriculum Directors can differ based on the industry they work in. Our analysis shows that Media companies, Non Profits companies, and Hospitality companies pay higher-than-average wages for Curriculum Directors. Media companies pay Curriculum Directors an average salary of $58,259, Non Profits companies pay $52,548, and Hospitality companys come in at $52,520. At $46,544, the average salary for Curriculum Directors in the Health Care industry is lower than other industries.
Average Salary
Non Profits
Non Profits
Health Care
Health Care

Curriculum Director Salary History

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National Average
Ashburn, VA