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    Counselor & Dance Instructor

    The Salvation Army
    Boston, MA

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  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Training and Teaching Others
  • Performing for or Working Directly with the Public
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  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

What does a Dance Instructor do at City Colleges of Chicago

* Ability to teach children using different methods and teaching styles.
* Develop dance curriculum and program planning.
* Demonstrate excellence in teaching dance and commitment to integrating new methods in the learning process.
* Ability to inspire, motivate and empower children through dance.
* Prepare daily/weekly lesson plans and related activities and materials that meet participants’ interests.
* Implement a hands-on, creative and innovative approach to teaching and ensure that children are fully engaged and working toward specific goals.
* Adapt the curriculum and training methods to meet children’s needs and abilities as necessary.
* Foster confidence, self-expression and creativity.
* Discuss and demonstrate various dance styles, character development, and personality projection.
* Adhere to City Colleges of Chicago code of ethics, board rules and policies and procedures.
* High school diploma or equivalent

What does a Dance Instructor do at City of Commerce City

* Set up of equipment used
* Teach dance techniques and forms to boys and girls ranging in ages three to eighteen.
* The ability to demonstrate proper warm up and stretching techniques.
* Ability to demonstrate dance skills.
* The ability to instruct the curriculum of the class level you are assigned to teach.
* Effectively develop rapport with participants and parents, and maintain safety and order in the class.
* The ability to respond to emergency situations calmly and professionally.
* Maintains accurate accident and incident reports.
* The ability to recognize safety hazards and report them to supervisor.
* The ability to assist with dance recitals and special events.
* Provides excellent customer service, including interacting with participants and/or parents to answer questions and resolve problems.
* Reports any issues or concerns to supervisor.
* Substitutes for other instructors at the same level as needed.
* The ability to take direction from and work cooperatively with the recreation coordinator and other staff.
* The ability to attend and complete necessary trainings and meetings as they pertain to your job.
* Must comply with City and departmental rules, regulations, policies, and procedures
* Performs other duties as assigned

What does a Dance Instructor do at The Seed School of Maryland

* Be punctual and prepared for the day of enrichment activity Submit detailed lesson plans to the Site Coordinator Ensuring accurate attendance is being recorded daily Monitor student s behavior and follow the SEED School of Maryland s Positive Youth Development model Ensure student s safety and immediately reports any behavior that has been deemed inappropriate Create and implement exciting, educational lessons that are linked with the Maryland State Standards and to various career and/or internship opportunities Build relationships with students, parents, SEED staff and administration Adhere to appropriate dress code, sportsmanship during program activities Comply with the SEED School of Maryland Staff Handbook Attend required trainings, workshops, and monthly meetings on and off-site Adhere to workplace safety guidelines Handle other responsibilities as required and/or assigned by the Site Coordinator or Project Director Dance Enrichment Instructor Part TimeSome college, Associate s, Bachelor s Degree or expertise with enrichment activities Knowledge of generating lesson plans and classroom management Previous experience with middle school and/or high school students Ability to work independently Enthusiastic and motivated to work in youth development Strong communication skills Ability to maintain confidentiality Compensation:$30
* per hour.
* Work Schedule:Hours will vary between 5
* hours per week during the after school hours

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Real Dance Instructor Salaries

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Job Title Company Location Start Date Salary
Dance Choreographer and Instructor American Chinese Art Society Woburn, MA Sep 07, 2013 $146,090
Dance Choreographer and Instructor American Chinese Art Society Woburn, MA Jan 04, 2014 $146,090
Dance Instructor Dance Acquisition Inc. East Northport, NY Sep 09, 2013 $83,480
Dance Instructor Anita's Studio of Dance & Theatre Arts East Northport, NY Sep 08, 2015 $83,480
Championship Level Dance Instructor The Ballroom Dance Company Tigard, OR Oct 09, 2014 $80,558 -
Dance Instructor DWM Dance Studio Fl, LLC Fort Lee, NJ Dec 09, 2016 $73,100
Dance Instructor M Dance Square LLC Houston, TX May 09, 2016 $73,045
Dance Instructor DWM Dance Studio Nj, LLC Fort Lee, NJ Aug 03, 2015 $72,500
Championship Level Dance Instructor The Ballroom Dance Company Tigard, OR Sep 10, 2016 $72,064 -
Dance Instructor, Lead (Dancesport) Ballroom Dance Empire Hacienda Heights, CA Aug 03, 2016 $70,000

Top Skills for a Dance Instructor

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Top Dance Instructor Skills

The three most common skills for dance instructor jobs are:
  1. Ballet Classes
  2. HIP HOP
  3. Dance Classes

Companies look for Communication Skills less than other skill for dance instructor jobs.

Dance Studio, Dance Performances, Modern Dance, Communication Skills, Dance Lessons, Musical Theater, Private Lessons, Dance Styles, HIP HOP, Dance Instruction, Weekly Lesson Plans, Dance Skills, Dance Classes, Classroom, Creative Movement, AGE Groups, Pointe, Customer Service, Dance Routines, Ballet Classes

Top Dance Instructor Employers

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Top 10 Dance Instructor Employers

10 companies currently have Dance Instructor open positions.

The next set of companies with the Dance Instructor jobs are:
  1. Ballroom Dance Studio
  2. Step By Step Dance Studio
  3. YMCA
  4. Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Showtime Networks, Ballroom Dance Studio, Step By Step Dance Studio, YMCA, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Music In Motion, All Access After School-Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, VI. Lawrence Arts Center, Dance Upon A Star/Londance, South Coast College

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