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In 1919, as America was ending World War I, Annae Barney Gorman, a philanthropist and community activist, had purchased a building on Chapel Street and was making plans for a community center to offer health services, education and recreation for North Dayton residents.


To reflect the center's expanded mission, the name was changed to the Barney Convalescent Hospital in 1947.


In 1957, Elsie Mead worked tirelessly to form the Children's Hospital Society, which was dedicated to raising funds for the construction of a children's hospital.


The board of the Barney Convalescent Hospital also recognized the need for a full-service children's hospital and joined forces with the hospital society in 1963.


As the result of their efforts, The Barney Children's Medical Center, a four-story hospital located at 1735 Chapel Street, was opened in February 1967.


In 1982 Larry Harkness became the next president and CEO of Dayton Children’s.


In 1996 the first “intensivist” physicians were hired to help centralize the care of critically ill patients.


In July 2012, Deborah Feldman became the president and CEO in Dayton Children’s history.


In May 2013, The Children's Medical Center of Dayton changed its name once again to Dayton Children's Hospital.

In October 2013, Dayton Children's announced a plan to improve the hospital.


In June 2015, a south expansion plan was announced.


In March 2016, Dayton Children’s launched its new brand identity after 42 years with the same logo.

In March 2016, Dayton Children's announced a change to their 42 year old brand and logo.


In June 2017, the eight story patient tower located in the center of Dayton Children’s main campus opened to provide state of the art care for patients.

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