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    Average Salary For a Desk Assistant

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Desk Assistant is $27,353 per year or $13 per hour. The highest paying Desk Assistant jobs have a salary over $61,000 per year while the lowest paying Desk Assistant jobs pay $12,000 per year

    Updated February 5, 2023
    Average Desk Assistant Salary
    $27,353 yearly
    $13 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For a Desk Assistant

    Resident Assistant

    Resident assistants help manage peers or younger students who live in a particular residence hall on campus. They are usually in charge of welcoming fellow students, providing residence hall tours, and helping students cope with their new environment. To help students become more at ease with their environment, resident assistants usually act as buddies. They answer inquiries that the students may have and act as the bridge between the students and the residence hall management. They assist with administrative activities in the residence hall, such as handing out forms for students and ensuring documents are correctly filled out.


    Tutors are individual contributors who make sure that students assigned to them can understand classroom lessons. They are often full-time educators themselves, but they may also be working in other fields and are only passionate about teaching. Tutors usually meet students after school to go over any lesson that the students find challenging. They assist students with their homework or other schoolwork that the students may need help in. At times, tutors are tapped to help students study for future lessons, meaning that they go through classroom lessons in advance.

    Resident Advisor

    A resident advisor is responsible for protecting the residents' welfare by promoting healthy leadership and community coordination. Resident advisors' duties include conducting scheduled lifestyle counseling, evaluating opportunities for each resident, resolving conflicts between residents calmly, planning community programs, and encourage everyone's participation. Additional duties include enforcing safety policies and regulations, addressing policy violations, creating incident reports for immediate resolution, implementing emergency drills and procedures, and organizing orientations. A resident advisor must have excellent leadership and communication skills to assist the residents with their concerns and inquiries.

    Teacher Assistant

    Teacher assistants are responsible for aiding teachers in their needs inside the classroom. They help teachers prepare for lessons in class, set up equipment, distribute educational materials to students, and monitor the progress of the students. Teacher assistants also help in managing the children in the classroom, as well as providing the necessary assistance a child may need. This may include helping with the lessons by going table to table, assisting in writing exercises, and tutoring kids one-to-one. Teacher assistants are required to have patience, flexibility, and classroom management skills.


    Baristas are employees who work on assembling drinks available in the restaurant cafe. They are expected to be familiar with the menu offerings related to non-alcoholic beverages, such as coffee, tea, or chocolate, available in the restaurant. They are also expected to be familiar with the ingredients needed to make such drinks. They are in charge of managing the inventory and ensuring that the ingredients needed are readily available. Baristas are also expected to be able to make drinks in a quick yet accurate manner.

    Illustrated Career Paths For a Desk Assistant