Director of Customer Relations is responsible for leading the design and improvement of an organization's overall customer service experience. Their duties include developing customer service budget, driving customer service process improvements, implementing customer service agents, managing email and telephony customer service routing, and creating training programs for customer service staff. They are responsible for improving customer service performance metrics, overseeing key change management projects, and establishing a customer service roadmap. The Director of customer relations also helps in developing recruitment initiatives to attract top talents.

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Director, Customer Relations Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real director, customer relations resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Manage medical billing and serve as liaison between patient and insurance including Medicaid and Medicare as required.
  • Attend morning meeting daily and attend Medicare meetings weekly.
  • Assist with payroll and create excel spreadsheets to document all sales status and quotas.
  • Alert all departments through creating and delivering reports for guest preferences and VIP's.
  • Recognize all VIP and repeat guests by sending an amenity or upgrading room type.
  • Experience with QuickBooks in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and daily bank deposits.
  • Improve customer s satisfaction with app by analyzing customer s emails and questions post on company s Facebook page.
  • Create and official company page on Facebook to facilitate interaction with subscribers.
  • Leverage quantitative and qualitative market research data to fine-tune labeling and POS designs that are well-received by a major national retailer.
  • Count tills, train new hires, operate POS systems, responsible for daily function of store.
  • Produce and ensure proper merchandising of on- and off-premise accounts, and execute local production of POS items.
  • Listen to numerous opinions, disseminate information, diagnose and troubleshoot complex information quickly.

Director, Customer Relations Job Description

Between the years 2018 and 2028, director, customer relations jobs are expected to undergo a growth rate described as "faster than average" at 8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So if the thought "should I become a director, customer relations?" Has crossed your mind, maybe you should take the growth rate into account. In addition, the number of director, customer relations opportunities that are projected to become available by 2028 is 6,300.

On average, the director, customer relations annual salary is $134,672 per year, which translates to $64.75 an hour. Generally speaking, directors, customer relations earn anywhere from $91,000 to $197,000 a year, which means that the top-earning directors, customer relations make $108,000 more than the ones at the lower end of the spectrum.

Once you've become a director, customer relations, you may be curious about what other opportunities are out there. Careers aren't one size fits all. For that reason, we discovered some other jobs that you may find appealing. Some jobs you might find interesting include a communications/senior communications manager, community development director, communications director, and manager of corporate communications.

Director, Customer Relations Jobs You Might Like

5 Director, Customer Relations Resume Examples

Director, Customer Relations Skills and Personality Traits

We calculated that 16% of Directors, Customer Relations are proficient in Customer Relations, Leveraged, and Government Relations. They’re also known for soft skills such as Leadership skills, Problem-solving skills, and Speaking skills.

We break down the percentage of Directors, Customer Relations that have these skills listed on their resume here:

  • Customer Relations, 16%

    Directed, planned and organized the Customer Relations Department and activities by coordinating available resources in order to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Leveraged, 11%

    Developed and cultivated vendor relationships constructing a preferred supplier base internally to be leveraged across client base.

  • Government Relations, 5%

    Partnered with government relations function to address national regulatory issues and global compliance requirements.

  • Press Releases, 5%

    Collaborated with management on Company Press Releases.

  • Payroll, 5%

    Posted assignment information on dispatch board, Compiled and recorded data for dispatch, payroll, billings, and personnel records.

  • Customer Complaints, 4%

    Restored customer loyalty through effective resolution of customer complaints.

"customer relations," "leveraged," and "government relations" aren't the only skills we found directors, customer relations list on their resumes. In fact, there's a whole list of director, customer relations responsibilities that we found, including:

  • The most important skills for a director, customer relations to have in this position are leadership skills. In this excerpt that we gathered from a director, customer relations resume, you'll understand why: "public relations and fundraising managers often lead large teams of specialists or fundraisers and must be able to guide their activities." According to resumes we found, leadership skills can be used by a director, customer relations in order to "provided key operational leadership for customer relations activities. "
  • While it may not be the most important skill, we found that many director, customer relations duties rely on problem-solving skills. This example from a director, customer relations explains why: "managers sometimes must explain how the company or client is handling sensitive issues." This resume example is just one of many ways directors, customer relations are able to utilize problem-solving skills: "fostered customer loyalty by ensuring that our customers fully utilize the value of our solutions and services. "
  • Another skill that is quite popular among directors, customer relations is speaking skills. This skill is very critical to fulfilling every day responsibilities as is shown in this example from a director, customer relations resume: "public relations and fundraising managers regularly speak on behalf of their organization" This example from a resume shows how this skill is used: "addressed social media cases regarding survey's and follow up customer relations. "
  • A director, customer relations responsibilities sometimes require "writing skills." The responsibilities that rely on this skills are shown by this resume excerpt: "managers must be able to write well-organized and clear press releases and speeches" This resume example shows how this skill is used by directors, customer relations: "process warranty claims for payment audit ledgers for payment discrepancies service writing customer complaints"
  • Another common skill for a director, customer relations to be able to utilize is "communication skills." Managers deal with the public regularly; therefore, they must be friendly enough to build a rapport with, and receive cooperation from, their media contacts and donors. A director, customer relations demonstrated the need for this skill by putting this on their resume: "position: director of customer relations manage the project managers and estimators at the screen division of innomark communications. "
  • While "organizational skills" is listed last on this skills list, don't underestimate its importance to director, customer relations responsibilities. The skill is described by this resume snippet, "public relations and fundraising managers are often in charge of running several events at the same time, requiring superior organizational skills." Here is an example of how this skill is used, "facilitated organizational growth by employing strategic client direction, fostering new relationships and maintaining existing client relationships. "
  • See the full list of director, customer relations skills.

    After discovering the most helpful skills, we moved onto what kind of education might be helpful in becoming a director, customer relations. We found that 65.3% of directors, customer relations have graduated with a bachelor's degree and 8.4% of people in this position have earned their master's degrees. While most directors, customer relations have a college degree, you may find it's also true that generally it's possible to be successful in this career with only a high school degree. In fact, our research shows that one out of every seven directors, customer relations were not college graduates.

    Those directors, customer relations who do attend college, typically earn either a business degree or a marketing degree. Less commonly earned degrees for directors, customer relations include a communication degree or a management degree.

    Once you're ready to become a director, customer relations, you should explore the companies that typically hire directors, customer relations. According to director, customer relations resumes that we searched through, directors, customer relations are hired the most by Pearson, Trellix, and Pwc. Currently, Pearson has 21 director, customer relations job openings, while there are 19 at Trellix and 6 at Pwc.

    If you're interested in companies where directors, customer relations make the most money, you'll want to apply for positions at California Resources, Palo Alto Networks, and VMware. We found that at California Resources, the average director, customer relations salary is $177,967. Whereas at Palo Alto Networks, directors, customer relations earn roughly $171,371. And at VMware, they make an average salary of $157,090.

    View more details on director, customer relations salaries across the United States.

    If you earned a degree from the top 100 educational institutions in the United States, you might want to take a look at Pulte Mortgage, Northwestern Mutual, and American Express. These three companies have hired a significant number of directors, customer relations from these institutions.

    The industries that directors, customer relations fulfill the most roles in are the technology and manufacturing industries. But the highest director, customer relations annual salary is in the manufacturing industry, averaging $124,365. In the retail industry they make $121,552 and average about $118,605 in the professional industry. In conclusion, directors, customer relations who work in the manufacturing industry earn a 38.0% higher salary than directors, customer relations in the transportation industry.

    The three companies that hire the most prestigious director, customer relationss are:

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    Director, Customer Relations Jobs You Might Like

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    What Communications/Senior Communications Managers Do

    A communications/senior communications manager specializes in handling and overseeing internal and external communications within a workplace, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. Their responsibilities typically revolve around developing strategies for better workforce and public communications, crafting marketing materials such as press kits and newsletters, and coordinating with other departments to create new materials and opportunities for marketing. A communications/senior communications manager may also participate in managing social media operations and launching strategies for product launches and events. Furthermore, as a manager, it is essential to lead and encourage the team, all while implementing the company's policies and regulations.

    In this section, we compare the average director, customer relations annual salary with that of a communications/senior communications manager. Typically, communications/senior communications managers earn a $27,357 lower salary than directors, customer relations earn annually.

    Even though directors, customer relations and communications/senior communications managers have vast differences in their careers, a few of the skills required to do both jobs are similar. For example, both careers require press releases, community relations, and facebook in the day-to-day roles.

    These skill sets are where the common ground ends though. A director, customer relations responsibility is more likely to require skills like "customer relations," "leveraged," "government relations," and "payroll." Whereas a communications/senior communications manager requires skills like "strategic communications," "powerpoint," "project management," and "corporate communications." Just by understanding these different skills you can see how different these careers are.

    Communications/senior communications managers really shine in the health care industry with an average salary of $107,621. Whereas directors, customer relations tend to make the most money in the manufacturing industry with an average salary of $124,365.

    On average, communications/senior communications managers reach similar levels of education than directors, customer relations. Communications/senior communications managers are 4.6% more likely to earn a Master's Degree and 0.3% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.

    What Are The Duties Of a Community Development Director?

    The job of a community development director is to manage and direct the management and planning initiatives for a community or city organization. Your duties will include collaborating with community partners in developing strategies to improve the community, architectural and economic initiatives, monitoring budgets for department initiatives, and participating in business development efforts. As a community development director, it is your responsibility to develop and maintain the community development department's short- and long-term developmental goals. It is also your duty to develop and coordinate marketing strategies for economic development.

    The next role we're going to look at is the community development director profession. Typically, this position earns a lower pay. In fact, they earn a $25,276 lower salary than directors, customer relations per year.

    Not everything about these jobs is different. Take their skills, for example. Directors, customer relations and community development directors both include similar skills like "press releases," "community relations," and "oversight" on their resumes.

    But both careers also use different skills, according to real director, customer relations resumes. While director, customer relations responsibilities can utilize skills like "customer relations," "leveraged," "government relations," and "payroll," some community development directors use skills like "economic development," "project management," "program development," and "web site."

    On average, community development directors earn a lower salary than directors, customer relations. There are industries that support higher salaries in each profession respectively. Interestingly enough, community development directors earn the most pay in the manufacturing industry with an average salary of $92,043. Whereas, directors, customer relations have higher paychecks in the manufacturing industry where they earn an average of $124,365.

    When it comes to the differences in education between the two professions, community development directors tend to reach higher levels of education than directors, customer relations. In fact, they're 11.8% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.3% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    How a Communications Director Compares

    A communications director is responsible for monitoring and supervising the overall media relations from internal to external communications. A communications director's duties include managing campaigns, providing organizational updates to the employees, supporting social media marketing, developing effective communication strategies to build the organization's reputation, and efficiently leading team members in handling events that represent the business. Communications directors must have strong leadership and communication skills to provide support for the company's daily operations and strategies.

    Let's now take a look at the communications director profession. On average, these workers make lower salaries than directors, customer relations with a $26,972 difference per year.

    While looking through the resumes of several directors, customer relations and communications directors we discovered that both professions have similar skills. These similarities include skills such as "press releases," "community relations," and "oversight," but they differ when it comes to other required skills.

    Some important key differences between the two careers are a few of the skills necessary to fulfill responsibilities. Some examples from director, customer relations resumes include skills like "customer relations," "leveraged," "government relations," and "payroll," whereas a communications director might be skilled in "web content," "customer service," "external communications," and "project management. "

    Communications directors make a very good living in the health care industry with an average annual salary of $109,135. Whereas directors, customer relations are paid the highest salary in the manufacturing industry with the average being $124,365.

    Communications directors typically study at higher levels compared with directors, customer relations. For example, they're 5.8% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree, and 0.1% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    Description Of a Manager Of Corporate Communications

    A manager of corporate communications is primarily responsible for overseeing the external and internal communications in a company, ensuring everything is running smoothly. They are also responsible for managing marketing communications and public relations, and even developing various marketing content. There are also instances where they must handle a company's social media platforms, review communication materials, and provide progress reports of different projects and programs. Furthermore, as a manager, it is essential to lead and encourage team members, all while implementing the company's policies and regulations.

    The fourth career we look at typically earns lower pay than directors, customer relations. On average, managers of corporate communications earn a difference of $50,511 lower per year.

    While both directors, customer relations and managers of corporate communications complete day-to-day tasks using similar skills like press releases, community relations, and business development, the two careers also vary in other skills.

    Each job requires different skills like "customer relations," "leveraged," "government relations," and "payroll," which might show up on a director, customer relations resume. Whereas manager of corporate communications might include skills like "corporate communications," "project management," "external communications," and "strategic communications."

    In general, managers of corporate communications make a higher salary in the manufacturing industry with an average of $104,720. The highest director, customer relations annual salary stems from the manufacturing industry.

    The average resume of managers of corporate communications showed that they earn higher levels of education to directors, customer relations. So much so that the likelihood of them earning a Master's Degree is 5.6% more. Additionally, they're less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree by 0.5%.