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    Average Salary For a Director Of Operations And Finance

    Based on recent jobs postings on Zippia, the average salary in the U.S. for a Director Of Operations And Finance is $118,503 per year or $57 per hour. The highest paying Director Of Operations And Finance jobs have a salary over $181,000 per year while the lowest paying Director Of Operations And Finance jobs pay $77,000 per year

    Updated January 26, 2023
    Average Director Of Operations And Finance Salary
    $118,503 yearly
    $57 hourly

    5 Common Career Paths For a Director Of Operations And Finance

    Chief Finance Officer

    A chief financial officer is responsible for managing and reviewing the financial status of a company. Chief financial officers' duties include ensuring the accuracy of financial reports, monitoring the company's expenses and budget goals, providing recommendations to prevent financial loss and increase revenues, processing the company's tax obligations, and resolving financial disputes. A chief financial officer must have an impeccable knowledge of the financial industry, updated with the current market trend, and strong leadership and decision-making skills to support the organization's financial department.

    Finance Director

    A finance director's role is to oversee all financial activities and aspects of a company or organization. One of their duties is to gather necessary financial data and cultivate reports on essential matters such as revenue and budget, provide risk assessments and estimates, implement vital policies, and allocate funds within the company. Furthermore, a finance director must also devise strategies and recommend innovative methods for financial gains, while in adherence to the organization's policies and regulations.

    Finance Vice President

    The vice president of finance is one of the highest-ranking executives in a company. He/She or she works under the chief financial officer, and both have similar duties that are often interchangeable. This executive's primary function is to oversee the company's financial records and project future financial plans and investments. The finance vice president ensures that the company's finances are managed suitably and effectively. This role's responsibilities include leading the team towards achieving the company's financial mission, monitoring the financial performance, preparing and presenting financial reports, and conducting audits on financial expenditures, assets, and liabilities.

    Vice President

    Vice presidents are usually considered the second-in-command in the organization, depending on the organization structure. They take over when the president is unavailable to fulfill duties. They may also represent the organization in external events and other official functions. They are important members of the boardroom, and their opinions are usually sought after as well. Vice presidents are usually poised to follow the president's footsteps in the organization, especially if the president is nearing retirement. They also make urgent and crucial decisions when the president is not available to do so. Vice presidents must have strong business acumen, decision-making skills, and professionalism.

    Chief Finance And Operating Officer

    A Chief Finance and Operating Officer is a senior executive who is part of the management team that manages the financial actions of an organization. This executive must produce financial statements to communicate results with shareholders and stakeholders of the organization. They must revise all their financial policies and procedures to strengthen internal controls and ensure the continuance of work to accommodate rapid growth. They must also establish cross-functional alliances to assist the effectiveness of the organization's marketing and business development initiatives.

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