Director Training & Education

Director Training & Education Salary

Average Yearly Salary
Min 10%
Median 50%
Max 90%
Best Paying Company
Smith & Nephew
Highest Paying City
Boulder, CO
Highest Paying State
North Carolina
Average Experience Level
3.6 years
How much does a director training & education make?
Directors Training & Education in America make an average salary of $85,174 per year or $40.95 per hour. While the top 10 percent make over $170,000 per year, the bottom 10 percent make under $42,000. Health Care companies and Internet companies have the most job opportunities for Directors Training & Education. Some of the states with the best Director Training & Education salaries are North Carolina, Alabama, Colorado, New Jersey, and South Carolina. The typical tenure for a Director Training & Education is 3.6 years.
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Average Director Training & Education Salary By Location

As a Director Training & Education in the U.S., you can expect to earn on average $85,174 per year or $40.95 per hour. Directors Training & Education make the most in Boulder, CO at about $131,400 per year. The average starting salary in Boulder, CO for Directors Training & Education is $79,000. Some of the states with the best Director Training & Education salaries are North Carolina, Alabama, Colorado, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Dakota, and Arkansas. Pennsylvania, New York, and Indiana have the lowest Director Training & Education salaries.
RankCityAverage Salary
Boulder, CO
Edina, MN
Keller, TX
Fairfield, CA
Johnson City, TN

Average Director Training & Education Salary By Company

Like every industry, there is a range of salaries a Director Training & Education makes. The most abundant employment opportunities for Directors Training & Education are in Health Care companies and Internet companies. Directors Training & Education at Smith & Nephew and East Tennessee State University report the highest salaries. If you can find a job at a company like Franciscan Health or Miami-Dade County Public Schools, they also offer very competitive salaries to their Directors Training & Education.

Average Director Training & Education Pay By Industry

The type of industry that a Director Training & Education works in can influence their earning potential. By looking at our data, we can see that Manufacturing companies, Retail companies, and Health Care companies pay their Directors Training & Education well. Manufacturing companies pay Directors Training & Education an average salary of $92,837, Retail companies pay $90,990, and Health Care companys come in at $89,134. At $70,160, the average salary for Directors Training & Education in the Finance industry is lower than other industries.
RankIndustryAverage Salary
Health Care

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