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Dry Cleaning Attendant Responsibilities

Here are examples of responsibilities from real dry cleaning attendant resumes representing typical tasks they are likely to perform in their roles.

  • Operate POS cash register to manage cash, credit, and debit card transactions for sell items.
  • Respond appropriately to needs and crisis situations, such as mediating basic interpersonal problems between residents and summoning emergency personnel.
  • Provide check-in and check-out for VIP guest provide breakfast and other refreshments to the guest needs.

Dry Cleaning Attendant Job Description

Perhaps the hardest question to answer when deciding on a career as a Dry Cleaning Attendant is "should I become a Dry Cleaning Attendant?" You might find this info to be helpful. When compared to other jobs, Dry Cleaning Attendant careers are projected to have a growth rate described as "faster than average" at 7% from 2018 through 2028. This is in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What's more, is that the projected number of opportunities that are predicted to become available for a Dry Cleaning Attendant by 2028 is 159,800.

Dry Cleaning Attendants average about $12.76 an hour, which makes the Dry Cleaning Attendant annual salary $26,531. Additionally, Dry Cleaning Attendants are known to earn anywhere from $21,000 to $33,000 a year. This means that the top-earning Dry Cleaning Attendants make $12,000 more than the lowest earning ones.

Once you've become a Dry Cleaning Attendant, you may be curious about what other opportunities are out there. Careers aren't one size fits all. For that reason, we discovered some other jobs that you may find appealing. Some jobs you might find interesting include a Laundress, Sprinkler, Spotter, and Laundry Worker.

Dry Cleaning Attendant Jobs You Might Like

5 Dry Cleaning Attendant Resume Examples

Dry Cleaning Attendant Skills and Personality Traits

We calculated that 30% of Dry Cleaning Attendants are proficient in Common Areas, Positive Attitude, and Guest Rooms. They’re also known for soft skills such as Interpersonal skills, Mechanical skills, and Physical strength.

We break down the percentage of Dry Cleaning Attendants that have these skills listed on their resume here:

  • Common Areas, 30%

    Clean common areas, change light bulbs and make minor property repairs.

  • Positive Attitude, 9%

    Maintained a positive attitude and steady demeanor; consistently handled challenging / demanding circumstances.

  • Guest Rooms, 8%

    Tidied guest rooms, made up beds & restocked linens or toiletries while respecting their privacy.

  • Casino Floor, 7%

    Provided information to security personnel as needed to insure proper casino operations.

  • Light Fixtures, 7%

    Maintained light fixtures, vents, roof areas and windows according to standards and procedures.

  • Company Standards, 6%

    Maintained outstanding customer service as company standards, generated sales, assisted with merchandising, and safeguarding company assets.

Some of the skills we found on Dry Cleaning Attendant resumes included "Common Areas," "Positive Attitude," and "Guest Rooms." We have detailed the most important Dry Cleaning Attendant responsibilities below.

  • The most important skills for a Dry Cleaning Attendant to have in this position are Interpersonal skills. In this excerpt that we gathered from a Dry Cleaning Attendant resume, you'll understand why: "Janitors and building cleaners should get along well with their supervisors, other cleaners, and the people who live or work in the buildings they clean." According to resumes we found, Interpersonal skills can be used by a Dry Cleaning Attendant in order to "Exercised strong interpersonal communication skills with guests, and hotel personnel. "
  • While it may not be the most important skill, we found that many Dry Cleaning Attendant duties rely on Mechanical skills. This example from a Dry Cleaning Attendant explains why: "Janitors and building cleaners should understand general building operations." This resume example is just one of many ways Dry Cleaning Attendants are able to utilize Mechanical skills: "Supervised mechanical and general maintenance technicians. "
  • Physical strength is also an important skill for Dry Cleaning Attendants to have. This example of how Dry Cleaning Attendants use this skill comes from a Dry Cleaning Attendant resume, "Janitors and building cleaners often must lift and move cleaning materials and heavy equipment" Read this excerpt from a resume to understand how vital it is to their everyday roles and responsibilities, "Organize and supervise games and other recreational activities to promote physical, mental, and social development. "
  • A Dry Cleaning Attendant responsibilities sometimes require "Time-management skills." The responsibilities that rely on this skills are shown by this resume excerpt: "Janitors and building cleaners should be able to plan and complete tasks in a timely manner." This resume example shows how this skill is used by Dry Cleaning Attendants: "Change sheets and empty trash and provided customer service as needed on time"
  • See the full list of Dry Cleaning Attendant skills.

    Those Dry Cleaning Attendants who do attend college, typically earn either a Business degree or a General Studies degree. Less commonly earned degrees for Dry Cleaning Attendants include a Psychology degree or a Graphic Design degree.

    Once you've obtained the level of education you're comfortable with, you might start applying to companies to become a Dry Cleaning Attendant. We've found that most Dry Cleaning Attendant resumes include experience from Penn National Gaming, St. Luke's Hospital, and Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa. Of recent, Penn National Gaming had 6 positions open for Dry Cleaning Attendants. Meanwhile, there are 4 job openings at St. Luke's Hospital and 4 at Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa.

    But if you're interested in companies where you might earn a high salary, Dry Cleaning Attendants tend to earn the biggest salaries at Yale-New Haven Health System, St. Luke's Hospital, and Providence Health System-Southern California. Take Yale-New Haven Health System for example. The median Dry Cleaning Attendant salary is $34,425. At St. Luke's Hospital, Dry Cleaning Attendants earn an average of $30,315, while the average at Providence Health System-Southern California is $29,388. You should take into consideration how difficult it might be to secure a job with one of these companies.

    View more details on Dry Cleaning Attendant salaries across the United States.

    Some other companies you might be interested in as a Dry Cleaning Attendant include The Walt Disney Company, Marriott International, and Pump It Up Party. These three companies were found to hire the most Dry Cleaning Attendants from the top 100 U.S. educational institutions.

    The three companies that hire the most prestigious dry cleaning attendants are:

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    Dry Cleaning Attendant Jobs You Might Like

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    What Laundresss Do

    In this section, we take a look at the annual salaries of other professions. Take Laundress for example. On average, the Laundresses annual salary is $15,169 higher than what Dry Cleaning Attendants make on average every year.

    Even though Dry Cleaning Attendants and Laundresses have vast differences in their careers, a few of the skills required to do both jobs are similar. For example, both careers require Common Areas, Company Standards, and Customer Service in the day-to-day roles.

    There are some key differences in responsibilities as well. For example, a Dry Cleaning Attendant responsibilities require skills like "Positive Attitude," "Guest Rooms," "Casino Floor," and "Light Fixtures." Meanwhile a typical Laundress has skills in areas such as "Laundry Department," "Fold Laundry," "Personal Items," and "Computer System." This difference in skills reveals how truly different these two careers really are.

    The education levels that Laundresses earn is a bit different than that of Dry Cleaning Attendants. In particular, Laundresses are 0.5% less likely to graduate with a Master's Degree than a Dry Cleaning Attendant. Additionally, they're 0.0% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    What Are The Duties Of a Sprinkler?

    Now we're going to look at the Sprinkler profession. On average, Sprinklers earn a $14,623 higher salary than Dry Cleaning Attendants a year.

    In addition to the difference in salary, there are some other key differences that are worth noting. For example, Dry Cleaning Attendant responsibilities are more likely to require skills like "Common Areas," "Positive Attitude," "Guest Rooms," and "Casino Floor." Meanwhile, a Sprinkler might be skilled in areas such as "Hand Tools," "Nfpa," "Water Pumps," and "Osha." These differences highlight just how different the day-to-day in each role looks.

    When it comes to the differences in education between the two professions, Sprinklers tend to reach similar levels of education than Dry Cleaning Attendants. In fact, they're 3.2% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree and 0.0% less likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    How a Spotter Compares

    A spotter ensures a job is done in the safest possible manner to avoid injury. They monitor work in dangerous environments, such as near power lines. Other kinds of spotters include excavation spotters and backing spotters. They are responsible for ensuring that all safety procedures are upheld and that work is stopped immediately if hazards arise. Thus, they must maintain visual and verbal contact with workers at all times.

    The third profession we take a look at is Spotter. On an average scale, these workers bring in higher salaries than Dry Cleaning Attendants. In fact, they make a $19,205 higher salary per year.

    Some important key differences between the two careers are a few of the skills necessary to fulfill responsibilities. Some examples from Dry Cleaning Attendant resumes include skills like "Common Areas," "Positive Attitude," "Guest Rooms," and "Casino Floor," whereas a Spotter might be skilled in "CDL," "Safety Rules," "Safety Standards," and "Straight Truck. "

    Spotters are known to earn similar educational levels when compared to Dry Cleaning Attendants. Additionally, they're 2.3% more likely to graduate with a Master's Degree, and 0.2% more likely to earn a Doctoral Degree.

    Description Of a Laundry Worker

    Laundry Workers are skilled professionals who oversee laundry machines. They operate washing machines or dryers in a residential home or a commercial establishment. Laundry Workers should know how to wash and care for different types of cloth properly. They should know which detergent type would work best for a specific fabric and which fabrics should be hand-washed instead of machine-washed. At times, Laundry Workers should at least know how to conduct basic repairs and maintenance on machines.

    Now, we'll look at Laundry Workers, who generally average a lower pay when compared to Dry Cleaning Attendants annual salary. In fact, the difference is about $409 per year.

    According to resumes from both Dry Cleaning Attendants and Laundry Workers, some of the skills necessary to complete the responsibilities of each role are similar. These skills include "Common Areas," "Guest Rooms," and "Customer Service. "

    Even though a few skill sets overlap, there are some differences that are important to note. For one, a Dry Cleaning Attendant might have more use for skills like "Positive Attitude," "Casino Floor," "Light Fixtures," and "Company Standards." Meanwhile, some Laundry Workers might include skills like "Personal Clothing," "Work Tables," "Laundry Department," and "Osha" on their resume.

    In general, Laundry Workers make a higher salary in the Professional industry with an average of $26,915. The highest Dry Cleaning Attendant annual salary stems from the Health Care industry.

    In general, Laundry Workers reach similar levels of education when compared to Dry Cleaning Attendants resumes. Laundry Workers are 0.5% more likely to earn their Master's Degree and 0.0% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree.