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Reddit UserApr 2015
I know a lot of people get screwed over as sellers, and I know we have strict privacy laws companies have to obey ; but if someone is doing a shady eBay business as either a buyer or seller, are criminal charges ever brought to the suspect? I have heard eBay/PayPal have sent people to jail, but the victims never know because of privacy laws, so a lot of people that get ripped off think these people make millions for years and eBay/PayPal doesn't give a ***.

Most of the "shady" business practices are from counterfeit sales. PayPal used to do business with Alibaba. In fact, most of my fraud claims were Alibaba purchases because they were selling knock-offs (and still do). Unfortunately, counterfeit sales makes up a large portion of China's GDP so they sort of turn a blind eye to it (at least in my experience). Alibaba would never dispute a claim filed against them, a refund would always be issued immediately. Hell, their account was managed by a senior account manager and no one that wasn't him/her or an executive could touch it (it had so much data, it almost wouldn't load for me). I'm not sure what exactly led to PayPal "parting ways" but it had a lot to do with their business model. As far as people going to jail... I never heard of that happening. I would like to think that some of my Compliance work led to some cases being filed or arrests being made. I investigated and filed reports for everything from simple Chinese counterfeit to major child pornography rings.

Reddit UserMar 2012
It seems that in general but mostly for buyer protection cases ebay employees are discouraged to use common sense and just read off some sheet which tells them X means Y gets the refund regardless of what has gone on. Can you confirm/deny this or give any details on how this process is done? My personal annoyance with ebay is "design copyright violation" which information is not publically available. Why do you give your sellers warnings for this sort of thing? I am not talking about openly copying a brand. But making a similar product, selling it and then the original creator takes it down. I understand if they have the rights to it you must remove it but giving people MC019 for something they cannot possibly know is really stupid imo.

My personal area and department is Buyer Protection. It is very misleading to say we are discouraged from using common sense. I know a lot of the time its hard to understand the mindset that we have or deeper reasons on why a decision is made. Of course, we have a policy to follow because we are a business. Every decision we make effects three parties (eBay and its shareholders, buyer, and seller). But our supervisors and management encourage us to do the right thing. But there are limits to that. We can't cover a seller just because they feel they are right for whatever reason and we have nothing to back it up with, etc. The copyright violations isn't my area of expertise, but I am familiar with it. Can you give me a little more information about what you mean on "Design Copyright Violation"?

Reddit UserApr 2015
How would you describe the company culture under Donahoe? How did employees view him and the rest of senior management? What did the paypal "old-timers" have to say about how the company had changed during their tenure? Finally, why have you not sold anything on eBay in over a year? Thanks for doing this AMA.

Overall the attitude towards Donahoe was good. We were more focused on our President. At first it was Scott Thompson who everyone liked but then he went to Yahoo! and turns out he was not such an upstanding person. David Marcus was energetic and made some real positive changes. --- I was selling for extra cash. I sold paracord bracelets and accessories. Every order meant I had to custom weave something. It was time consuming and tiring with larger orders. I am a systems administrator now with a different company. I make much more money but have less time. I gave it up because it wasn't worth it anymore. This was also the time when eBay started changing their selling requirements.

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