Electrical Helper Job Openings - 7 Jobs

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    Sr. Electrical Engineer
    Abraxas Corporation

    Ashburn, VA

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    Sr. Electrical Engineer
    Cubic Corporation

    Ashburn, VA

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    Electrical Panel Builder
    Manpower Group

    Ashburn, VA

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    Data Center Electrical Field Engineer

    Ashburn, VA

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    Data Center Electrical Field Engineer

    Ashburn, VA

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    Electrical Top Helpers and Helpers
    CCS Construction Staffing

    Arlington, VA

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    Electrical Helper

    Sterling, VA

Electrical Helper Jobs



  • Performing General Physical Activities
  • Getting Information
  • Handling and Moving Objects
  • Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events
  • Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings
  • Deal with People
  • Outdoors/walking/standing

What does an Electrical Helper do at Tradesmen International, Inc.

* Helping install power supply wiring and conduit such as: EMT, O
* CAL, Rigid conduit, MC cable, strut, cable trays
* Assisting with troubleshooting electrical components, wiring diagrams, transformers, motors, panels, and circuit
* Helping to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems such as: switch gears, motor controls, electrical panels, CT cabinets, conveyor systems, lighting, and power supplies
* Measuring, cutting, and bending wire and conduit, using measuring instruments and hand tools
* Tracing out short circuits in wiring, using test meter
* Examining electrical units for loose connections and broken insulation and tighten connections, using hand tools
* Constructing controllers and panels, using power drills, drill presses, taps, saws and punches
* Cleaning work area and washing parts
* Maintaining tools, vehicles, and equipment and keeping parts and supplies in order

What does an Electrical Helper do at IES

* Assist Industrial Electricians by performing various tasks and material handling under the direct supervision of an assigned electrician installing the work
* Properly mount and install assigned work conduit, wires, and strapping as directed.
* Employee required to have hand tools with them at all times
* Assist in wire pulls
* Work Environment / Physical Requirements
* Job requires working in all elements, depending on job location, heat, cold, rain, or snow and environmental conditions that present exposure to many odors, fumes, materials, substances and particulate matter over which the company has no control and often no forewarning of existence unless they are considered hazardous materials, and additional typical potential hazards company strives to protect those who work from heights and in compact spaces, both indoors and outdoors; may include exposure to loud and/or repetitive noises.
* Must be able to work from all type of ladders. (Must be able to carry and relocate 12' stepladder by one's self

What does an Electrical Helper do at CB&I

* Prepares sketches showing location of wiring and equipment or follows diagrams or blueprints insuring that concealed wiring is installed before completion of future walls, ceilings, and flooring.
* Measures, cuts, bends, threads, assembles and installs electrical conduit using such tools as a hacksaw, pipe threader, rules and conduit benders.
* Pulls wiring through conduit, assisted by helper.
* Splices wires by stripping insulation from terminal leads with knife or pliers, twisting or soldering wires together and applying tape or terminal caps.
* Connects wiring to lighting fixtures and power equipment using hand tools.
* Installs control and distribution apparatus, such as switches, relays and circuit- breaker panels, and fastens in place with crews or bolts using hand or power tools.
* Connects power cables to equipment and installs grounding leads.
* Test continuity of circuit to insure electrical compatibility and safety of components using testing instruments such as ohmmeter, battery and buzzer and oscilloscope.
* Observes functioning of installed equipment or system to determine hazards and need for adjustments, relocation, or replacement.
* Disassembles and repairs defective electrical equipment or systems.
* Load, transport and unload material, tools, equipment and supplies.
* Maintains tools and equipment.
* Be able to distinguish colors.
* Knowledge of certain procedures such as LOTO, etc.
* Responsible for observing and complying with all safety and project rules.
* Performs other duties as required

What does an Electrical Helper do at San Miguel Electric

* include the following.
* Other duties may be assigned.
* Adjusts electrical, thermal, and timing elements.
* Observes ammeters, voltmeters, and related test equipment recording and indicating instruments to determine if electrical equipment performs all functions correctly.
* Tightens bolts, springs, and electrical connections; and adjusts screws to correct malfunctions.
* Assist in testing and repairing switchboard and equipment circuitry, interpreting wiring diagrams to trace and connect numerous wires carrying current for independent functions.
* Cleans and repairs brushes, commutators, windings, and bearings of generators, motors, and converters.
* Assist in inspecting, testing, and maintaining transmission and substation electrical equipment, performing such duties as maintaining circuit breakers, transformers, and air switches.
* Assist in inspecting and testing equipment to determine resistance and load, and to identify cause of malfunctions or failures.
* Assist in testing insulators and bushings for power leakage by imposing specified voltage on insulation, and calculates insulation loss.
* Assist in repairing or rebuilding oil circuit breakers, transformers, and air switches.
* Assist in inspecting switches before testing, repairing, or replacing equipment to prevent power interruption.
* Assist in testing and repairing related equipment, such as telemetering and supervisor-control devices.
* Assist in repairing and maintaining electrical equipment in generating station or power-house.
* Assist in inspecting, testing, calibrating, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems.
* Assist in updating Process Logic Controller (PLC) programs.
* Attach rigging and/or signal crane operator to lift equipment to specified position.
* Maintains cleanliness of work area.
* Performs on-call duty 24/7 for seven-day periods.
* Responds to emergency calls and plant trips.

What does an Electrical Helper do at Uk Electric, LLC

Follow instructions from electrical supervisor Install electrical conduits Install wire and wiring devices Install lighting fixtures Perform routine maintenance on electrical wiring and systems Adhere to all quality and safety codes

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how to become an Electrical Helper

Construction laborers and helpers learn their trade through on-the-job training (OJT). The length of training depends on the employer and the specialization. Formal education is not typically required.


Although formal education is not typically required, high school classes in mathematics, blueprint reading, welding, and other vocational subjects can be helpful.

To receive further education, some workers attend a trade school or community college.


Construction laborers and helpers learn through OJT after being hired by a construction contractor. Workers typically gain experience by performing tasks under the guidance of experienced workers.

Although the majority of construction laborers and helpers learn by assisting experienced workers, some construction laborers opt for apprenticeship programs. Programs generally include 2 to 4 years of technical instruction and OJT. The Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) requires a minimum of 4,000 hours of OJT, accompanied by 300 hours of related instruction in such areas as signaling, blueprint reading, using proper tools and equipment, and following health and safety procedures. The remainder of the curriculum consists of specialized training in one of these eight areas:

  • Building construction
  • Demolition and deconstruction
  • Environmental remediation
  • Road and utility construction
  • Tunneling
  • Masonry
  • Landscaping
  • Pipeline construction

Several groups, including unions and contractor associations, sponsor apprenticeship programs, which usually have only a basic age qualification—age 18 or older—for entrance. Apprentices must obtain a high school diploma or equivalent before completing their apprenticeship. Some apprenticeship programs have preferred entry for veterans.

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

Laborers who remove hazardous materials (hazmat) must meet the federal and state requirements for hazardous materials removal workers.

Depending on the work they do, laborers may need specific certifications, which may be attained through LIUNA. Rigging and scaffold building are commonly attained certifications. Certification can help workers prove that they have the knowledge to perform more complex tasks.


Through experience and training, construction laborers and helpers can advance into positions that involve more complex tasks. For example, laborers may earn certifications in welding, erecting scaffolding, or finishing concrete, and then spend more time performing those activities. Similarly, helpers sometimes move into construction craft occupations after gaining experience in the field. For example, experience as an electrician’s helper may lead to becoming an apprentice electrician.

Important Qualities

Color vision. Construction laborers and helpers may need to be able to distinguish colors to do their job. For example, an electrician’s helper must be able to distinguish different colors of wire to help the lead electrician.

Math skills. Construction laborers and some helpers need to perform basic math calculations while measuring on jobsites or assisting a surveying crew.

Mechanical skills. Construction laborers are frequently required to operate and maintain equipment, such as jackhammers.

Physical stamina. Construction laborers and helpers must have the endurance to perform strenuous tasks throughout the day. Highway laborers, for example, spend hours on their feet—often in hot temperatures—with few breaks.

Physical strength. Construction laborers and helpers must often lift heavy materials or equipment. For example, cement mason helpers must move cinder blocks, which typically weigh more than 40 pounds each.

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Electrical Helper Videos

Electrician Tools

A Day in the Life of Jordan, Apprentice Electrician at Suncor Energy

Electrician Career Information : Electrician Salary

Top Skills for a Electrical Helper

Know what it takes to get the job done


Top Electrical Helper Skills

If you want to make a solid impression on recruiters, add the following skills to your resume:
  1. Conduit Runs
  2. Hand Tools
  3. Electrical Systems
Here are examples of how electrical helpers have used the most in demand skills on their resumes:
  • Assisted with wiring conduit runs and trim outs.
  • Disassemble defective electrical equipment, replace defective or worn parts, and reassemble equipment, using hand tools.
  • Assisted in over 100 electrical systems on the island of Oahu.
  • Replace faulty circuit breakers, fuses, switches, electrical and electronic components, or wire.
  • *Disassembled defective electrical equipment and replaced defective or worn parts.

Faulty Circuit Breakers, Wire Ends, EMT, Conduit Runs, Hand Tools, JOB Site, Electrical Wire, Electrical Systems, PVC, Osha, Service Calls, Electrical Panels, Motor Control, Light Fixtures, High Voltage, Test Meter, Defective Electrical Equipment, Electrical Conduit, Electrical Components, Conduit Ends

Top Electrical Helper Employers

Find the best employers to advance your career

Top 10 Electrical Helper Employers

MMR Group has a strong demand for Electrical Helper candidates where they have hired the most Electrical Helper candidates.

Overall, 10 firms have active listings for Electrical Helper.

MMR Group, ISC, KBR, Flour, O'Connor Electric, AMEC, Chevron, Huffman Electric, Excel Contractors, East Tn Electrical

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