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The first step in the hiring process is determining what type of worker you actually need. For example, certain roles might require a full-time employee, whereas others can be done by part-time workers or contractors.

Our hiring guides help you make this decision and many more in an easy to follow step by step process.

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Zippia analyzed thousands of job descriptions to identify key pieces of information you want to include. Using a machine learning data analysis, we provide examples of job descriptions from real companies to help you create your unique posting.

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How to Hire

Looking to benchmark salaries at your company? Zippia offers comprehensive salary data by job title and location allowing you to make informed compensation decisions. Search for salary data by job title to gain insights into industry standards and trends.

Zippia Employer Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Zippia?

Zippia is a job search website that connects job seekers with employers. By using a database of millions of real resumes and career paths, Zippia ensures that its users discover the jobs that best match their backgrounds, skills, and interests.

Zippia also offers this data to users so that everyone has equal access to make informed decisions about their careers and how each job impacts their professional lives.

What Makes Zippia’s Job Seekers Stand Out From Those on Other Job Posting Websites, and How Can HR Recruiters Benefit From This Distinction?

Zippia's job seekers are highly informed and motivated individuals who are eager to make a difference in their professional careers. By providing data-backed information about career paths and industry trends, Zippia empowers job seekers to make informed decisions about their job search.

As a result, the candidates who apply through Zippia tend to be more engaged, more interested, and more qualified than those on other job posting websites. For HR recruiters, this means that you can save time and effort by focusing on a pool of high-quality candidates who are truly interested in your job openings and are more likely to be a good fit for your company.

Overall, Zippia's candidate pool offers a unique opportunity to connect with top talent and find the right candidates for your hiring needs.

Why Should I Try To Hire With Zippia?

There are several reasons why you should try to hire with Zippia job postings. First, Zippia is a well-established job posting service with a large pool of active job seekers. This means that you can reach a wider audience and attract more qualified candidates for your open positions.

Additionally, Zippia offers a range of subscription plans with different features and prices to fit your hiring needs and budget. With our candidate management tools, applicant tracking system integration, and reporting and analytics, you can streamline your hiring process and make fully informed decisions.

Finally, with our 5-day free trial and the ability to cancel or change your subscription anytime, you can test the service and its features without any long-term commitment.

Overall, using Zippia for your job postings can save you time and effort while helping you find the right candidates for your company.

How Much Does Zippia Charge for Job Postings?

Zippia charges $499 for 3 job postings per month (Standard) and $649 for 5 job postings per month (Premium).

We also offer a personalized solution (Enterprise) where we can post any number of jobs from your company through XML and/or ATS.

What Is the Difference Between Subscription Plans?

The Standard plan allows you to post 3 job listings per month, while the Premium plan allows you to post 5 job listings per month.

Additionally, the Enterprise plan offers a more detailed plan according to your company's hiring needs, accepting XML feeds and/or ATS integrations.

Does Zippia Accepts XML Feeds or Provide ATS Integrations?

Yes, Zippia offers an enterprise option for companies with XML feeds or ATS integrations.

This option allows you to post an unlimited number of job listings and includes additional features, such as a dedicated account manager and customized branding options.

Is There a Free Trial for Zippia?

Yes, Zippia offers a 5-day free trial for all subscription plans.

How Do I Post a Job Listing on Zippia?

To post a job listing on Zippia, you need to create an account, choose a subscription plan, and follow the instructions to create and publish your job listing.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Zippia Subscription at Any Time?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Zippia subscription at any time. Your new subscription plan will take effect immediately.

How Long Do Zippia Job Postings Stay Active?

Once a job posting is created, it will remain active on the website until the employer decides to close it.

The duration of a job posting on Zippia depends on the employer's preference. Some employers may choose to keep their job postings active for a few days, while others may keep them open for several weeks or even months. The length of time a job posting remains active is entirely up to the employer and their hiring needs.

Employers can also choose to edit their job postings during the active period. They can update the job description, requirements, and qualifications as needed to attract more qualified candidates. This flexibility allows employers to tailor their job postings to their specific needs and attract the right talent for their organization.

It is important to note that Zippia does not automatically remove job postings after a certain period. Employers must actively close their job postings to remove them from the website.

This ensures that job seekers have access to the most up-to-date job postings and that employers can manage their hiring process effectively.

In summary, Zippia job postings stay active until the employer decides to close them. The length of time a job posting remains active depends on the employer's preference, and they can edit their job postings during the active period. Employers must actively close their job postings to remove them from the website.

Does Zippia Offer Any Candidate Management Tools?

Yes, Zippia offers a candidates page where employers can view and manage their candidates. You can mark whether you are interested or not interested in candidates directly from the Zippia website.

Can I Customize My Zippia Job Postings?

Yes, you can customize your Zippia job postings anytime by changing the job title, job description, and other relevant information. If you need any help customizing your job postings, you can always contact us at, and we can help you customize your job postings the way you need.

Additionally, our platform also offers various features to help you attract the right candidates for your job openings.
You can check our employer content on Zippia Hiring Hub.

With Zippia, you have the flexibility and tools to create job postings that best represent your company and attract top talent.

Does Zippia Offer Any Support for Creating Effective Job Postings?

Yes, Zippia offers tips and best practices for creating effective job postings. You can check out our employer-related content here.

We also have some articles to help get you started with Zippia:

How Do I Pay for My Zippia Subscription?

Zippia is partnered with Stripe, a leading online payment processing platform, to ensure secure and seamless payment transactions for our users. Stripe is a technology company that provides a suite of payment APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enables businesses to accept and manage online payments.

With Stripe, you can rest assured that your payment information is safe and protected. To pay for your Zippia subscription, simply provide your credit or debit card details, and Stripe will handle the rest.

How Do I Access My Zippia Job Postings?

You can access your Zippia job postings by logging in to your Zippia account, and you be logged into your Employer Dashboard page, where you can review your job postings, add jobs and manage your candidates and subscription.

Does Zippia Offer Any Reporting or Analytics for Job Postings?

Yes, Zippia offers reporting and analytics for job postings, including the number of views, clicks, and applications.

Can I Post Job Listings for Different Industries on Zippia?

Yes, you can post job listings for different industries on Zippia.

Job seekers from every industry use Zippia, including health care, retail, professional, hospitality, technology, manufacturing, transportation, finance, education, construction, and more. Some of our most common jobs include nurses, developers, programmers, salespeople, drivers, and customer service staff.

How Do I Contact Zippia Customer Support?

You can contact Zippia customer support by email or phone.
Sales Phone Number: +1 (205) 947-2651

What Makes Candidates Found Through Zippia So Awesome?

Zippia is a job search platform that focuses on helping job seekers find employment that matches their skills and interests.

We use a variety of tools and algorithms to match candidates with potential employers, including a proprietary machine-learning algorithm that analyzes candidate resumes and job postings to find the best matches.

Zippia's candidate selection process is designed to identify candidates with the right skills and experience for the job. We offer job seekers a range of job search tools, including a job search engine, career assessment tests, and personalized job recommendations based on a candidate's skills and interests, all of which contribute to an awesome experience with Zippia.

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