4 easy steps to make sure your profile is getting you business

Normally when you get a recruitment brief from us, it’s because a client has posted a role on our website and left it up to us to “match” them with the best recruiter.

We’ve recently seen an increase in clients searching our site and actively selecting the recruiters they would like to work with.  They are making this decision purely on what is in that recruiter’s profile.

And as clients become more comfortable with curated marketplace models and the technology that drives them, they will ‘self-serve’ more and more.

So, to make sure you are in their frame, make sure your profile is representing your skills and experience accurately. It’s easy to edit your profile – just login and select Public Profile and get creative!

Here’s 4 easy steps to make sure you don’t get passed over:

1. Make sure your photo is professional

Remember you are selling your professional skills in the business world in return for money.  You are not sharing holiday or family snaps with friends.  That’s not to say that letting your personality come through is not important.

But make no bones about it, your photo will play a huge part in a client’s decision. It’s in your interests to make sure your photo shows people who you are – professional, credible and easy to get along with.

The best photo is a relaxed corporate shot that lets them see you are a professional with personality.  And make sure the image is not blurred or fails to capture your whole face.  Even if your chin is the best part of it!

Some good tips for photos are here.

2.  Make sure your short profile is punchy and sells you well by using active, not passive language.

Your short profile is the bit that appears along with your photo on our website.  This is what will determine whether or not a client opens your profile for a closer look. Make it work for you!

Something like:

“Technology specialist. Software Developers, Full Stack Engineers, PHP, Web/UX Developers and more” will make you more attractive to a client wanting a tech recruiter than“15 years experience exceeding client expectations”.

One statement tells the client what you have done (active statement), while the other is what we call a “motherhood statement”, a vague, feel good platitude (passive statement).

Remember, clients are looking for someone who will get the job done because they have the skills and experience to do it.  Tell them from the get-go that person is you!

3. Make sure the ‘Experience’ blurb in each of your recruiting categories is nice and meaty.

This is your big chance to expand on your skills and experience.

Talk about your years in the industry, your current market knowledge, your candidate sourcing techniques, the types of clients you have worked with.  Anything that tells the client what you can do.

Don’t spend too much time talking about how you make them feel – they expect you will be a business partner. They expect you will meet their expectations.  Use the space to give them information to inform their decision.

4.  Keep your ‘Roles Hired’ and ‘Clients’ sections up to date in each category.

This is really important.  This is not just about the RecruitLoop projects you have done.  (The RecruitLoop system will automatically update these for you with each project you complete).  This is about giving clients the full picture that is your skills and experience.

It doesn’t matter that you may have recruited a Financial Accountant for Coke 5 years ago when you were employed with an agency.  Put it in the list of what you have done.  You may be recruiting other roles for other clients in your own business – add it to your RecruitLoop profile!

Every piece of information improves your credibility and makes you more attractive to clients.