Breaking: Police Now Targeting Slow Drivers in Random Brand Tests

by Paul Slezak
Hiring Humour, RecruitLoop - 7 years ago


After last week’s guest blog post focusing on the power of being able to articulate what you really do, I wanted to share two quick personal anecdotes …

I am proud to drive an unashamedly branded car.

No kidding!

I have often wondered what sorts of results can be traced back directly to outdoor or mobile advertising …

Well now you can be the judge of that after reading these two RecruitLoop tales from the road.

Premium or Regular Unleaded?

I was at my local petrol station a few weekends ago.

As I waited in the line to pay for my fuel, I noticed a black Porsche Cayenne with tinted windows parked at the pump beside mine.

I walked back out to my car and was about to get in when the driver’s side window of the Porsche lowered so I could just see a face wearing dark sunglasses.

Do you have a business card on you?“, the driver asked.

Yeah sure” I replied.

Great. I’ve got 4 screaming kids in the car and can’t talk now. But I definitely need to hire some staff. I’ll call you“.

I gave him my card and he drove off.

Cops and Recruiters

So I have a confession. Last week I was pulled over by the police for driving too slowly!

Disclaimer: I was driving on an unfamiliar road and was looking for a specific turn-off.

I heard the siren, saw the police car behind me and pulled over.

Have you been drinking this morning, sir?” the cop asked me.

No. Nothing at all” I replied.

Well are you aware that you are driving well under the speed limit?” he asked.

No. Sorry“.

Look … I’ll put it down to the fact that you’re driving a rent-a- car“.

This isn’t a rental. It’s my car“.

But it says ‘A Smarter Way To Hire’ across the side of the vehicle“.

Not cars. People!” I stressed (wanting to add “What part of the word Recruit in RecruitLoop don’t you get?“)

Oh [pause] right [longer pause]. Anyway count from one to ten into this device“.

I did as I was told.

Any chance you can get me a job, mate?“, he asked while I was half way through counting. “I’ll be honest … I’m a bit over all this!

I smiled, claimed not to have any business cards on me and drove off!