Chase. Click. Win. Earn: How to Blow Your Clients’ Socks Off and Make $$$

In my Webinar, How to Be a Legendary Looper, I share a load of tips and tricks that can win you more clients, make you more money and grow your RecruitLoop business quickly.

So many recruiters have been asking me recently what they can do to:

  1. improve their chances of winning a project; and
  2. ensure the service they deliver guarantees them repeat business and/or referrals.

In response, I always say, “Log on to the webinar, listen, watch and learn“.

I urge all of you to spend just one an hour one day to do this.

Turn off your phones, sit back and soak up the wisdom and experience of someone who has completed well over 100 projects across 3 different versions of the RecruitLoop platform. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

But in the meantime, I thought you might like to have the Top 5 under your belt quickly.

1. Respond quickly to a brief

This is your first chance to shine.

When a client posts a role with us, they hope for “same day” contact with a recruiter. At the same time they expect to be disappointed. After all, the reason they are giving RecruitLoop a go is because the recruiters they have used previously have failed to meet expectations. And failing to be responsive is one of the “biggies”on the list titled “What We Hate About Recruiters”.

So, if you get back to them inside a day, you’ve exceeded their first expectation – not a bad start, eh?

If you’ve received a brief in the last 4 weeks, you will have noticed something different. We’re providing much more information from clients, including their contact phone number and an indication of their budget. There’s also some info on how long the role has been vacant and what other activity the client has done to try and fill it.

We are now giving you enough information to ‘have a reason to call’ the client, introduce yourself and have a preliminary chat. You all know how important that rapport building stage is.

Now, it’s a no-brainer that every client will select the lowest fee range available when they are asked to indicate their budget. Please do not let this deter you from bidding for the project or calling the client. It tells us the most important thing we need to know at this point; they understand there will be a fee and are willing to pay it!

Every piece of information they provide in the initial brief is consulting fuel.  Use it well!

2. Follow up your proposals and get them to “click the button”!

Submitting a proposal is just the first step in winning the project. Unless the brief has gone only to you, you may well be competing against a couple of other recruiters (although never more than 4) for the project. You don’t want to be the recruiter who looks like they don’t care if they win the job or not.

But I always give a client a full business day before following up. This minimises your chances of being seen as a stalker, while also demonstrating you are  professional who both respects the client’s urgency and wants their business.

But once the day is up, I will call or email, or call and leave a message then send a follow-up email. The content is short and to the point and the tone is professional, respectful and helpful.  For example:

“Hi John,

I hope you’ve had a chance to have a look at the proposal I sent through yesterday. As a professional recruiter who loves what I do, I’m really keen to get started on this for you.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need any clarification about anything in my proposal.

I can also help you send the project live in the shared online workspace the RecruitLoop platform provides for us.


If the client thinks working with you is going to be easy and straightforward, they will click that button as fast as blinking.

3. Start work on the project quickly

OK, so you’ve been smart and followed up your proposal and won the business.

Job done, right? Wrong!

Job just beginning is more like it.

It’s here that the client will subconsciously seek to have any negative feelings about recruiters confirmed. You can hear him now “Yes, well, she was all professional and caring while she was getting me to sign on the dotted line but now I haven’t heard from her for a week. She clearly couldn’t care less about us!

Once you have accepted the project, give your client something in the first 24 hours – ad copy to approve, a draft of the selection criteria you propose to use when reviewing résumés, a sample résumé … anything. I guarantee you, your client be blown away! He won’t tell you that of course but you will have exceeded expectations.

4. Keep in constant contact with your client

Now that your client thinks you are the best recruiter he has met, take his level of amazement one step further! Maintain contact with him – daily if possible. Even if it is just to drop a note through the system, like “just thought I’d keep you in the loop and let you know we haven’t identified any new candidates today

Trust me, as long as your client believes he/she has received a professional service and value for money, they will pay your bill, whatever it is! Clients only ever question an invoice when they have been underwhelmed by the service or product they received.

Keeping in contact, even when you haven’t got anything to tell them, sends the client the message that you care, they are top of mind, etc.

5. Log your hours as you go – don’t wait until the end

This one has turned out to be a ‘biggie’ for Loopers. And hey, I’ve even been guilty of it too on a couple of occasions!

One of the things clients love about our platform is the transparency it provides them. Imagine how a client feels when they look at your hours activity towards the end of the project and it is sitting around $1200. They’d be feeling pretty happy with themselves, managing to get such a result for such great value.

And then they get your invoice. It says $2800! “This can’t be right” they say, and make the first phone call of many that will be made to RecruitLoop over the next few weeks, their disappointment dripping off them like the sweat of irritation it is.

When you think about it, being a successful Looper … well, a successful ‘anything’ really … all comes down to being able to exceed the expectations of others, particularly your clients, without losing yourself.

These Top 5 are a great start to you blowing some socks off out there!