Register for Our Upcoming Workshops – From Hiring to Firing


hiring, firing, candidate attraction, staff induction, staff retention, Fair Work Act 2009Recruitment and retention are two of today’s HR buzzwords.

Most companies universally acknowledge that “our people are our greatest asset” but more often than not, companies struggle to select the right candidate in the beginning and retain quality people within their corporation.

If an employee leaves an organisation within the first twelve months, it can actually cost the business up to three times their salary to replace them. On-boarding, coaching an continual support can seem time consuming and costly endeavours, but in the long run they can save your organisation thousands of dollars.

However, it’s not all about hiring, it’s also about what to do when you realise a critical mistake has been made during the recruitment process. How do you effectively remove a poor candidate or an under performing staff member fairly, with dignity and without legal ramifications?

We have partnered with Workforce Guardian and have created an intensive one-day workshop which will be rolled out in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth in September and October. It’s aimed at those who do not have the luxury of in-house recruitment or struggle with aspects of candidate attraction, selection, staff retention and performance management – critical processes to the success and smooth operation of your business.

If you struggle with any of the following, then this training course is for you:

  • Writing lack-lustre job descriptions;
  • Deciding if or when to engage a recruitment agency;
  • What to look for in a CV;
  • What should you be assessing during an interview;
  • How to distinguish between a candidate’s experience and actual competencies;
  • The quality of your indiction program;
  • The effectiveness of your performance management process;
  • What the difference is between a disciplinary meeting and a performance appraisal;
  • Whether your processes are compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009;
  • Being fully aware of the actions that could lead to an unfair dismissal claim

Workshop dates:

  • SYDNEY – Thursday September 6th
  • BRISBANE – Friday September 14th
  • MELBOURNE – Thursday October 11th
  • PERTH – Tuesday October 30th


Further details including registration and a detailed course outline can be found here.