Get networking and prosper


The best way to build your RecruitLoop business quickly is to build your own client base.

Not only will it increase the number of projects you are working on but it means big $$$. Remember, the commission you pay is slashed by a massive 50% on every project you bring to the platform yourself!

The best way to build your client base is to increase your number of business contacts and then convert them to clients who will then refer you to other clients.

And the best way to do that is actively participate in your local business networks.

The power of personal networking

We all know that having zillions of LinkedIn contacts and hundreds of Facebook friends means you are well connected digitally but nothing replaces the power of human face to face interactions when building your business.

The most successful business relationships are forged out of personal connections made at business events and joining a networking organisation gives you the structure and rigour required to turn those connections into real business.

What are the best groups to join?

Business networks have been around for nearly 200 years.  They used to take the form of Businessmen’s Clubs, where the only membership criteria was gender.  But all that has changed.

There are literally hundreds of different groups around the world now.  In recent years, we’ve seen women’s networking groups have springing up around the globe and they have proved to be highly successful.  BRW published an article last year that explored why these networks worked so well and found that women more naturally empathise and share with each other and this builds the trust that underpins successful client relationships.

Most serious networking organisations work to this principle.  We have found Business Networking International (BNI) the most successful for the RecruitLoop model.  It is based on a “givers gain” philosophy – the idea that when you give, or share, you get it returned.  And it has structured its processes to make sure that happens.

In 2014 in Australia, the BNI network delivered over 120 projects to Australian Loopers!

At an average of $1800 per project, that’s $216,000 into the pockets of our recruiters!!

And we haven’t even scratched the surface!

How does BNI work?

BNI is a business networking organisation with 6,600 active chapters and 170,000 members in 58 countries.  It is by far the most successful business referral organisation of its kind.

Chapters are built on members holding various industry related “chairs”.  Once a chair is taken, no-one else from that industry can join the chapter.  That means your competition is locked out!  What other organisations give you this amazing opportunity?

So if you have the recruiter chair, you are the only recruiter to whom the members will refer business – by virtue of being accepted into the chapter, you are considered a trusted advisor in your industry and members actively seek to help you build your business.

There are quite a few recruiters in Australia who are earning upwards of $80,000 per annum from their BNI contacts alone!

Be discerning – not all chapters are alike

This is your heads up moment!

Not all chapters are equal in the opportunities they offer.  The most successful chapters are usually those based in busy commercial districts where the members come from organisations with more than 5 employees and represent professional firms who would have good client lists of their own.  I would recommend you stay away from smaller, suburban chapters with a membership made up of “one-man bands”, Colour Consultants and Candle Makers!

How do you join?

Like anything worth having, there is a membership fee associated with BNI.  While it isn’t exorbitant, it’s not cheap either.

But here’s the thing.  When I started out as a founding recruiter with RecruitLoop, the first thing I did was join a city-based BNI chapter.  Within 4 weeks I had generated enough revenue to pay for my membership 6 times over! And those clients are still clients of RecruitLoop!

And don’t forget – your membership and any costs associated with attending meetings each week are 100% tax deductible, so in the end it doesn’t cost you anything to grow your business!

To find out what chapters have recruiter chairs available, go to the BNI website in your country and search the various chapters to see if there is a suitable opening for you.

Here are some links that may help for USA, Australia, Europe and the Costa del Sol in Spain where we have outstanding recruiters and real opportunities.

Go networking Loopers!