Get to know RecruitLoop’s “Sourcing as a Service”

If we asked you to turn around 50 names of potential candidates within 48 hours, could you do that?

If the answer is yes, then you are what the modern recruitment industry would describe as a “sourcer” – someone who can quickly build a large talent pipeline.

Now, to qualify and screen these candidates, to gauge their interest and sell them on a given position, that falls within the purview of recruiting, and these are things that we know our RecruitLoop recruiters are quite skilled at.

How did we come up with the idea of Sourcing as a Service?

Early in 2015, RecruitLoop introduced the concept of a Fresh Start Guarantee. This is intended to give clients a route for resolution when they’re displeased with their project outcome. It also means that those unhappy clients have ample opportunity to tell RecruitLoop exactly why they’re unhappy.

The most common answer? The majority of clients who are unhappy with the total amount billed on their invoice say that they are surprised that there are so many front-end charges on the project. In other words, they’re not happy to see that just finding candidates to contact costs upwards of $1000, when often they only meet between 1 and 5 candidates. In many cases, the clients were *only* looking to get a candidate list, and were shocked by the turnaround time/cost.

How does Sourcing as a Service work?

Check out this page to learn more about how Sourcing as a Service works. It explains that our most basic Sourcing as a Service offering is simply $299 for a list of 50 passive candidate profiles, with names and emails. This also also a service that you have access to. We’re ¬†offering our recruiters discount on SaaS, a discounted rate of $239/list. To request candidate sourcing, use this link.

How does Sourcing as a Service impact RecruitLoop recruiters?

With what we’ve learned about ‘sourcing’ in the way that clients are requesting, Sourcing as a Service is something that the RecruitLoop team believes we can offer to our recruiters, in order to make your hiring projects more efficient and more successful. Think about it: by saving time sourcing candidates, you can wow your clients with an impressive talent pipeline *and* have room to upsell your consulting services.

The goal here is not to take away from your business, but to offer you access to a service that will help make clients happier, without requiring you to pick up a whole new skill set. It also makes you able to work in a broader market, because our sourcers can find lists anywhere you want. If you’re already a true sourcer, we still don’t think you need to worry, because the sourcing you can provide as a one on one partner with your client is still far beyond the simple list that we’re offering.