Getting to Know RecruitLoop

Wondering how RecruitLoop works? Curious about what ‘a smarter way to hire’ really looks like? Check out this series of videos to get to know us!

Wondering what we’ve covering in this video series? Check out the summaries below. Not interested in watching each video? Use the “tab” on the right side of the video in order to move to the video of your choice.

Video 1: Meet our CoFounder, Paul Slezak. Listen to Paul explain all the ways that RecruitLoop can help you grow your team, and what makes RecruitLoop unique

Video 2: If you’re interested in meeting RecruitLop recruiters, check out this video to see what it looks like to receive proposals from our recruiters

Video 3: Get a sneak preview of the RecruitLoop platform, and learn what it looks like to work with a recruiter within RecruitLoop’s transparency-driven platform

Video 4: Get to know the RecruitLoop team, and learn about who’s available in the background to help you have an amazing experience when working with RecruitLoop

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