Hangout with us for a while every week!


Did you know other people in the RecruitLoop community want to hear what you have to say? Understand your challenges? Share your stories?

Join our weekly Recruiter Hangouts for a chance to:

  • share your thoughts about the platform
  • bring any real “irritants” or counter-intuitive workflows to our attention
  • share ideas with other recruiters
  • share tips and tricks for anything from dealing with difficult clients to sourcing candidates
  • get answers to any questions you have
  • learn first-hand about the newest features of the platform
  • ask any question you want – none will be too dumb for us!

We have 4 hangouts every week. We try to pick times that work for the entire world, so check below and sign up for a time that works for you!


8.00am AUS Syd/Melb time
9:00am USA PDT


1.00pm  AUS Syd/Melb time
7:00am USA PDT

Do we expect you to turn up every week?

No, we sure don’t!  Or even every two weeks, for that matter! Or ever!  You can drop in and hang with us any time one of these days/times suits you.

Why should you join in?

This is your chance to “have a voice” and participate in our continuous improvement and growth.  So, if you have something to say, we’ve just given you the forum to say it.

The feedback we’ve had from the last few Hangouts has been great.  And we’ve already started to see some awesome system tweaks happening as a result of some of the frustrations you have shared in the Hangout!

How do I join?

Drop an email with:

1. The day/time you want to join
2. Your Skype name

We will ring you at that time with all the other participants.