High Fives, Shout-outs, and Celebrations!

We’ve just wrapped up the month of July, and looking back we can see that there is a lot to celebrate!

We’ve got recruiter graduations, project first-timers, and some outstanding client feedback to showcase! Huge congratulations, high fives, and shout outs to everyone featured here. We hope you’re proud of yourselves, because we’re certainly proud of you!


Recruiters commissions evolve as you complete more projects and reach higher levels. This month we have 2 hardworking new graduates who tipped the scale to reach a new level!

Our New STAR

Tatiana Wicke

Tatiana is a Dallas-based recruiter who’s been tearing it up lately in the marketing world! Her profile may say marketing and technology, but she’s hired everything from a Python developer to a dance ambassador. In the last 2 weeks alone she’s launched 3 projects, so another graduation might be just around the corner.

Our New GURU

Anne Downing

Anne is a Phoenix-based recruiter, who became a Rockstar not too long ago. With all of her great recruiting work across Sales, Marketing, and Technology, today she reaches the level of Guru! We’re not surprised, considering she has this review on her profile: “Best recruiter I have ever worked with, hands down. A++++++++++++++++++”

Project “First Timers”

Big congrats go out to all of you who launched your first project in the last 3 months. We haven’t done a Project “First Timers” recognition in about that amount of time, so we’ve pulled the long list of first-time superstars together so you can all have some well-deserved recognition. Almost everyone on this list has by now completed more than one project, and many of you are well on your way to being power-Loopers!

An extra shout-out to Kellie Shaffier, Casey Foreman, Jelani Bransford, Rick Gilbert, and Trish Weese, who’ve already landed projects with proactive clients! As Paul would say “go you good things!”

Anna Vargo Carlos Hernandez Kelly Shaffier Andrea Wasser Casey Foreman Jelani Bransford John Jeltema
Anna Vargo
Carlos Hernandez
Kellie Shaffier
Andrea Wasser
Casey Foreman
Jelani Bransford
John Jeltema
Kim Kenner Mark Bassett Rick Gilbert USA Staci Witten Ted Avery Tor Cannady Trish Weese
Kim Kenner
Mark Bassett
Rick Gilbert
Staci Witten
Ted Avery
Tor Cannady
Trish Weese

Shout-Outs for outstanding client feedback

Client feedback is the ultimate recommendation for any recruiter. In July we have received great feedback about many of you but a few standouts are acknowledged here. Deepa Surti, Jonathan Buzelan, Tatiana Wicke and Trish Weese have consistently scored a perfect 100% on our post-project NPS surveys during the past few weeks. We ask clients to rate recruiters on a series of metrics, and these 4 scored 100% across the board! Here’s a snippet of some of the feedback we’ve had.

“Deepa helped me recruit for a role which is time consuming to attract and screen quality candidates. She was able to ensure I could focus on business knowing the recruitment process was underway and I would be involved in the crucial stages only.”




“Jonathan is success driven and an awesome technical recruiter he exceed his goals with us. Jonathan always recruited very talented candidates which we, in turn, hired.”





“Tatiana was great to work with. She was professional, prompt and most importantly, she delivered on her promise. We will be using her again.”





“Trish has helped us fill several positions, she is very knowledgeable and efficient. We have found several good employees through her and will continue to use her for our recruiting needs. She is very detail oriented and is quickly able to asses what we are looking for in a particular position and find people that meet our needs.”




If you know of anyone who you think deserves a congratulations, high-five or shout-out, then let us know by emailing community@recruitloop.com. We’d love to include them here!