#HRTechConf 2014: Even More Rubber Bands!

By Jenn Steele - Oct. 14, 2014
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RecruitLoop Cofounders at HR Tech

Last year was our first year exhibiting at the HR Tech Conference, and it was so much fun & so valuable that we decided to do it again this year. So armed with more rubber band guns, RecruitLoop rubber bands, and a new target, we packed up and flew out to Vegas.

Rubber band gunWe have some thoughts about this year’s conference, but before we go into those, we did promise a HUGE number of people who stopped by the booth that we would include a link to the rubber band guns (since we couldn’t bring 1,000 of them, although we probably could have given that many away!). You can get what we think is the best rubberband gun in the world at Amazon. Anyone surprised? Yeah; didn’t think so.

Ordering the gun from Amazon doesn’t get you the cool RecruitLoop stickers that were on the sides of ours, though. Shoot me an email at jenn at [our domain].com and I’ll make sure you get a few of those! (Also, get it? Shoot me an email? Nevermind…)

We’d especially like to give a shout-out to our neighbors who were peppered with rubber bands from misfires (and the occasional shoot-out): RIVS.com, talent2 (thanks for the coffee as well!), EmployeeReferrals.com, and Human Capital Media. We had a great time exhibiting with you, and thanks for tolerating our disruption :).

Now on to what we learned this year…

As a startup, we have a lot to learn, and HR Tech was a great place for us to learn a lot! This year, we appreciated:

  1. The startup presence. This was the first year of a startup pavilion, and we had a great time chatting with our fellow startups about how to network and get to influencers.
  2. Chatting with influencers. Like last year, attendees were incredibly transparent with us as to whether they thought Elastic Recruiting was fantastic or, well, significantly less so. This year, we had some conversations with influencers in the space and received some valuable feedback on our model.
  3. HR = fun! Some of us were new to the HR space, so we learned that no one parties quite like HR people! (Some of us learned that the hard way. Well, it felt difficult the next morning, anyhow!)

We’re looking forward to a lot of the relationships we started building this year, and we’re excited to see what next year brings!


Jenn Steele

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