[Video] In The Loop: 2 minutes with Paul Slezak

by Michael Overell
RecruitLoop, Videos - 8 years ago

RecruitLoop presents ‘In the Loop’ – An Introduction.

We’ve just started recording a new video series. This is a quick intro to describe what it’s all about.

What to expect?  Stories from experts and real people about how to ATTRACT, SELECT and RETAIN the best people for your business. Nothing to sell, just real stories to tell.

We’ve got a solid lineup of guests coming up, and can’t wait to introduce you to them.

We’d love to know what you think, including any ideas for future guests/topics. Let us know!


Michael Overell: Welcome. You are ‘In The Loop’, a video series presented by RecruitLoop. What’s this all about? This is a series of stories we’re bringing you from real people in the field, experts at what they do when it comes to attracting, selecting and retaining staff for their team. Why are we doing it? Because we think getting unbiased information in this area is really hard today. Everyone offering information everywhere has got an agenda: they’re trying to sell something, they’ve got an angle, and they’re pushing it hard. We’re bringing you people with nothing to sell, just stories to tell, and we’re going to be bringing it to you over the coming months.

In this first video, we’re actually joined by Paul Slezak, who’s our internal recruitment guru at RecruitLoop. We’re not here to talk about his role here, Paul I’m just interested in three questions from you today. First, tell us a bit about your background and 20 years in the traditional recruitment industry.

Paul Slezak: Well that just about sums it up. I’ve had pretty close to 20 years working for a global generalist as well as a global boutique recruitment agency, where I was lucky enough to look after recruiters across Australia, as well as Asia, but I’ve also had strong training roles as well as an industry expert coach and mentor for the industry around Australia.

Michael: Okay, so you’re deep in the traditional recruitment industry…

Paul: Indeed.

Michael: Tell us quickly about your role at RecruitLoop.

Paul: It’s two-fold; I’m responsible for the ever-expanding team of expert recruiters, but also I’m responsible for client delivery and client satisfaction – I guess you could call it a client services director.

Michael: So that’s your day job at RecruitLoop, what about this video series, which is what we’re really here to talk about – what should we expect from you over the coming months?

Paul: Informative discussions with industry experts who’ve gone through the challenges in the attraction, selection and staff retention processes. They’re going to be sharing case studies and real-life stories about their businesses, which will be informative for any audience.

Michael: Sounds pretty simple.

Paul: It is.

Michael: Great, okay, well let’s sign off here. We’ll hope to see you in the not too distant future.

Paul: Absolutely.