Indeed: More Advertising Bang For Your Buck!

Indeed is now the world’s #1 job site, with over 150 million unique visitors every month from over 50 different countries.

It’s FREE to post a job! And by having an Indeed account you can also access thousands of candidate resumés in your area.  So it makes sense for RecruitLoopers to get on board.

I’m currently trialling it for a very senior Chief Financial Officer role with an AXS listed company.  I’m comparing the quality of the candidates from Indeed with those sourced using the same ad posted on the more traditional and conservative leading job board here in Australia, Seek Executive.

I am really impressed so far – I seem to be attracting the type of candidate my client is looking for – younger and mid-career rather than toward the end of it, greater breadth of experience rather than someone who has been in the same role for 20 years, and candidates who are tech savvy and not digitally challenged.

It’s easy to join – just sign up for a free account at and you can start posting your roles and searching the resumé database.

In Australia, you don’t have to sign up for an account unless you are wanting the Indeed Resumé service or wanting to post a Sponsored Job.  We’ve added Indeed to the job boards you can access via Jobadder and because it’s free, we’ve set it as a default board when you go to post an ad.

But here’s some things you should know.

1.  Free ads slide down the list

It’s free to post your role on the Indeed job board.  But like many job boards, the longer your ad is there, the further it slips down the list.

This may not be a problem as most job seekers will run a search with keywords, in which case your ad will come up if that’s the sort of job they’re looking for. And lots of job seekers have alerts set up which means your ad is delivered to their Inbox anyway.

2.  Sponsored ads will stay at the top of the list (but there’s a cost)

If you want your ad to stay at the top of the page, then you need to “buy” a Sponsored Ad.  Posting your ad is still free but you pay to stay at the top on Pay Per Click basis.

This can be tricky until you get the hang of it because there is no fixed price per click.  It is on a bid basis not unlike eBay, where you can set a budget and you stay at the top as long as another advertiser hasn’t got a higher budget than you.  But you have total control and can start, stop, adjust and pause at any time.

The big advantage Pay per Click advertising has over job boards that charge a fixed up-front price (e.g. Seek) is that you only pay for the candidates that actually look at your ad, rather than paying to just be there in case someone looks at it.

3.  Resumés on tap

Indeed Resumé is a service that enables you to search for that perfect candidate for free.  And with over 2 million resumés a month being added to the worldwide database, you’d be mad not to include it in your search activity.

If you find a resumé that you like the look of you can reach out to that candidate.

In Australia, New Zealand and Europe, contacting candidates can be done free through the Indeed site – you express an interest to a candidate via a messaging system on the site and if they are interested they “unlock” their contact details for you, approving you to approach them.

In the USA it is a slightly different process – you can view a resumé minus the contact details and then pay $1 to download the resumé complete with contact details.

4.  #1 mobile/cell phone app means you are more accessible

Indeed is the #1 worldwide Job Search app for iOS and Android.  Currently over 45% of job search traffic is coming directly from mobile and this trend is growing.

You will be reaching candidates who are on the move and with Indeed Apply, they can apply directly from their phone.  Quick and easy.  Just how we like it.