Introducing Andrea Lodigiani


You may have heard that the RecruitLoop team has been growing over the past few months. We added a few new team members, and we have some creative ideas to help you, our community, get to know each one of them!

Today we’re introducing the person whose role most impacts our recruiting community.

Recruiters, meet Andrea Lodigiani, responsible for Customer Success & Key Accounts.

Andrea brings a ton of great qualities and experience to our team, and she’ll be using these skills to ensure that RecruitLoop customers are given the best possible experience. She’s bringing her background in strategy to the table, and she’ll be speaking regularly with all of our top clients and first-time clients.

Why is she speaking with them? Andrea’s role is NOT to project manage. We all know that hiring projects are run by the recruiters and they succeed best when the client and recruiter are in regular communication. We are not interested in messing with a good thing!

Andrea’s role is build a relationship with our clients, learn their business and needs, and help them plan their hiring strategy. The goal here is to set RecruitLoop up for a happy, longterm relationship with our key accounts, and to identify which newcomers might one-day grow to be a key account as well.

That means more business for RecruitLoop and likely more business for YOU!

Okay, question time:

Q: How will I know when Andrea is contacting a client that I’m working with?
A: If you’re working with a client that’s new to RecruitLoop, it’s safe to assume that she’ll give them a call approx. 1 week after things kick off.

Q: I brought a client to the RecruitLoop platform, will Andrea be contacting them?
A: No. However, she will be contacting all “key accounts” and “new accounts” found by RecruitLoop, even if that client works primarily with just one recruiter.

Q: I have a really strong relationship with one of the clients I met thorugh RecruitLoop. Is Andrea trying to cut in on my territory?
A: Absolutely not. The goal here is more collaboration and more business. If Andrea works to grow the relationship and get more business for RecruitLoop, that means you have more time for you to do what you do best: recruit!

Q: What’s Andrea’s email address? Can I contact her directly?
A: The best way to get in touch with our team is always through – if Andrea needs to be looped in, our Success Gurus will take care of that for you. It is possible that she’ll reach out to you about certain clients, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know Andrea 🙂